Ok, without looking up a source, can you explain what the term "landed gentry" means?
Bonus question: What does the term "gentleman" actually mean, in its historical context. Again don't look it up before answering.
So landed gentry are "landowners" who could live solely of the rental/labor of the commoners.

British society was strictly hierarchical, and largely based on birth—"blue blood" aristocracy. "Landed gentry" was below the peerage but above commoners.

"Gentleman" was a title, lower than the "nobility" or sometimes the lowest rank of the aristocracy. So non blue-blood, but above yeoman.

"Gentlemen" did not work with their hands.

Birth-based privilege is the British social context in which they construct "caste" in India.
Ha ha, now you are free to look it up. The restrictions were to help us realize how little we understand the words we use.

Racism and "blood" hierarchy was a feature of European society. "Blue blood" is those "who claimed never to have intermarried with Moors, Jews, or other races." "Blood purity" is a European racist idea of social hierarchy.

Varna has *no* such concept.

So the Europeans mapped their racist idea of "blood" purity to India and interpreted "jati" and "varna" in this way. However, as even DNA evidence shows, Indians are completely intermixed. There is simply no idea "blood purity" in the manner of European racism.
The people who claimed to teach us "egalitarianism" and "civilize" us were racist slave owners obsessed with hierarchical blood purity.

Forget a long time ago. Even now the "Royal Family" marrying a "commoner" i.e. outside the "blue blood" of the aristocracy is a "scandal."

You marry with your "peers." Remember "peerage" means member of the titled aristocracy.

"Distinguished citizens." May as well have called them "gentlemen", no? Member of the aristocracy, part of the peerage.

And definitely from the English class only. Can't mix with the commoners. Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

• • •

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23 Sep
What BS. Europe did not “rediscover” anything. Even Fibonacci clearly says his mathematics is from India as do the Arabs.

Later Europeans simply erased origins. This is the only thing the Church is good at—stealing. They couldn’t acknowledge non-White “pagan” origins.
The upcoming @GarudaPrakashan book on “Hindu mathematics” from @MeruPrastara will completely demolish this.

Even the examples and numbers they used for their “rediscovery” were identical to Indian texts. They were not even smart enough to change them while stealing.
India did not understand the totalitarian nature of #ChristoIslam.

Native civilizations perished since they did not realize the nature of religion . We still don’t.

For #ChristoIslam all treaties were meant to be broken vs प्राण जाही पर वचन ना जाही।

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23 Sep
It is a pincer attack. First plan riots with heavy Islamic funding. Then manage narrative internationally how riots were a "pogrom" against Muslims.

History gets rewritten in front of our eyes. Happened for #Gujarat2002.

This is why the desperation to kill #DelhiRiots2020 book.
When the media's paycheck depends on spin, be sure that they will spin. And so far they have succeeded because Hindus invest in temples not scholarship or narratives. @RajivMessage has been talking about this for years.

Why a small eBook. Let us do a proper book. Has someone even documented the victims properly? Has someone documented the victims of the karsevak massacre by Mulayam?

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22 Sep
I think @AmitShah's FCRA regulation bill does not go far enough, but if Oxfam is upset, the govt must be doing something right.

Ideally I'd completely ban FCRA to NGOs. But minimally FCRA-NGOs must be prohibited from any PILs. They represent foreign not "public" interests.

The FCRA-NGO system is for neo-colonialism and the Christian-Church war machine. They are #deepstate entities working to subvert Indian society.

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22 Sep
While the sales rank on Amazon is climbing, strangely it has deleted over 100 existing reviews on the book.

Gatekeepers are everywhere; don't imagine these are all neutral parties. We have to create parallel institutions—this is something China, fwiw, understood a long time ago.
That's why we made an early decision to enable @GarudaPrakashan for direct selling. Publishing was controlled, but we found that the entire distribution channel was also controlled. What would be in bookstores, airports, be reviewed in media, all of it.

These 5-year plans are useless because the State is itself un-Indic. It is a colonial state not based on the Indian civilization.

We need a plan for civilizational challenges. The state is simply unable to. Best we can expect of it is a level field.

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14 Sep
Thread on eugenics in the United States. Remember both Eugenics are scientific racism were "progressive" ideas in the West, fuelled by European "enlightenment", "scientific temperament" and Darwinian evolutionary theory.
Hitler was inspired by the "scientific eugenics" program of the United States which sterilized Native Americans, black women and other that the US State in its "progressive" ideas for the human race deemed not suitable to reproduce.

Popular Science magazine in 1923, carrying an article from a US Senator on scientific eugenics for breeding those "fit to assume the future of the nation." Image
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14 Sep
In their High Court, Supreme Court, English is imposed. No Tamil or Kannada or Hindi. In IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, English is imposed, no Tamil or Hindi.

What do they trend? #StopHindiImposition 🤣
Why? They don't about Tamil or Kannada. But are sepoys firing for #EnglishApartheid.
If you cared about your languages you'd realize that English, and not Hindi, is destroying them. You'd demand Engineering, Medicine, management, Courts, in your languages.

Instead you fight for #EnglishImposition to deny opportunity to 90% of people.

My talk in IIT Madras on the English Medium Myth.

Read 5 tweets

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