According to @peaceforchange (whatever THAT means🤣) 'Strays' who get no love like good old Zoro' (God how many times I submitted to the great man that the correct spellings were ZorRo -… - but do you think he would listen? Just as with 'Kashmir is our 2/
2/ Jugular 'VeIn' and not 'Vain'🤣😂 as he informed us while giving out the declarations of a Corps Commander's meeting, suggesting surely that the High Command didn't know the spellings of vein! Incidentally, Bloody Civilians are to be jailed for 2 years and fined Rs. 5 Lakh 3/
3/ for daring to question what OUR Army (that WE pay for) does or does not do, will #Ghafoora (if he can call me a stray dog, surely I can refer to him by his nickname🤣😂) be hauled up for calling Pakistanis who live abroad to earn a living 'Stray (dog)s'?!
Please Compile
C.c. @AaammAadmi

• • •

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16 Sep
So. An old and treasured friend called me today to say that he had been approached by his friend and PMA course-mate, who is known to someone connected to @AsimSBajwa, to ask me to please lay off the #PapaJohn story and generally to take it easy on the chap. My immediate 2/
2/ answer. 'You know how fond I am of you; I so recall all the times we spent together over the last 50 years, the difficult spots we found ourselves in, and how we were inseparable! But, buddy, the way Lt. Gen. Asim Bajwa and the Institution he represents blatantly #RIGGED 3/
3/ GE 2018 and #ROBBED (listening Young Master @YusufMoeed listening @USIP?) the PMLN of victory; the way they have gone after my friends, mercilessly, inhumanely, savagely, enabling a #VileIdiot, I have no sympathy/respect for him/it. Indeed, the way he conducted himself in 4/
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10 Sep
@MarianaBaabar Re: Your question of whether the Quaid would have gone towards the Soviets or America here are excerpts from his interview with Margaret Bourke-White a Life Magazine photojournalist in September '47: What plans did he have for the industrial development of the 2/
2/ country? Did he hope to enlist technical or financial assistance from America? "America needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs America," was Jinnah's reply. "Pakistan is the pivot of the world, as we are placed" -- he revolved his long forefinger in bony circles -- "the 3/
3/ Frontier on which the future position of the world revolves." He leaned toward me, dropping his voice to a confidential note. "Russia," confided Mr. Jinnah, "is not so very far away."

This had a familiar ring. In Jinnah's mind this brave new nation had no other claim on 4/
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7 Sep
Thank you, JR.
Everyone must watch this cheap stunt by the #GhairatBrigades. We are now told to believe that pol leaders/liberals created the Taliban and the Khawarijis, the killers of so many Pakistanis when they were invented by the #DeepState as its 2/
2/ proxies who then went rogue and like the Frankenstein Monsters they were, turned on their Masters and bit them on their behinds, killing our soldiery, including Generals and their kids. Don't we remember Swat, which was handed over by #Mushy to Maulvi Sufi Mohammad and his 3/
3/ blood-thirsty son-in-law, Mullah Fazlullah aka Mullah Radio who used to, of an evening announce on his FM radio station (which our much vaunted #ISI and #MI could not find!) the names of the unfortunates who were to be beheaded that evening at Khooni Chowk, Mingora. I mean 4/
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29 Aug
So, what is the General Staff in GHQ doing about #PizzaGatePak? Does it realise the gravity of charges laid at @AsimSBajwa's door which have now been covered by important media outlets the World over? Or will it stonewall, keeps its head down and hope for the storm to blow 2/
2/ over? In my view not a wise thing to do. In view of Asim Bajwa's stout denials, all he has to do is to sue the reporter in a Court of Law and prove that his reporting is false. For which, of course he will have to say that no funds were transferred from Pakistan to help in 3/
3/ the purchases of franchises of the pizza joints and other businesses traced to his family. GHQ must realise and understand that the friends of ousted Civilian Elected Leaders will not give up easily: that they will continue to ask for complete disclosure in this case. If 4/
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30 Jul
Watching Congressman John Lewis' funeral. Draped in the American flag, 8 NCOs of All the Services the pall bearers: 5 White 3 Black, commanded by a Captain of the Marine Corps. 3 vollies fired. Marine bugler played The Last Post. 3 former Presidents attending. Democracy Zindabad!
2/ And us? A PM shot in the chest/assassin shot by a DSP who 'happened' to be standing next to him! A PM hanged after a #RiggedTrial/wife and daughter not allowed to attend funeral. A Governor/CM murdered, given pauper's burial. A PM shot in the head/site hosed. Fascism Murdabad!
3. Just before Benazir was shot she got the news that NS's rally in Rawalpindi too, had been fired upon: she spoke to NS to ask how he was. 10 minutes later she was shot: NS visited the hospital: Jiyalas embraced him and wept amid slogans of 'NS Zindabad'! #DEEPSTATE #DURRFITTAY!
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21 Jul
Honestly. I've said this before: Someone: 'People should not be disappeared. If someone commits a crime they should be charged in a Court of Law'. Youthiya/Bootiya: 'You traitor, you are son of whore'! Just like that!!
2/ We must apportion blame however, for we have been abused too. The #Youthiya crassness comes directly from #Selected @ImranKhanPTI WHO started off being rude to his opponents. This was quickly absorbed by @ArifAlvi and his foul mouthed son and the first #Youthiya was spawned 3/
3/ in a dental clinic in Karachi. Then came the large public meetings thanks to #HamidGul; #ShujaPasha, and the #ISI followed by the Islamabad Dharna during which police were thrashed by illiterate yobs, Supreme Court rulings were not heeded, PTV and PM's House were attacked 4/
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