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4 Jul 20
The definition of "hate" for the likes of @HannahEP

If it were an anti-Islam film, she'd call it "hate."

If it is an anti-Hindu series, she calls *protesting* it "hate."

Her "progressive" racism is simplistic—pagan Hindus are bad, need "saving."…
The hatred of likes of @HannahEP mirrors the Christian right. If you remember, for 19th century Europeans, for the right Bible justified racism and slavery, for the Left "evolutionary science" did. Not much has changed in Hindu hate—the aim is erasure.…
Whenever the colonizers eradicated a people, those who resisted it were called "savages." This allowed genocide to become moral.

The latest version of the "savage" trope is the label "Hindutva." Any Hindu who protests targeting their religion is made into "savage" "Hindutva."
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3 Jul 20
"Buddhism" was "discovered" by the West as a "separate religion" in the 19th century.

We now take all these narratives to be "gospel truth." The "Hinduism" and "Buddhism" are "religions." That they have existence. That they are separate from each other and so on.
Yes, then Sikhism was "discovered" as a "separate religion" just in time as Sikhs were being recruited in the army. The brainwashing is so high that current Brit-Sikhs take that narrative as "gospel truth."

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2 Jul 20
Many people do not know, there was a movement in Myanmar to be part of India after independence. The Congress Party killed it, while midwiving the partition of India itself.
Burma was part of British India. While colonial powers proposed separation, there was plenty of resistance within Burma against this.
The Simon Commission pushed for separation despite Burmese sentiment against it. There was actually an election held on the separation issue in which the anti-separation parties won.
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1 Jul 20
"Equality Labs" is a Christian hate group with a mix of evangelical and "secular" Indian origin Hindu-haters. They are upping their gambit to attack Hindus in America.

(See quote hidden in article). The other side is strategic, Hindus are sitting ducks.…
But this should be a wake up call to all the "secular" Hindus in tech in the US who have only looked at individual success while doing nothing to support Hindu causes.

They're coming for you, not matter how "progressive" you are. And you'll run to the same Hindu groups for help.
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25 Jun 20
Don't forget that India continues to be a world leader in beef export 6 years after a "Hindu party" came to power.
There is no such distinction in the shastras or the constitution which talks about protecting all "milch cattle" which includes buffaloes. It is a made-up justification.

@RudraVS @rahuldewan

This spin by Sitharaman also misses how the APEDA act forces halal slaughter and has turned the entire meat industry into an enterprise which generates funds for one specific religion. This is called "secularism."

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24 Jun 20
Tired of Bollywood controlled by Gulf money and now streaming services as a platform for anti-Hindu propaganda?

If there were an Indic-oriented streaming service, would you support it? Also, what monthly/annual subscription would you be willing to pay to help make it viable?

Please add in replies what you would be willing to pay for it as 1. Patrons 2. Regular subscribers
If the question above wasn't clear, please suggest what would a subscription you'd be willing to pay as a subscriber. (Some patrons may pay more to help it vs regular subscribers, so suggest rate as subscriber and also if you'd want to be a patron).
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23 Jun 20
Some Indians advocate English-medium in India "get jobs in the US." I've argued this is short-sighted. An education policy cannot be based on serving a few hundred thousand who will emigrate out. Now what will #SlaveMinds argue—change medium to Chinese?…
Fascinating RT to Like ratio on this tweet. So many people agree but are afraid to have it on their TL, or it is just regular twitter shadow ban kicking in?
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16 Jun 20
Even "Prophet Mohammad" was a slave owner, documented in the Hadith.

Wonder why "antifa" does not take him on.
The "Left" would never ever take this on, as the foremost apologists for #Islamofascism.

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12 Jun 20
The utter ignorance of such commentaries goes with the state of "intellectual" debate in India.

Skin color comments are not "race" or "racism." Like someone saying "my sister was fair and I was dark, so she was preferred" does not mean they were different *races*. 🤣
"English" Indians have these completely dumb debates because they have to fit themselves into categories of the West. "Massah has racism, we must also have racism."

Race is a particular construction in European history and consciousness, with a genesis in the Bible.
In Risley's census of India, he tries to fit European race theory into mapping "castes." Race theory was "scientific" & "rational"—a "progressive" idea of post-"enlightenment" Europe.

He uses factors including "nasal index" and eye size to classify races. Skin color is just one.
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11 Jun 20
The fantasy of the "Aryan Invasion" crafted by 19th century Europeans to justify colonization of India is funny.

There is no textual, epigraphic or archeological evidence. But when one piece of "evidence" was disproved, rather than discarding the theory, they would spin another.
Other than justifying colonialism, their "Caste" narrative rests on this theory. So they have to keep it alive.

Then DNA evidence showed that Indian DNA is totally mixed contradicting a racial "caste" theory based on European society. But they keep spinning to keep it alive.
Maj Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi has taken this apart in the book "The Sarasvati Civilization." Must read how the largest civilization flourished around the Sarasvati river and how people migrated *out* when the river dried.
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7 Jun 20
India’s religious apartheid system extends to all areas, all govts. Now divorced women in Bihar get monthly maintenance from the State, but only if they are Muslim.

Blatant religious discrimination is called “secularism” in India. No one protests.…
“Minority” should never be a “status.” India’s schemers are not about “minorities” but about pandering to the two most powerful global religions.

Ex-Muslims are the smallest minority. Any schemes for them?

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5 Jun 20
@dhume @virsanghvi He is quite clueless, as are you. Hindu ethos holds India together. It is naive to think the imported misfit European graft of "secularism" does.

India is plural because it is Hindu. It sheltered minorities far before Europe invented secularism.…
@dhume @virsanghvi Sanghvi and the English academic elite are obsessed with European history and theory. In their imagination India must be understood by grafting on a European lens—"Nazism" "Fascism" and so on. They have no other foundation, are ignorant of Indic thought.
@dhume @virsanghvi All of the critiques of Hindu thought by this elite is based on an ignorant strawman fallacy. They don't care to understand what they're critiquing since the aim is to demonize, not engage with ideas.

So some stray quote about Hitler becomes the motif for "Hindu nationalism."
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5 Jun 20
@omar___ss Pretty obscure, no. Allah does not even prohibit slavery though he is obsessed by prohibiting "idol worship" over and over again. Isn't slavery much worse?

And the commentary says even that (optional) freeing is only for "Muslim" slaves, not kaffirs.
@omar___ss My mind is at peace. I teach meditation and the Happiness Workshop. I hope you will join.

I also hope your mind will be freed of absurd dogmas of jannat and jahanum and not waste this precious life in delusions.

@omar___ss You do not have to believe absurd things or "Holy Books" for God's mercy. What kind of God dismisses more than half of humanity as "kaffirs"?

The Universal Consciousness is all pervading and indeed when one is in harmony with that, one finds peace.

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4 Jun 20
In Hindu traditions, rangoli is made of flour so even ants and birds gets fed.

In a special district where a particular religin dominates, they wantonly kill animals, even a pregnant elephant.

Which one is "jahilya"?
And this. A certain kind of cruelty towards life coming from ideological indoctrination.

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4 Jun 20
In Abrahamic society and an Abrahamic state "civility" is always a thin veneer. Violence is always its bedrock. And fear.
Violence and fear are deeply symbiotic. One leads to the other and vice versa.

To understand Abrahamism, fear is the key.

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3 Jun 20
This is what "liberals" fighting "Islamophobia" would like to enable worldwide.

#ISIS is not new. #ISIS is there since inception. This has happened repeatedly in India in the invasions and later.
This has been going on for centuries. #ISIS was simply trying to restore the "golden age" of the Caliphate where sex slavery abounded. Just like Allah commanded.

See this thread.

Know what Indian "seculars" want to see happen in India again. They fight for this every day.

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29 May 20
Ex-Muslims are a tiny minority who are the most persecuted lot.

But it's a minority that "liberals" don't care about. Which minorities do they care about—two world-dominant massively funded religions, who can write big checks. 😀 More fat wallet liberals than "bleeding heart."
It's because "liberals" don't care about "minorities." They care about major dominant petro-dollar funded powers who they advocate for by using false memes like "minority."

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22 May 20
The worst exhibits of the "caste system" has been the stereotype of the controlling zamindar, heaping inequities over hapless "lower caste" peasants. But zamindari is not a traditional Hindu institution at all. It comes from Islamic & British rule, made much worse by the latter.
As the rapacious British rule consolidated power, and especially after the First War of Independence in 1857, it created a narrative of what I call #BlameShift. In this narrative war, it shifted the deprivation caused by its own enormous loot and barbarity to "Hindu culture."
Vast amount of atrocity literature was produced. The exploitative revenue system instituted by the British was blamed on "caste." Their robbing widows of rights and pensions, and resulting protests, were blame-shifted to "sati."…
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4 May 20
The success of colonialism and then Nehruvianism in India is that Indian academia has largely been turned against itself, i.e. as sepoys to fight the Indian civilization.

Thus there is no Indian academic *response* to the Western narrative, rather it is an outpost of the latter.
The response, if any, has been from outside academia. Thus even completely crass White supremacists like Doniger, become feted in Indian academia. It has no capacity to respond. In fact, Hindu studies as a discipline doesn't even exist in India, its center is outside.
Academia thus actively cultivates hate for Indian civilization. Tnis shows up in media, in academia worldwide, and in all the coverage India receives.

A guerrilla rearguard force can never counter a formal army. With not institutionalized response Hindus are a sitting duck.
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1 May 20
@OwenJones84 The human rights issue in Kashmir is about how a region which was the cradle of Hindu civilization was overrun by totalitarian religion and how a terrorist Islamic state then promoted the ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

But shills for #Islamofascism would never raise the real issue.
@OwenJones84 Also how an Islamic Sunni majority trampled on rights of non-Muslims and also of legal immigrants, of LGBT and of underprivileged groups under discriminatory laws which were finally repealed.

As a shill for an ISIS-Islamic State, that’s not part of your talking points, is it?
@OwenJones84 Between plural Hindus and totalitarian Islamists who would stone women, throw gays off buildings and legally turn non-Muslims into 2nd class citizens guess what “anti-fascist liberals” would support?
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29 Apr 20
@aishe_ghosh You mean people are happy and you want to have them be unhappy because of your delusions and to validate your narratives?
@aishe_ghosh Wherever in the world communists come to power they quell any unrest against their regime brutally.

Yours is a totalitarian lust for power dressed up in narratives of “justice”—while regularly creating genocidal maniacs like Stalin and Mao.
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