It’s hardly a #PeaceDeal when Isreal and the UAE weren’t fighting to begin with.
Bahrain and Isreal have already had peaceful diplomatic relations for decades.

This was a sham of an “agreement” made between militaries to secure weapons purchases from the United States.
Isreal, Bahrain, and the UAE have already been working together since 2015 to completely devastate Yemen, leading to over 20,000 airstrikes and countless civilian deaths.

Of course they’ll come together for the “peace” when promised weaponry from the U.S. as part of the deal.
We will never have #PeaceInTheMiddleEast until the US government stops trying to pick winners and losers among warmongering heads of state. There will be no peace until we stop with the interventionism, gets out of the Middle East, and lets the people there decide what they want.
The US has been propping up oppressive regimes for decades, creating a highly unstable region.

Removing ourselves is the only way to even begin to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Phony military deals between oppressive nations isn’t the way.

• • •

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14 Sep
This man's name is Sean Worsley. He's a disabled veteran who served in Iraq, and he's facing five years in prison for possessing marijuana that a doctor prescribed to him. #SeanWorsley
Sean was stopped by police while driving up to North Carolina to help his mother with hurricane relief. Sean was prescribed LEGAL cannabis by a doctor in Arizona to treat PTSD from his time in service.
Sean was convicted of marijuana possession and now faces five years. Many other solutions and options were presented in lieu of a prison sentence. The sentencing judge approved of these alternatives.
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21 Aug
This man's name is Kevin Cooper. He sits on death row for a crime that his prosecutor knew that he likely didn't commit.
On a warm day in June of 1983, four people were brutally murdered in a home in Chino, California. There was one survivor in the attack who, when interviewed by the police, stated that three White intruders entered the house and massacred those inside.
As news of the slayings began to circulate, another woman contacted police and stated that her boyfriend , a White man previously convicted of murder and recently released, was probably involved.
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20 Jun
There's a pretty good chance you've never seen or heard of this man. His name is Leonard Peltier, and he's serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. His story is rooted in the US government's attempt to terminate all Native American tribes. 1/17
In 1953, Congress passed a resolution calling for the termination of all Native reservations, the ending of recognition of Native tribes, and the forced relocation of Natives from their reservations, from their land that was rightfully theirs, to inner city housing projects. 2/17
In order to hasten this policy along, the government cut off all commerce and supply of food and other goods to or from the reservations.

The choice the government gave the Natives was clear:

Move, or starve. 3/17
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15 Jun
We are now halfway through Pride Month. Many are asking, "why's there a month for LGBT pride? What are they proud of? It's just who they are."

The best way to answer that is by explaining why Pride Month is in June to begin with: the Stonewall Uprising. 1/17
For most of US history, it was illegal to be gay, or to dress in clothes that weren't traditionally associated with your assigned gender. After WW2, Cold War era paranoia led most policymakers and pundits to consider gender and sexual minorities to be a major threat. 2/17
To give you an idea of prevailing ideas of LGBT people at the time, a 1950 Senate investigation reported that "It is generally believed that those who engage in overt acts of perversion lack the emotional stability of normal persons"... 3/17
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15 May
This is Ross Ulbricht. If you've heard his story, you're probably getting upset just thinking about it.

For those who haven't, Ross is serving a 2x life sentence plus 40 years, for creating a website.

If that sounds ridiculous & infuriating to you, keep reading. It gets worse.
Ross created a website called Silk Road, which he designed to be a free market, secure, anonymous marketplace. It used Bicoin for payment, and utilized a system called Tor which allowed buyers and sellers to access it anonymously and without any trace.
An avid libertarian, Ross prohibited anything being sold on Silk Road that violated the Non-Aggression Principle. This included stolen items, counterfeit/fraudulent items, child pornography, etc. A devout believer in nonviolence, Ross also prohibited the sale of weapons.
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6 Mar
A couple of hours ago, the State of Alabama executed Nathaniel Woods, a man who never actually killed anyone. And that's not the worst part of his case.
Nate & his roommate Spencer were accused of selling drugs. When Birmingham PD came to their home, Spencer said the officers began assaulting Nate, so Spencer shot the officers. Nate didn't shoot anyone.

3 of the officers died. Both Spencer AND NATE were tried for murder.
During Nate's trial, Spencer asserted Nate had nothing to do with the shooting, & that Spencer shot the officers to defend Nate. None of that testimony was allowed in trial.

No, jurors in Nate's trial were not allowed to hear the shooter say Nate had nothing to do with it.
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