Moving on to open comment. Looks like we've once again got quite a few Bedrooms organizers.…
First speaker asks council to call up (review) the North Boulder library construction. Neighbors there have been pissed about a new library where they live.
That will be later tonight. There's 15 min of convo allotted, so prob won't be a call-up vote, but council will at least review plans.
Elaine Dannemiller thanking council for recent sweeps of homeless camps. "Being homeless is not a crime" but there is often "widespread criminal activity" in these camps, she says.
Also against sanctioned camping and parking, which is being researched now. "It's not compassionate. It's not safe."
Katie Farnan touching on the occupancy limits discussion later tonight (which does not have a public hearing).
Seems doubtful council will suspend evictions due to over occupancy, but I've been wrong before. Reminder: Gov Polis suggested cities do this; councilman Friend brought it forward.
Staff is certainly not hot on it, judging by Brautigam and Carr's comments in the CAC (council scheduling) meetings.
Or I guess I should say Brautigam and Carr aren't hot on it. They're staff, sure, but I don't mean to lump in regular staff bc idk how they feel. Haven't talked to 'em about that.
Bedrooms' Eric Budd touching on something many of the campaign organizers have said: They themselves are often living over occupied (more than 3-4 unrelated persons) and are afraid to participate in local gov't bc of retaliatory eviction.
Since enforcement of occupancy limits are complaint-based, they worry that making their names publicly known will lead to people reporting them.
Sara Campbell LOL: I do live in one of those god-forsaken co-ops that was supposed to destroy your neighborhood or whatever.
Campbell: I assume removing someone's housing and forcing them to couch surf could increase the risk of COVID transmission. The state has a epidemiologist; I assume Polis consulted them when making this recommendation.
Sue Prant from Community Cycles is talking about one of the call-up items that I didn't review because council didn't make any time for it on the agenda, which means they prob won't call it up.
But she's saying something interesting: Community Cycles has started monitoring development projects to make sure they adhere to the city's Transportation plans. (This one doesn't, according to Prant.)
Chelsea Castellano, of Bedrooms: People living with 3+ roommates are not criminals, but they live as if they are, afraid to be reported and evicted.
5 of 8 speakers so far from Bedrooms.
Alana Wilson is No. 5. Regarding complaints about over-occupancy: We don't know what triggered them. Maybe trash, maybe noise or parking. Or maybe neighbors simply didn't like the "look and lifestyle" of the people living next to them.
Address parking, noise and garbage issues with parking, noise and garbage enforcement, Wilson says.
Neesha Schnepf is Bedrooms speaker No. 6
This city continually acts in ways that do not engender trust in gov't from people who are struggling, Schnepf says, referencing both occupancy evictions and the sweeps of homeless camps
Was Nicholas Rosen with Bedrooms? I didn't hear him say that. I heard "homeowner" and "parent." He's for suspending evictions due to occupancy limits, tho.
Also the NoBo Library
Nick Grossman: Picture tomorrow's news headlines now, 'Boulder continues evictions during a pandemic'

Close, Grossman. I'm intending to go with "Boulder will keep evicting renters for over-occupancy during COVID"
Or "Boulder will stop evicting renters due to over-occupancy during pandemic," should things go the other way
Grossman suggests another headline should council vote to suspend occupancy-related evictions, but I think I'll stick with mine.
Karlston Nasser, No. 7 Bedrooms organizer.
Tamar Stone, another no-NoBo library person. She almost ran for council. She filed paperwork but then never campaigned.

She and the last anti-library person talk about how big the library is: 13,010 sq f.
SarahDawn Haynes, Bedrooms organizer No. 8...? I lost track.
She says Young has been on social media saying roommates spread COVID. I'm not on any social media but this, so idk.
Not all roommate situations are frats, Haynes says. Lower-income workers, climate activists, queer folx, etc.

None of the co-op have had outbreaks also, Haynes says.
Kurt Nordback, also from Community Cycles, also talking about the development. Now I know which one they're talking about: 2400, 2450 Central Ave (which I believe is in Flatiron Biz Park)
He's talking about ramps.
Something way over my head. Should have read those notes! Things always get missed during election season.
Osie Adelfang is possibly my favorite open comment speaker name EVER.
"I'm here to talk about life in Boulder for the non-wealthy," Adelfang says.
It shows how entitled Boulder is that residents put their desires above others' basic needs (housing), Adelfang says. She's asking to suspend evictions due to over-occupancy.
Krista Nordback is Bedrooms speaker No. 9(?)
Patrick Murphy was here, speaking in support of the Xcel deal.
Kristen Eller, our last speaker, is Bedrooms organizer No. 10(?) Half of the speakers were from that campaign.
I kinda missed part of what Carr said, but it was a response to Prant / Nordback: Boulder's code doesn't allow TAB to weigh in on developments.
Clarification: STAFF can't take development stuff to TAB, but council could request that TAB look at things.

Planning Board is supposed to look at the transportation stuff, per the code.
Gonna wrap this just cuz. @threadreaderapp please unroll. Thanks!

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23 Sep
Severe weather sheltering is next. That's what Boulder calls winter shelter for people experiencing homelessness, because it's typically triggered by the weather, not necessarily the season.

Staff presentation:…
And my story, for review.…
I wrote "normally" triggered by weather. This year, they are suggesting all-night sheltering from Dec. 1- March 15, which is the coldest part of the winter, and then weather dependent (below 32 or 38 with rain/snow) for Oct. 1-Nov. 30 and March 16 - May 31
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22 Sep
It's Tuesday, you know what that means: Another exciting edition of #Boulder city council.

Tonight's a study session, and there are two topics: Police oversight and winter sheltering.
You can read about the latter here. Council will give feedback on this staff-proposed plan.…
Tonight's study session will be led by Junie Joseph (council members are taking turns).

And it will start with a reading for RBG. Mark Wallach reminds me (and everyone else in Zoom) that she was one of his professors in university.
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16 Sep
Boulder will keep evicting unrelated renters due to over-occupancy (more than 3-4 people) during the pandemic, despite governor's recommendation.

The decision followed an update on what the city is doing to help prevent evictions during COVID.…
(This is your council recap, btw). Shared, rentable standing AND seated e-scooters will be allowed in certain areas of Boulder in coming months, after a compromise.…
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16 Sep
Something else I forgot: CU South update. No notes on this bc they didn't include anything in the packet.
CU is supposed to submit annexation proposals in early October. Friend, Weaver suggesting that Nov. 10 or Nov. 17, the council gets to review it and then do a plan for community engagement.
(flood work still ongoing, including another look at options for upstream detention)
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16 Sep
Oh, wait, jk, we've got some e-scooter issues. I was correct that they needed 6 votes to do anything bc it was on emergency. So Carr is recommending getting 6 votes to continue the current moratorium then redoing tonight's vote later.
If not, the scooter moratorium will expire and THE STREETS COULD BE OVERRUN WITH SCOOTER GANGS!
Or a company could apply for a business license to operate here.
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16 Sep
Now the big one, so I'll start paying attention. Occupancy limits and enforcement of those. Should the city stop evicting ppl due to over-occupancy during the pandemic? That's what council is deliberating.
Reminder: Boulder limits how many unrelated persons can live together to 3 or 4 folks. (3 in lower density areas, which is most of the city, and 4 in higher density ones)
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