I think people are looking at this NGAD demonstrator a little differently than they should. Technology demonstrators are used to reduce risk and prove various technologies so that they can be incorporated into an operational system down the line. This can include everything 1/X
from sensor systems to propulsion systems to aerodynamic shaping and production methods. Often times, multiple aspects can be rolled into a single demonstrator. We have examples of this, like Have Blue, Tacit Blue, Bird of Prey etc but the reality is that far far more...
Technology demonstrators have existed than we really can imagine. They are built for limited flight time and in some cases in a rapid iteration series. There are dozens of highly classified programs ongoing out A51 and elsewhere at any given time, some do not involve...
Full up unitary test articles/demonstrators, some do. For the few that have been declassified, there are many many more we will probably never know about, some of which are buried in unmarked graves out there. This has been the process for over half a century so...
imagine how fast we can iterate test articles and demonstrators now with modern manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Some of the methods in doing so are closely guarded secrets themselves. Large span composite structures and digital design reduce time and cost in doing so...
Considering the strategic challenges that lay ahead of us, and the fact that the future of air combat will cooperative, leveraging advanced networks and intertwined families of systems, not just a new do all missions/carry all sensors super fighters, it is only logical that...
These new concepts of thinking have been iterated in demonstrators and test articles. In fact, this is the way of the future, not just spending years designing and building a YF anything and then putting into production years later...
What would be far more troubling and surprising is if there was no demonstrator flying, or demonstrator for some of the technologies and concepts behind what will be a family of new air combat systems. We should expect far more demonstrators and test articles now than ever...
And even ones that have existed before the NGAD program came to be could be re-roled to support testing of aspects of that program. As far as I understand it, this type of 'recycling' is not rare. That being said, could a more mature demonstrator...
of a tailess, supercruising, long-range quasi-'fighter' (in name only, like the B-21 is 'bomber') be flying? Yes. That is possible. But it is unlikely to be a prototype as some have called it and other articles likely support other aspects of the program...
... Including for one airframe that will makeup NGAD. Even parts of the B-21 program could have worked to reduce risk for NGAD. So, the bottom line, there is a ton of this happening. We don't see it so it seems new. With modern manufacturing capabilities that should only
accelerate, using rapid iterations of test articles to define requirements and then move to a more complex technology demonstrator. The F-35 saga has taught everyone that the old way of doing things will not work fiscally or strategically. So adopting a Skunk Works model...
for development of these new aircraft is only logical. Even testbed aircraft that would support these programs will likely be less highly modified and costly aircraft, instead their testing functions spread across more platforms. So, the bottom line, if the USAF wasn't testing...
its hunches and different aspects to support new technologies surrounding air dominance with flying demonstrators, that would be highly troubling. But it's still nice to get a confirmation of what we should already know.

• • •

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16 Aug
Love how half of this episode of Unidentified was based on all my & my team’s painstaking research without 1 bit of credit. Would i do their show when asked? No, i don’t do UFO shows, but jesus at least mention where all that came from. Sickening. Couldn’t believe what I watched
I mean don’t credit us, fuck us right, but don’t credit it to anyone willing to do interviews. That’s so fucked up.
there is so much fucked up about this show, so many inaccuracies. I said fuck it, let them do their thing, but it’s flagrant. At the end of this episode they blow off electronic warfare & spoofing & then literally describe NEMESIS, but don’t know that’s a real program....
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5 Aug
The whole Beirut was a nuke idiot fest: We live in an era where unlimited info and learning potential is at one's fingertips, but also totally unsubstantiated & implausible rumors & sensational claims can rule the day. Like the entire world is now a middle school gossip circle...
The internet can make smart people way smarter and stupid people way stupider. It's an amazing albeit startling nexus of human nature.
People are so lonely and desperate for conversation, they comment all day on articles on complex subjects they didn't even skim. They just want to give an opinion regardless of it is absolutely worthless or even outright misleading. It's an amazingly low standard to exist within.
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2 May
Star Wars: Clone Wars four episode finale is absolutely a masterpiece. It’s the best thing Star Wars ever. It eclipses the Mandalorian, no baby yoda needed. Filoni is such a talent, and as the last installment proves, he can do horror with the best of them. Tense as can be! 1/2
The action and animation are just off the charts and above all else Ashoka Tano is firmly the best lead character the franchise has ever produced. Live action will make her a household sensation. It’s coming and they set it up magnificently over two series.
Bonus tweet, Clone Wars has retroactively made episode 3 the best out of all of them. True and very complex tragedy of epic proportions. It redefines the Jedi. In reflection, it highlights just how poor and unimaginative the sequel trilogy was.
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12 Apr
People are circulating this & commenting on China’s lightning fast cover up (literally & figuratively) of the fire. But how do they know this isn’t just a pic taken before the fire? OSINT + sceptism + corroboration + caveats needed folks. Don’t blindly chase likes & retweets 1/x
it very well could be legit, but at least hedge your statements so people don’t take it as fact. Way too much uncorroberated OSINT stuff gets passed around as fact and blindly retweeted. Sets good accounts apart from bad. Everyone has a stinker here and there, trust me it happens
but some make a popular hobby out of doing this with no regard for public trust etc.
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29 Dec 19
Rise Of Skywalker was one epic mess of the ABSOLUTE laziest writing, a purée of half baked & tired ideas, & amazingly hollow glitz. Really, how in the F could Abrams end up with that? What a missed opportunity. Feloni & Favreau are saving the day for Disney on the franchise
I’m actually stunned at how much damage they did to the original trilogy with their lousy gimmicks. Cheapened the whole franchise needlessly. Not even the action had substance. Like the saber fights and dogfights were totally forgettable even thought they LOOKED glitzy
I thought Rogue One would really changed the way the space battle scenes would go because it was so well done, but that hasn’t been recaptured. And why not up the ante with something like a saber fight in zero G? I mean they are in fing space!
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24 Dec 19
I am not into fantasy much, but I checked out the Dark Crystal prequel series on Netflix. My god, it is an incredible achievement! A must watch just for the production alone. Amazing puppets and sets etc. Mark Hamill killed it once again with his voice acting and... 1/2 Image
it uses pretty much every archetype while still making fearless plot moves. It works. Jim Henson Co. has such a great DARK side. It goes REALLY dark at times. I remembered why the original scared the shit out of me, but this is another level. I can't believe it was ever for kids!
They need to do more with Jim Henson Co. I love this medium, it is so much better than CGI or animation. The textures are so visceral. They should do a Game Of Thrones prequel with it etc. WAY underrated. Studios should be knocking Henson's door down for deals.
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