when Hungary and Poland did this it was called "racist," "white supremacist," and "misogynist"
all of these natalist programs are a joke btw

while they encourage women who already have/want children to have more, they don't encourage women who don't want children to have children, hence why birthrates in Eastern Europe are still low
societal stability is more important than wealth when it comes to birthrates; if people feel insecure (due to a poor job situation, constant social upheaval, moving around etc.), they don't have kids

bribing people to have kids doesn't work because it doesn't solve this problem
even if you're well off, you're not gonna want to have kids if you're uncertain about your job security and/or are being assaulted with social engineering propaganda on the regular

and guess what: almost everyone lacks job security and is being assaulted with propaganda

• • •

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More from @terrorhousemag

31 Aug
Saying the quiet part out loud.

Neo-Nazis are now admitting that they're the same as antifa. But go right ahead, donate to NJP, keep being a paywall cuck, you're really getting one over on the powers that be.
Anyone with a triple-digit IQ can notice that over the past year, the pathetic remnants of the alt-right have pivoted to supporting everything the mainstream media and left does, the only difference being that they have some convoluted neo-Nazi reason for doing so.
The first big heel turn was Harvey Weinstein. Neo-Nazis cheered on his imprisonment over blatantly false charges on the basis that he was from a certain tribe that needed to be taken down...even though the lawyers and DAs who took him down were from that very same tribe.
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22 Aug
Terror House Press is pleased to announce a new book: THE LAST SENTRY by Mikhail Drozdovsky, translated by @Fatalist_Rus! If you enjoy @MysteryGrove books, you'll love this, a first-hand account of the White Army during the Russian Civil War, never before published in English.
The year is 1918. The Bolsheviks have seized power in Moscow and withdrawn Russia from World War I. Refusing to accept communist domination, many monarchists, republicans, liberals, and others formed the White movement, beginning the Russian Civil War.
One of those men was Colonel Mikhail Drozdovsky. A decorated veteran of World War I and the Russo-Japanese War, Drozdovsky was a monarchist who opposed the Bolsheviks. At the time of the Russian Revolutions, he was serving in Romania as part of the Southwestern Front of WWI.
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20 Aug
Eric Str*k*r's article on the National Justice Party launch is a masterpiece of modern literature, no modern work has ever contained so much cringe
Str*k*r's bombastic, delusional style of writing draws unpleasant parallels to Sarah Palin's GOING ROGUE: AN AMERICAN LIFE
getting a distinctly homoerotic vibe here
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19 Aug
Took a nap, woke up just now, and my mentions are STILL full of glow-in-the-darks. They're STILL furious that I called their little neo-Nazi clown car party a stupid idea. The Democrats' internal polling must be utterly collapsing for the feds to be this upset.
One of the things they're really mad about is that I pointed out how the party platform is totally devoid of any mention of the "pandemic" and the economic destruction it has inflicted on the working class, as well as the infringement on our liberties that it represents.
If the National Justice Party adopted a militant anti-lockdown, anti-mask position, it would unironically gain some traction. People have had it with masks and lockdowns. They want their jobs back and their liberties restored. It is THE issue right now.
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18 Aug
if you are actually stupid enough to give money or your IRL information (which you will have to under federal election law if you donate) to this honeypot you are so terminally useless that I hope for world war so you can be drafted as cannon fodder
polite reminder that the last time a neo-Nazi tried to start a political party it ended with a trailer park cuckoldry brawl

apparently neo-Nazis are so stupid you can pull the same scam on them repeatedly and they never figure it out
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2 Aug
my favorite Terror House submissions are sexually-charged short stories/poems written by women and it's a shame that we don't get more of them
there's a vanishing breed of female writer who can pull this off: leftish-leaning but anti-PC (think Anna Khachiyan), is attracted to rough rightish men, usually aged 30-50 (though can be younger), honest about their flaws and mistakes, deeply and painfully self-aware
women who shake off the right-wing/left-wing moral cant about sex are able to approach it in a deeply affecting, funny way, distinct from the way men talk about sex; these women capture the raw emotion, the gory detail in a manner that is alien to the male psyche
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