Japanese morning shows talking about 謎ルール (weird rules) in society.

1) Third-year students who wanted to scold first-years had to scold second-years who would then scold the first-year...

2) Students on the music club (wind instruments) couldn’t drink sparkling water.
3) Girls (students) couldn’t wear hair bands in any other color than black or brown.

4) Students could only respond “yes” or “no” to their seniors.
5) Some companies enforced the seatings to be men-women-men-women in parties.

This is so bizarre... Fortunately there is talk about updates to these “rules.” 🤦🏻‍♀️

• • •

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20 Jul
Last week, Sanseidō published the Japanese translation of "The Feminism Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained."

In the translator’s afterword, it says "the translation of this book was done by two non-feminists in order to soften the resistance against the word 'feminism.'"

OP also states that this is the first time in this series of Big Ideas (図鑑シリーズ) that the translators have *not* been translated by experts in the field. So why are we actively not listening/reding actual feminists when it comes to feminism?
(Also OP also says that both the translation and the content are good, so it's still highly recommended!)
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8 Jul
I am stepping down from the community known as “feminist twitter.”
First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me values I felt but couldn’t voice, for guiding me, for helping me find myself, and shining a light into what has become my passion: intersectional feminism.
I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you for engaging with me even at my lowest. Thank you for standing with me when I faltered. I owe you more than I can voice.

Sadly, I do not feel safe in this community anymore.
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2 Jul
We don't get to police the harm we've inflicted on others.

This is a thread about accountability, apologies, and growth.
Good people make bad decisions. Good people fuck up. The people we love who wouldn't hurt a fly will accidentally hurt other people - that's a fact.

And that's okay.

What's sticky is what comes *after* we've been called out.
We need to apologize. An "I'm sorry *if* I hurt you" isn't an apology, btw. And neither is an "I'm sorry (insert long paragraph about me-me-me-me-me)." And "I'm sorry but" is especially bad.

"But Sachi, then what are we supposed to say?!"
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24 Jun
#性行為強要 (sexual coercion) is trending in Japan.

Sankei Headlines reads: "Woman who had an affair to pay damages after Sexual Coercion case judged fake."

There is a lot to unpack here.
What happened:

A man (M) was having an affair with his subordinate (S). She reported him as having coerced her into sex and he was fired from his job at Nissan.

His wife (W) sued S for 10M yen in compensation for damages.
Yesterday, Tokyo District Court ruled that S's accusation was false because even after the alleged assault, M and S would go out on dates.

The court stated that "it's natural to think S had positive feelings about M, so we conclude that she was in that relationship willingly."
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6 May
Let’s talk about “tsundere” and “toxicity.”

If you like those kinds of characters then you’re probably not gonna like this thread so fasten your seatbelts.

(taps mic)

What’s a “tsundere”?

They are characters who mask their feelings of affection and turn them into teasing, rejection, insults, and go all the way up to physical and emotional abuse.
From lighter instances to full on abuse, tsundere characters are toxic. They use any sort of interaction with the person they like/love as an opportunity to cause them embarrassment/pain to get their attention.

But “it’s okay because that means they like you.”
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4 Apr
This video is trending all over Japan Twitter. This is my translation.

⚠️CW: Ableism re: homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse.

I have decided not to take it out because that would be limiting information. I agree with her take to STAY HOME.

"Hello. I am just a single mother who lives in Harlem, NY. In Japan, there is a ton of news about how bad the situation is in NY due to COVID19. It’s really bad. It’s very serious. Every day, more people die. It’s so horrible people are getting depressed."
"Almost nobody is walking outside; only people who are homeless, drug addicts, or people with severe mental problems. Basically, only people who are mentally ill. The city is getting more and more dangerous. Our lifestyle has done a 180 and we’re still reeling from the changes."
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