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16 Sep, 23 tweets, 7 min read
Please look at Kenney’s face as he delivers this information. He has a look of seriousness. I swear he practices these facial expressions in the mirror before giving a scrum. His facial expression doesn’t change once. His speech is a tempered cadence and calm. Raised brows.
But watch it with no sound. It’s contrived. Because it doesn’t vary once. The only time he varies his facial expression is when he looks down for a moment.

At the end of the clip he answers the question and then an instant look of welcome to the press asking the next question.
He just told the press the qualifications for AISH will be narrowed, leaving many without anything but social assistance to rely upon for income. Or they could try to get a job. Without blinking an eye in compassion or regret.
This is the emotional engagement of our premier. Zero empathy, contrived concern, blatant disregard.

He’s sociopathic. He’s got ice running through his veins. Anyone who can deliver news that the govt will be creating poverty for thousands without any emotion is empty.
Watch the video again, in silence. He immediately switches to a pleasant welcoming look after the last question. He’s unfazed by the cuts he’s about to make. Devoid of compassion.

One could make the argument he’s aware of GBI Liberals are planning.
But social services are provincial purview. Keep an eye peeled for Kenney will argue the transfers for GBI are to be controlled by the province. Just send the transfer money.

But I believe LPC will make these transfers conditional and with strict guidelines on who qualifies.
Kenney and other conservative premiers will rally all premiers to reject the conditions.

The way around this is for federal government to change how social safety net is administered. By assuming purview to ensure all provinces offer the same services, like with healthcare.
But there will be a battle over purview. Who gets to decide whether a disabled person qualifies for benefits? Who gets to decide whether welfare rates are too low? Who gets to decide if public social supports are paid for through public funds or if faith institutions take it on?
Because that’s where Kenney is moving towards. Transferring responsibility for social safety net to faith institutions. He’s already demonstrated his preference for Christian institutions. Covenant Health and Religious schools. Drug rehabilitation.
UCP has shown a clear preference for Christian organizations by awarding them funding or minimizing cuts. Some even receiving modest increases.

Because anarcho-capitalists and paleolibertarians don’t believe in forced charity.
That’s the belief and value being promoted by UCP. That the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged must rely upon voluntary charity. The state (govt) has no right to tax citizens to force them to participate in charity. Those that feel compassion are welcome to donate.
Those who feel no obligation to donate to charity are not forced to do so through taxes.

Citizens can choose their charity of choice. If the disabled do not receive enough charity, that’s their lot in life to bear. It’s God’s will and individuals can NOT question divine right.
I have no idea if Kenney truly believes this ideology or if he supports it to placate his big donors who don’t like to pay taxes at all. I presume he genuinely believes his ideology. Because he has no emotional reaction to causation of suffering and poverty.
None. A blank slate. Knowing thousands will be left destitute, including families with children and multiple individuals, makes no discernible emotional impact. Calm, tempered and serious. But “just” because this is natural law.
Those with advantages deserve their privilege. Those with disadvantage deserve theirs. The utter cruelty is rationalized through the belief in theocratic meritocracy. God blesses those who deserve divine blessings and leaves the sinners and disadvantaged to suffer.
These are the rationalizations, justification and reasoning of sociopaths with consequentialist ethics.

If god has blessed the wealthy, then carrying out god’s wishes by removing benefits is god’s work, and cannot be questioned or refuted. This is the prosperity gospel.
It’s also the fulfillment of the Great Transfer of Wealth supported and promoted by Dominionist Christians.

Here is an example how it’s promoted:…

They call it stewardship vs ownership. As justification for the wealthy Christians to not pay taxes.
Anarcho-capitalism is the beliefs and values UCP is currently installing. These are the beliefs and values that Fraser Institute amplifies.…
Kenney and UCP are devoted Anarcho-capitalists who do not believe social safety nets should be publicly funded. At all. These beliefs are so extreme, there are some anarcho-capitalists who ardently defend parents’ rights to selling children.
The connection between Dominionism and Anarcho-capitalism is Natural Law.
That’s why the premier can deliver this information to a room full of journalists with nary a wince or regret.

This is what Alberta elected. This is Dominionism and the laissez faire free market advanced by UCP.
Extremism so objectionable that the govt speaks in codes language to its supporters, because the truth is so ugly.

AISH is just the beginning. The cuts Kenney has planned are much far worse.
That’s why waiting until a 2023 election, three years away, is not an option. We must remove this govt much sooner.

None of us will have anything left if we wait three years.

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25 Sep
This is extremely disturbing. Another murder recorded.

The US has devolved into chaos.

How can this be resolved. An election is not the solution. What comes after the election hopefully is. Five more weeks to election.
And another 6 weeks between transfer of power.

I’m not sure the US will make it to January 20, 2021. Not in one piece.

It’s heartbreaking & terrifying to witness.

And yes, I selfishly hope it doesn’t cross the border. But I also know Red Deer incident means it already has.
Where is all this hatred coming from? It’s not fear. Protests are common in the US. Thousands annually occur with no violence.

It’s disinformation and fomenting of hatred from adversarial foreign and domestic influences.
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25 Sep
One needs to dig deeper in analysis to understand the callousness of Barton’s question.
Pandemic support for Canadians is creating a lot of debt.

Barton asks at what point do we halt spending.

Aghast, Freeland states the government will do what it takes to support Canadians through the crisis and work to improve circumstances in the mean time as well.
Barton’s question is not obvious. But think about the premise on which the question is based.

Apparently, there is some debt amount that is too burdensome for some Canadians to bear.

But the alternative is leaving the most vulnerable Canadians without any support.
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24 Sep
This is really extremely dangerous. Many in this embedded thread make light of Kenney’s comments, but I’m attempting to advise readers to not fall into this trap.

Because it is a well laid trap.
Readers will look at Kenney’s rhetoric and laugh, thinking, “what an idiot” and”why can’t he face facts?” But he’s not talking to mainstream Canada.

He speaking directly to his supporters across Canada:

White supremacists
Libertarian Ideological purists
He doesn’t care what you or I believe. He only cares what those four closed groups of people believe.

If they believe him & the cacophony of cons singing the same crazy tune, Canada has a problem. They will believe him.

Canada is at much risk of violence as US is right now.
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24 Sep
Amazing the messed up logic that Bergen purports to use.

The company is to be lauded for attempting to provide a quicker and less intrusive test for Covid.

But, and there is a big but...

They are advocating the process for approval be compromised to approve their product.
This isn’t so the test can help many. It’s so they can make a profit.

There is nothing that precludes a business from offering helpful technology it develops to address emergency needs. That’s capitalism.
But when regulations that keep Canadians safe are being asked to be removed? That’s a step too far.

And that is what Bergen is recommending. Make no mistake, that’s the intent of her screed about Health Canada’s COVid test approval process.
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24 Sep
Has anyone watched TRMS tonight? I suggest you do. It’s on at 10:00 pm.

Trump is declaring he will NOT step down & is arranging for ballots to be destroyed before they are counted. He’s openly admitting he’s going to remain in power. In his mind, there is no other alternative.
Here is a short clip from Joy Reid.…
Here is interview with Adam Schiff.…
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22 Sep
It’s ridiculous to what parents are subjecting their children and horrific and unconscionable to what we have allowed our provincial government to subject the school staff.
So you didn’t miss another mortgage payment. Now you get to miss several more.

Why are people like lemmings running off a cliff? Why do they submit to such horrific circumstances?


Your fear is misplaced if you’re sending your children to school. You should be afraid.
Afraid of a government that exposed your children to a deadly virus which is currently ravaging Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.

Because the schools were opened without appropriate measure to ensure safety. To keep oligarchs wealthy and business owners in profits.
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