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Retired Libertarian Party Candidate for Vice President.
30 Oct
#ClimateCrisis - A Thread

#CleanEnergy should be a priority for the next administration. Yet, neither the Republicans or Democrats have Nuclear Energy at the forefront of their plans.
Instead, Republicrats continue to increase subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

Conservative estimates put U.S. direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at roughly $20 billion per year; with 20% currently allocated to coal and 80% to natural gas and crude oil.
The environment and global climate change is such an important issue, but one that is often filled with misinformation. Regardless of any one person's thoughts on the issue, caring for the environment and reducing harmful pollutants is always something to strive for.
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5 Oct
How pharmaceutical companies weaponize patents: A Thread

Frederick Banting discovered insulin in 1923, he refused to put his name on the patent. He felt it was unethical for a doctor to profit from a discovery that would save lives. The patent was sold to University of Toronto for $1. They wanted their medication to remain affordable.
It is now 97 years after the original insulin patent was sold, and there currently no true generic Insulin products on the market.
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4 Oct
So, how does Direct Primary Care work? How will this method begin to replace comprehensive insurance plans and lower costs for everyone?

Direct Primary Care is a game-changing structure for healthcare providers. It cuts out insurance companies, lowers costs and administrative fees, and provides patients with quality, focused, and personalized care.

Over 75% of healthcare can be provided in a primary care setting. So this means 75% of average expenses will be covered under a flat monthly fee, instead of costly insurance premiums and deductibles.
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16 Sep
Walter Ogrod was convicted of murder in 1992 and coerced into confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. He sat on death row for 20 yrs trying to clear his name. Luckily, he was able to and was released in July.

Walter is just one of many who have been exonerated from death row.
172 people have been found innocent and released from death row since 1973. That’s an average of 3.5 wrongfully convicted people exonerated each year. How many are not being exonerated? How many people are still being unjustly sentenced to death every year?
As we know from stories like Walter Ogrod, the justice system makes mistakes and willfully prosecutes innocent people.

The system is not foolproof. The cost is too high. We need to #EndTheDeathPenalty
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15 Sep
It’s hardly a #PeaceDeal when Isreal and the UAE weren’t fighting to begin with.
Bahrain and Isreal have already had peaceful diplomatic relations for decades.

This was a sham of an “agreement” made between militaries to secure weapons purchases from the United States.
Isreal, Bahrain, and the UAE have already been working together since 2015 to completely devastate Yemen, leading to over 20,000 airstrikes and countless civilian deaths.

Of course they’ll come together for the “peace” when promised weaponry from the U.S. as part of the deal.
We will never have #PeaceInTheMiddleEast until the US government stops trying to pick winners and losers among warmongering heads of state. There will be no peace until we stop with the interventionism, gets out of the Middle East, and lets the people there decide what they want.
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14 Sep
This man's name is Sean Worsley. He's a disabled veteran who served in Iraq, and he's facing five years in prison for possessing marijuana that a doctor prescribed to him. #SeanWorsley
Sean was stopped by police while driving up to North Carolina to help his mother with hurricane relief. Sean was prescribed LEGAL cannabis by a doctor in Arizona to treat PTSD from his time in service.
Sean was convicted of marijuana possession and now faces five years. Many other solutions and options were presented in lieu of a prison sentence. The sentencing judge approved of these alternatives.
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13 Sep
This man's name was #DuncanLemp

He was killed in a police raid of his home back in March, and they still haven't released any evidence of why or how it happened. Image
Duncan was a student and a software developer who was working on starting his own business, and was very devoted to his girlfriend and family. He was also an avid and vocal supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. #2ndAmendment Image
Early March 12, police carried out a no-knock raid of Duncan’s home that he shared with his parents and 19 y/o brother.
They claim they were acting on an anonymous tip that he owned illegal weapons, that he "confronted" them with a weapon, and that they shot him in self defense Image
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25 Aug
Want to know why the cost of living continues to go up, year after year?

Want to know how the government can "afford" to pay for endless wars, the war on drugs, the militarized #policestate, and so many other destructive policies? Image
Want to know why the US government is over $26 trillion in debt, and rapidly rising, or why our #economy bounces between boom and bust cycles, leaving the poor and middle class further and further behind?

The answer to these is very simple: it's because of the Federal Reserve.
The #FederalReserve, or Fed for short, is the central banking system of the US. It controls how much, or how little, money is being printed.

Its main purpose is to lend money to government-approved banks at low-interest rates, so they can lend it to you at higher rates.
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24 Aug
WARNING: This is a video of police shooting an unarmed man 7 times in the back. DO NOT WATCH if you wish to avoid graphic violence.
Yesterday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, police responded to what they say was a domestic incident.
According to witnesses, Jacob Blake was not a part of the argument that led to police being called out.
He was attempting to stop a fight between 2 women at the scene. Image
As you can see in the video, Jacob walked away from officers and attempted to get into his car, which had his 3 sons in it.
As he attempted to get in his car, an officer grabbed him and shot him 7 times, in the back.
He is currently in ICU. Image
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21 Aug
This man's name is Kevin Cooper. He sits on death row for a crime that his prosecutor knew that he likely didn't commit.
On a warm day in June of 1983, four people were brutally murdered in a home in Chino, California. There was one survivor in the attack who, when interviewed by the police, stated that three White intruders entered the house and massacred those inside.
As news of the slayings began to circulate, another woman contacted police and stated that her boyfriend , a White man previously convicted of murder and recently released, was probably involved.
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17 Aug
The #COVID19 pandemic has made clear that government licensing of health professionals blocks access to care.
Licensing gives state politicians control over how many providers there are, the training requirements for each, and the range of services a clinician may perform.
These licensing requirements:
-Reduces access to healthcare
-Raises prices
-Reduces the number of health professionals
-Prevents health professionals from providing services they are competent to provide
-Prevents capable individuals from entering the profession due to quotas.
By suspending such rules to improve access to care for COVID-19 patients, states have acknowledged that their licensing requirements prevent access and keep prices high.
We need to end excessive licensing in #healthcare
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17 Aug
Yesterday I attended the #GetTheStrap rally in Richmond, VA to speak and engage with peaceful, armed protesters from @BLM757 and Task Force 10.
We spoke about criminal justice, community policing, gun rights and the Libertarian solutions to problems we face across the country. ImageImage
They are not happy with the two choices the Republicrats have put forward. Neither of the two old parties represent what they care about, or put forward solutions to problems they have.

The @LPNational does. ImageImage
Between the 2 groups, who often attend rallies together as allies, I found the ideas of libertarianism were apparent in their core values.
The right to self-defense, government accountability, dismantling systems of corruption and oppression. These are all things we advocate for ImageImage
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9 Aug
#RyanWhitaker was shot and killed by the police in Phoenix, Arizona on May 21st of this year.

A neighbor called the police about a noise complaint, stating, "It could be physical. I could say yeah if that makes anybody hurry it up. Get anybody here faster." Image
What could have been a much simpler police call, ended in needless and horrific tragedy.

Ryan and his girlfriend were “making salsa and playing Crash Bandicoot”, according to Ryan’s girlfriend, and confirmed by the bodycam footage of the officers. Image
The cops knocked on Ryan’s door with a quick shout, (likely inaudible from inside). The officers stood on each side of the door, concealing themselves from view. Late at night, Ryan opened the door with a firearm in hand, held toward the ground, presumably fearing for his safety. Image
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4 Aug
The system of #CashBail is a predatory financial institution. Cash bail is nothing more than when a person pays money to leave jail before their trial. This money is supposed to guarantee that they appear for their trial or the money will be used to help restore their victim.
Bail reform is almost as old as the history of bail, which alone should make you question its viability. #CashBail predominantly affects the poor. A wealthier person can simply pay the bail and be released. Those in poverty are stuck in jail awaiting trial, sometimes for years.
Pretrial detention costs $13.6 billion in taxpayer dollars each year, nationwide. Roughly 451,000 people are held behind bars pretrial, so you can imagine the buildup in cost to taxpayers for housing and feeding these potentially innocent defendants.
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26 Jul
Yesterday afternoon I attended a protest against police brutality. I listened to the concerns of the dedicated activists that have been on the ground for weeks.
This is what I learned from them. They want to end qualified immunity, end the drug war, and fair policing. Image
These are the solutions that libertarians have been advocating for. I listened to their concerns, understood their concerns, and empathized with them. Image
This allowed us to have a meaningful conversation about these issues that affect everyone, but disproportionately affect people of color and other marginalized communities. Image
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29 Jun
Brad Barron needs our help!

Brad is a business owner and regenerative farmer in Kentucky. He's also loving husband and devoted father, and he's running for the US Senate against one of the worst authoritarians in the country, Mitch McConnell. Image
Mitch is one of the most powerful people in DC, and is emblematic of the big government cronyism that has done so much damage to everyday Americans.
In order to qualify to debate Mitch & show the American people Libertarian solutions to bad big-government Republicrat policies, Brad needs to raise a total of $100k by the end of June. He's already raised $80k, so he's just $20k away from getting on the debate stage!
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20 Jun
There's a pretty good chance you've never seen or heard of this man. His name is Leonard Peltier, and he's serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. His story is rooted in the US government's attempt to terminate all Native American tribes. 1/17
In 1953, Congress passed a resolution calling for the termination of all Native reservations, the ending of recognition of Native tribes, and the forced relocation of Natives from their reservations, from their land that was rightfully theirs, to inner city housing projects. 2/17
In order to hasten this policy along, the government cut off all commerce and supply of food and other goods to or from the reservations.

The choice the government gave the Natives was clear:

Move, or starve. 3/17
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19 Jun
Today is Juneteenth, the day that Black slaves in Texas were informed that they were supposed to have already been emancipated two and a half years earlier.

If this surprises you, it's good that you're reading this. 1/10 Image
Even after this official Texas proclamation on June 19th, 1865, it still took as long as 3 more years for the final slave to be informed of that they should have been freed, when a horse thief was hanged in 1868 and his slaves were let go. 2/10 Image
Back to the proclamation. It says "The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere." 3/10 Image
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19 Jun
Selena Reyes-Hernandez probably thought she was having a pretty good night. She met Orlando Perez on the night of May 30th. They went back to her place around 5:30am and, for some reason, Perez asked her if she was really a woman. She told him that she was trans, and he left.
He returned to her home around 6am, shot her in the head & back, & left her for dead.

He came back again, to shoot her lifeless body several more times.

When detectives asked him why he returned & shot her dead body, he told them that he couldn’t get her face out of his head.
Apparently, the two were never intimate. Orlando Perez was so insecure, that even the thought of spending time with a transwoman created enough rage in him to brutally murder her.
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15 Jun
We are now halfway through Pride Month. Many are asking, "why's there a month for LGBT pride? What are they proud of? It's just who they are."

The best way to answer that is by explaining why Pride Month is in June to begin with: the Stonewall Uprising. 1/17
For most of US history, it was illegal to be gay, or to dress in clothes that weren't traditionally associated with your assigned gender. After WW2, Cold War era paranoia led most policymakers and pundits to consider gender and sexual minorities to be a major threat. 2/17
To give you an idea of prevailing ideas of LGBT people at the time, a 1950 Senate investigation reported that "It is generally believed that those who engage in overt acts of perversion lack the emotional stability of normal persons"... 3/17
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8 Jun
Walter Ogrod was just set free after spending 3 decades on death row. The reason he was there in the first place underscores everything that is wrong with the justice system. Image
In July of 1988, a 4 year old girl named Barbara Jean went missing in Philadelphia. Her body was found wrapped in a garbage bag inside of a TV box, about 1000 feet from her home.
4 yrs later, Philly police arrested one of her neighbors, Walter, charged him with sexual assault & murder, & forced him to confess. While he was in jail, they enticed jailhouse informants to fabricate statements against him in exchange for immunity from charge for their cases.
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