We are conditioned by our parents, friends, society, etc. One of the main ways conditioning or programming maintains itself is by blocking out any evidence that contradicts that programming. People are very reluctant to look at things that contradict such programming.
Conditioning is difficult to overcome because it mainly works on the unconscious level. People unconsciously choose to engage in activities that strengthen that conditioning. The only way to overcome it is to become aware of deeply held beliefs & thoughts related to those beliefs
Deeply held beliefs are closely related to subconscious beliefs. That is how we can get to them. Once we see that the beliefs aren't true, it's much easier to see them for what they are, and overcome them.

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17 Sep
You create your own reality and you carry with you a bubble of experience that is focused on you and that goes with you wherever you go.
People can be in same location & have totally different experience because they have different level of consciousness. One who believes in benevolence of life will experience just that. Other one who believes that life is dangerous, full of hatred, etc. will experience just that.
Our core beliefs play the biggest role in the process of creation of our reality. Core beliefs have mental and emotional aspects & that's why they persist & are hard to change. Our consciousness is expressed as thoughts, feelings, & beliefs and they can be conscious & unconscious
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15 Sep
You are an unlimited, eternal, spiritual being. You are not your ego. Ego is programming that you have. Ego & its beliefs, its conditioning, its fears, create a character that you play. When you identify with that character, you experience the limited version of yourself.
At a certain time of your spiritual growth you are meant to wake up to who you truly are and start creating as a spiritual being that you are, and not as the ego that you have.
When you identify with the ego, you experience much suffering that is caused by ego's false beliefs about reality and about who you are.
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5 Aug
The kingdom of God is within you. Indeed, it is. Every single one of us is capable of radiating spiritual light right from within ourselves. This happens when we harmonize with our higher being (Higher Self or Divine Self) which is an individualized aspect of God.
Many people look for God outside of themselves but never think that they have access to fullness of God through their own Higher Self. To harmonize with that higher aspect we need to let go of dualistic, egoic thinking and embrace oneness, and unconditional love.
There are no intermediaries between you and God. There are no external saviours. All you need to save yourself, to be one with God, is already within you. You are the only one responsible for saving yourself, & it can be done only through transformation of your own consciousness.
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19 Jul
The subjects of spirituality & ETs (extra-dimensionals) are closely related. Extra-dimensionals reside in higher dimensions than ours so they are invisible to us just like spirits. It is possible to interact with both spiritual beings and ETs via process called channeling.
Channeling is a form of communication that allows an external being to express oneself via human channel. There are various types of channeling. There's conscious, semi-conscious, and trance channeling.
Conscious & semi-conscious channeling is simply repeating what channel hears in his/her mind. Trance channeling is letting external consciousness to temporarily command the body of the channel to communicate through that body.
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