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4th Bn(PWO)The Baloch Regt. Press Secretary to the late lamented Benazir Bhutto. Former Ambassador to Cuba: the Pearl of the Caribbean. RTs are not endorsements
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1 Jul 20
I absolutely agree with Imad. Why should NS help his enemies to besmirch (in the literary sense) him in this unfair; cruel; fascist mileau in which there is virtually no recourse to appeal kangaroo court judgments before appellate courts; where there is no Judicial oversight 2/
2/ In which the press is in chains and the Opposition's views are banned from being broadcast; in which one's children are rounded up for no reason and clapped into prison cells. It is right and proper that NS is maintaining a dignified silence whilst waiting for 3/
3/ serious medical procedures delayed because of the Curse of Covid. Add to this the fact that the present #SELECTED #SHITSHOW is mired in its own excreta and is perceptibly sinking into it. Witness the rattled speech of #ImranAhmadKhanNiazi in the NA of yesterday. 4/
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22 Jun 20
Are you feeling alright #SELECTED @ImranKhanPTI ? This is a serious question. Do see/LISTEN to this clip several times with someone you trust (Begum Sahiba?) and then frankly discuss it with them. This is not a laughing matter, Imran, you really need to take a hard look at 2/
2/ yourself for the country's sake and for your own sake. For no matter how deeply I oppose you and your mindless pursuit of seeing this country into the ground; no matter how I abhor your cruel and vengeful nature; no matter how upset I am with how horribly you have treated 3/
3/ my friends in your prison cells, I would never wish you harm. Which is why I advise you to try and analyse what you said in the clip, and take defensive measures to obviate any chance that you might hurt yourself. This is going to be a long thread, so more later..@AsimSBajwa
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3 Jun 20
Sir @ImtiazGul60 I know you have been given heavy responsibilities by #InfoCzar @AsimSBajwa to somehow help sell this #SHITSHOW . I understand. But, while you polish up the crude lies provided to you by your #Paymasters and which you pass on to the 'lady' aka #CynthiaRBitchie;2/
2/ will you immediately show us a Comparative Statement laying out the expenses on foreign trips of Army Dictators and those of Elected Civilian Leaders TO BACK UP YOUR OWN claim!? You made the charge, so now PROVE it or admit that you were #LYING to please your #Paymasters. 3/
3/ Also, do tell that 'Lady' that Jason Bhutto is #BilawalBhutto's uncle, being BB's First Cousin, Sahibzada Mohammad Mustapha Khan's son. So, can 'Bitchie' STFU! Sorry for using such language but if 'Bitchie' thinks she can get away by badmouthing my friends, whether of the 4/
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1 Jun 20
In the words of the great orator @javedjabbar45 'one' respectfully and humbly asks thisπŸ‘‡man's #Selectors and #Enablers: 'Respected and Most Honourable Sirs: What did we, or our, yes your's too, country do, to be inflicted with THIS most deadly and unforgiving #Virus? I hope 2/
2/ you Gentlemen are aware that the newest forecast of the increase in numbers of that other Virus,Covid19 for Lahore City and Environs is 1.4 Million cases as I write this. You should also know more than us mere mortals that the economy has tanked and as another distraction, 3/
3/ yet another Finance Minister is being sought as if just a change of faces at the Ministry will miraculously retrieve an economy that has been pummelled into destruction through rank stupidity, arrogance, and wooden headedness (Barbara Tuchman's explanation of the term) 4/
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24 May 20
5/ IMPORTANT NOTE: Governor GM Khar asked for the Army to come in Aid to the Civil Power. The Lahore Corps Commander asked Gul Hassan who is reported to have said: 'No help, let the B#@%$&^$ stew in their own juices'. Mr. Khar himself told me that he then called Gul Hassan. 6/
6/ The ADC asked him to hold on, came back on the line and said, 'Sir, the Chief is with guests'. Not to be put off, the Governor called again, this time being told the C-in-C was at dinner. He tried again, this time the answer being that the General was asleep. He tried again 7/
7/ the next day. Sometimes Gul Hassan was in a meeting, sometimes in the bathroom (what is now called the 'RESTROOM' for some reason), sometimes resting. In the meanwhile ZAB was getting impatient and asked Khar if he should speak to Gul Hassan. The Governor said, 'Please 8/
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24 May 20
I will soon. Many of my writings have disappeared from the Internet. The thing to remember is that Pakistan had been dismembered, the country's morale was in its boots, India was rampant, 93,000 Pakistanis were in POW camps; 5,000 square miles of our country was in Indian 2/
2/ hands; the economy had tanked; Lt. Gen. Gul Hassan Khan was already showing his teeth, helped by the Air Chief Rahim Khan (both sacked within 15 months and sent on Diplomatic assignments). ZAB then built the Army back up with help from China particularly with excellent 3/
3/ and most reliable small arms and Gaz-styled jeeps. Anyway this is a long story and will take some time to tell. I am NOT saying ZAB was perfect; that he made no mistakes. He did, but he also picked the country up from where it had slipped and fallen...More later...
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23 May 20
Agreed! In any case both these leaders signed the Charter of Democracy! The day BB was assassinated NS's public meeting in another area of RWP was also fired upon. When informed BB asked to be connected to NS by mobile.A few minutes later she was shot! NS visited the hospital 2/
2/ and wept for her. Jialas raised 'NS Zindabad' slogans. Bygones were bygones. When I interviewed him for Dawn News some months later I aked him why the two young leaders were so opposed to each other? NS said clearly, 'OTHER forces spoilt the atmosphere'. When I asked him 3/
3/ what he recalled of their meeting at her flat in London after the COD had been signed his eyes filled with tears: 'I will always remember Bakhtawar and Aseefa receiving me with bouquets'...A lot of water has flowed under the Pakistani bridge. Let us ALL struggle to bring 4/
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22 May 20
@MarianaBaabar Well here goes, with deep respect to you my good, dear, and old friend, the totally honest Mariana: So it happened that I found myself as her Press Secretary, in the grand hall of Hotel Schehrezade aka the F.O. of Pakistan where the PM had been invited for the 2/
2/ yearly briefing given at the F.O. to the top brass of the Pakistan Army (NOT please note, the Pakistan Airforce OR the Pakistan Navy top brass) when the yearly Corps Commanders Conference was held at GHQ, Rawalpindi. So there we were, the PM's Staff, only her ADC and one or 3/
3/ two others, EXCLUDING her Principal Secretary, Isani something or other, a Sindhi CSP (who was always working against the PM at the behest of the awful Mr. GIK). The other Bloody Civilian Ministers/Advisors were Aitzaz Ahsan (Interior); Mr. Iqbal Akhund, Foreign Affairs, 4/
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19 May 20
@mosharrafzaidi Saying 'Everyone is free to interpret any words one has put in the public domain in any way they want to' to someone you have known for well on 30 years, words that suggest he is traitorous enough to wage 5th Gen war against his own country, is arrogant; 2/
2/ offensive; rude; and mindless, and I take angry exception to it. Incidentally, I did not call YOU odious, I called your tweet odious, for good people can say things in the heat of the moment, which upon reflection they would not say. It was in that hope that I asked you to 3/
3/ delete that odious tweet.However you seem to have decided not to get off your High Horse, to think coolly about the most serious charge that you laid at my door, and instead to take the side of the Powers that Be in our country; Powers that have led our hapless country into 4/
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18 May 20
Why don't they just line up ALL of the political Opposition; ALL of the Human Rights advocates, and ALL those who stand for Civilian Supremacy against the wall and just shoot them?! There is NO judicial oversight, they are all in all! Just do it, dammit and be done with it! 2/
2/ Only do STOP sending odious individuals like #LotaInChief @Shafqat_MahmoodPTI #ShafqatMahmood on TV to lay charges at his once benefactor @CMShehbaz and when asked where he got the proof from, says: 'TV say'!! Just STOP this tomfoolery and get on with your nefarious plans....
3/ Of course to be shot include my friends who I appreciate (including myself!) so I am not pleased saying this. However, I owe allegiance to the Pakistan Army that I once served, and these antics, and providing cover to #SELECTED @ImranKhanPTI as he goes about laying waste to 4/
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17 May 20
NOT only that: Ayub Khan issued a Presidential Ordinance decreeing that Basti Pathanan a rural village near Jullundhur would be 'deemed to have been part of Jullundhur Cantonment predated to 1946'!! Lt. Gen. WA Burki was Minister for Health & SETTLEMENT in Ayub's dictatorship...
2/ THEREBY increasing the number of 'Settlement UNITS' a thousand fold and MORE. Note that Zaman Park is NOT the only CLAIM! Gen. Burki also had a house with massive grounds on The Mall Rawalpindi allotted to himself right opposite the Old Presidency...BUT πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©3/
3/ nothing will happen when the #DEEPSTATE itself is mendacious. Also, huge agricultural land was allotted to these small time agriculturists from Basti Pathanan, Jullundhur C.c. @odysseuslahori You must've heard SO many Jullundhri stories, pal?!
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15 May 20
This is the PM of a defeated nation. Look at the respect with which he is being seen off by the Indian Prime and Foreign ministers and the courtesy with which he is shaking hands with everyone, even the pilot of the IAF helicopter.
2/ And what did the Army do? Hang it's benefactor like a common criminal through a sold-out judicial system: Sentenced yo death by Punjabis! Sentence upheld by Punjabis! Hoar Choopo Gannay...
3/Sentenced 'TO'. BTW after the E. Pak debacle, ZAB brought out an Ordinance that carried jail time for those that badmouthed the Armed Forces. Capiche? As a young Major travelling by wagon I myself threatened fellow passengers who were doing so. And hanging is the thanks he got!
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13 May 20
Sir #InfoCzar Lieutenant General @AsimSBajwa Sb. 24 hours and only ONE #Lie on behalf of the #ShitShow headed by the #ShamelesslyRiggedandSelected @ImranKhanPTI that you are now part of? You are failing SirJi. Might I suggest: 'Good News for Pakistani people: 'Lahore-Islamabad 2/
2/ Motorway to be inaugurated soon by Prime Minister His Excellency Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi...ANOTHER great step upwards for Green Pakistan. Imran Niazi Zindabad'! More suggestions tomorrow Chaudhry Sahib...C.c. #SA to #InfoCzar @shiblifaraz @MarianaBaabar @NasimZehra @JehangirJm
@threadreaderapp Kindly UNROLL
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14 Apr 20
My friend, the fact is that we are led by a dithering #OAF who doesn't know whether he is coming or going...Who is too terrified of the clerics who dance to someone else's tune...Who is indecisive because he doesn't simply, understand, and looks elsewhere for guidance. Simple...
2/ In addition, he is consumed by hate and rancour for his political opponents to the extent that with the country in the throes of this Azaab he wants to sic NAB onto former PM SK Abbasi once again! He is surrounded by Lotas and Lotees who are sycophants of the very 3/
3/ worst kind (and who you and I have known for decades now), who indulge his every whim. To top it all, he suffers from a deep inferiority complex knowing perfectly well that he owes his ascent to office to others who have treated him with disdain, the then head of the ISPR 4/
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13 Apr 20
Sirji I am not disagreeing with you! Obviously he is a monkey like the rest of them. Anecdote: The day that Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto asked me to work for her as PIO, I was playing golf with my school pal Ambassador Sher Afgan and our former Physics teacher Mr. Khalid Amin,2/
2/ then working for Senior Minister Begum Nusrat Bhutto as her Principal Secretary who said 'Kamran, good we've met, Begum Sahiba wishes to see you. Can you come to the Presidency (the old Presidency on The Mall, Rawalpindi) tomorrow at 10AM. I said 'Sure Sir' and driving in 3/
3/ from Wah, arrived in his office at 9.45. I was ushered in by Mr. Amin at 10.15, and Begum Sahiba who was sitting at a desk stood up and said, 'Thank you for coming, Kamran'. 'Pleasure, Begum Sahiba', I said. She bade me sit down, ordered coffee and said, 'I want you to come4/
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8 Apr 20
@abasitpak1 Seen your latest fulminations on @newsonepk Basit. So, let me get this straight: you can say former PM Nawaz Sharif hurt Pakistan's imperatives in its relations with its number One bugbear; you can give out his Appointments Diary during his visit to Delhi; you can 2/
2/ VERBATIM tell the World your conversations as High Commissioner (Allah be praised) to India with the then Prime Minister of this good country; you can name names Re: visas which should be a Confidential matter; you can suggest without any proof whatsoever that the machinery 3/
3/ in the PM's family's sugar mills was Indian; you can actually suggest dark doings between our PM and certain Indian citizens and you expect Nawaz Sharif's friends NOT to call you a #Besharam and a #Beghairat and a #Backbiting #Snake. Actually Basit, since you Live and 4/
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7 Apr 20
@ejazhaider My dear Ejaz, I have just seen Tasnim Aslam's AND @abasitpak1 's 'interview' / monologue in detail and am more gobsmacked than I was when I only saw short clips of them both sounding off. She was absolutely pathetic: mealy-mouthed, yet plunging the dagger into the 2/
2/ former Prime Minister's back, quietly, at will. Even whitewashing the Establishment Re: the Bin Laden and Raymond Davis fiascos,which we know well (as told to us in excruciating detail by both General Pervez 'Mushy' Musharraf AND former DG ISI, Lt. Gen. Asad Durrani), were 3/
3/ orchestrated in fine detail by the Mother of All Agencies'. Indeed, the then DG ISI, Shuja Pasha, sat in court for Davis's last appearance and saw to it that he safely boarded the special aircraft. Yet Aslam points an accusing finger at the then PPP government! Let me make 4/
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31 Mar 20
THAT is the point! AND they return to the people (who know far more than the #Elites give them credit for) for the vote. Hardly a walk in the park. I travelled with the late lamented Benazir in Sialkot and Faisalabad Districts during the 1990 elections. It was gruelling and 2/
2/ arduous. Travelling for hours on rutty roads in those days, for hours without food or water. I found a new and deep respect for politicians...Now shift the scene to Mr. GIK/Aslam Beg toppling Benazir's govt. 111 Brigade rolls into Islamabad and the vile GIK orders the 3/
3/ Staff of Sindh House to even deny her crockery for dinner that night! I was there. I saw it. #DespicablePeople
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30 Mar 20
The Fall of a Once Great Newspaper
I have been writing for well on 40 years now: TFT; The Muslim; The Nation; The News; Dawn; and The Express Tribune are all publications I have had the honour to write for. I am a news hound and read the World's press 2/
2/ for 2 hours every single day. Never in all these years of reading and writing have I seen such a #Shameful editorial, the language of which suggests it was written by the Editorial Board which makes it all the more #Disgusting. I am unpleasantly surprised but not gobsmacked3/
3/ because the ET has been on a downward trajectory ever since #Selected @ImranKhanPTI was rigged into power before our very eyes, in broad daylight. Just two examples: ET's bending every muscle to drumbeat and praise the absolutely dumb @asadumar's coldhearted and insensitive 4/
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27 Mar 20
He SHOULD, immediately if not sooner, if he has any feelings at all for Pakistan. I mean who else knows oneself better than the person himself? Surely #SELECTED KNOWS how woodenheaded he is! How he was babied at Oxford by his tutor struggling through his essays! 2/
2/ How, due to his limited IQ he cannot discern right from wrong. He SHOULD also know that the mean streak that runs through his character cannot bring a country torn asunder by his own vengeful character. Soldier, if he has an iota of decency he will resign TODAY!!
3/ However he is #ARROGANT to a T and has the support of his #Selectors who simply cannot understand that the people are not stupid and that the blame for what their #Selectee has done will rest at their doors. So, wishful thinking, Soldier! #EverMoreSuffering is our fate
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26 Mar 20
Mutton: 1 Kg
Potatoes: 1-1/2 kg
Onions: 2 Large, thinly sliced
Garlic/Ginger paste: 1 heaping tbsp
Yoghurt: 2 Cups
Chilli Powder (pref. Kashmiri): 1 tbsp. (or to taste) mixed in the yoghurt
Coriander powder: 1 tbsp
Cumin (pref. Cumin Powder) 1 tsp
Turmeric powder: 1 tsp
2/ onions well. Add cool water to bring down temperature (If you have a handheld blender use it now to dessicate the fried onions).
Now increase heat and add all the masalas and fry until oil separates. Add meat and with it the ginger/garlic paste. Fry, constantly stirring3/
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