Everyone wants to play the role of Mom and Dad in India. Why should the judiciary be left behind!! Let every single aspect of our life be over governed. Anyways life is hell, let us add some more torture.
We don't value our freedoms. Most people don't get it conceptually and keep ceding their freedoms away voluntarily. The kind of top down authoritarianism that goes on in India in mind boggling. And every single branch from the legislature to the judiciary does it.
Freedom is sacrosanct. It is a non negotiable IMO. But in our nation it isn't. Because we are so feudal and tribalistic in our mindset that to get to the perceived "other" we keep demanding more authoritarian laws. Eventually laws are applicable to everyone. Most don't get it 🤷🏾‍♂️

• • •

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More from @kushal_mehra

25 Sep
Two people take religion literally:
1. Crazy religious nut jobs
2. A section of Neo Atheists
Everyone else is busy living their life either ignoring religion or selectively using religion. My personal take is religious texts are context driven.
But even if we adjust for the context we can find many problematic things in religion. But the key is honesty. One has to be honest in reading religion. In fact if one has an open mind they can actually enjoy religious texts as you take a lot & leave/reject a lot.
I personally read religious texts as just books written by ancient people. It is like an anthropological journey into the mind of ancient people. How they thought, how they expressed their emotions. The technologies they had or they wished they'd have. Very interesting stuff.
Read 5 tweets
23 Sep
I have a heartfelt disdain for Bollywood. But going after people for smoking weed is ridiculous. What this incident should do is make us have a larger debate on whether drugs should be legalized or not. I am not sympathetic to Bollywood, they can go to hell honestly.
But if your complaint is someone smoked a joint then I'm sorry I can't support it. All this larger effect on society is highly exaggerated. Bollywood is very anti Modi. They openly campaigned against him. But the people did not listen to them. But they will on weed? Come on!!!
I don't watch Hindi cinema. I find it silly and mediocre. But I'd go after them for things where it is seriously justified. If your argument is well the law exists then you're wrong. Because our statute books are full of silly laws. We break some law or the other daily in India.
Read 6 tweets
22 Sep
Why do some atheists from Abrahamic backgrounds get ants in their pants when I call their innate Abrahamism out? I don't use it as a pejorative necessarily, I just use it as a psychological assessment of their mindset. We're all a product of our upbringing.
I've been a disbeliever for a good two decades. I've literally gone through so many phases of disbelief myself. It starts from angry neo atheism to agnosticism and eventually in my case finding a home in my own cultural identity. Atheists from Non Hindu backgrounds don't like it.
Yeah I know I come off as an arrogant jackass sometimes. But the fact is when it comes to Hinduism I know more than these angry Neo Atheists. I call them over opinionated & under informed dummies & I don't feel bad. I call a lot of people that. If you know you won't be surprised.
Read 10 tweets
17 Sep
Here is my radar of who should I take seriously. Anyone who quotes Audrey "Teja Mai Hoon" Truschke as an authentic source on Indian history should be declared as someone who knows nothing about Indian history.
The issue with Truschke isn't that she is a biased and a blatant Hindutva hater. The issue is that she is a bad historian and a liar that is completely twisting the past to suit her Neo Marxist lens. Anyone who takes her as an authentic source needs to be avoided like a plague.
One of the strategies of the Indian Marxists has been negationism of India's past. For some odd reason they feel negating and denying what actually happened in the Islamic invasion actually helps Hindu Muslim relations in India. IMO it does the complete opposite.
Read 5 tweets
11 Sep
Hello @ARanganathan72 (WNDTT) let us go and bang our heads on the wall together now.
As per official RT PCR nos the mortality rate is 1.7%. But the reality is that the mortality rate is less than 0.3%. And we should down the entire country for months for this rubbish. And no one wants to call out this bad policy making. All people do is mujhe drugs do.
Yes wear a mask, even a face shield if you want. Wash your hands regularly. Vitamin D,C & Zinc. Do some mild breathing exercises. But the brutal fact is COVID is not as lethal as we thought. But lockdowns are now a gov tool of collecting bribes. We've destroyed our lives for this
Read 5 tweets
5 Sep
The leaders demanding in this lockdown should be told one thing in simple words. Give us money and we will sit at home. Even by official GOI stats the mortality rate is 1.7%. When in reality the morality rate would be less than 0.3%. And when will they count lockdown deaths?
After destroying people's livelihoods for months some shameless legislators in Mumbai still want a lockdown. When will someone come on TV and say this straight up. We have to live with COVID. Yes unfortunately some will die, but if we lockdown many more will die. We are moving on
People need to realise is that many local leaders want the lockdown as it creates bribery opportunities. I'm saying it straight up. Mark my words, many sarkari babus and elected reps that want a lockdown have found a way to make money through it. It isn't about your lives at all.
Read 4 tweets

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