I see lots of people on here saying the ABC townhall was a disaster for Trump. Whether it was or not, given what he’s said & done since 2017, there were nowhere near enough tough questions, holding his feet to the fire, or challenging his lies & deranged statements & open racism.
It’s so weird, we spend all our time rightly getting exercised by mad stuff Trump says or does, the insane lies, and yet at the same time we set the bar so low that when he gets a mild question or two suddenly we’re celebrating that he somehow was held to account. He wasn’t.
On the (rare) occasions that Trump steps outside of his Fox News comfort zone, journalists really have to ask him tough questions about his lies, his racist remarks, his incitement of violence, and the rest. There’s really no excuse not to. None whatsoever.
Stop normalizing Trump! There’s nothing normal about this presidency and I wish a lot of top journalists would stop pretending that it is.

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20 Sep
Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is planning to declare victory on election night, regardless of uncounted votes. He is planning to steal this election, and wants his judges onboard. He’s telling us upfront. No hiding it.

Are all Dems, journos, civil society orgs prepared for this?
As vitally important as the Supreme Court debate is, believe it or not, the issue of Trump trying to steal the election - & notifying us clearly of his plan beforehand - is even more important & urgent. This needs to be addressed & challenged, every single day till the election.
The first question of the first presidential debate should be, to both candidates, a version of: ‘do you commit to ensure every American voter’s vote is counted before declaring victory, including the votes of overseas US military personnel? If not, why not?’
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13 Sep
Putting aside the legal ramifications of this ‘retribution’ quote for a moment, note how Trump, when he wants to be, for foreigners, lefties, Muslims, can be vicious in his denunciations. But you’ll struggle to find any passionate denunaciations by him of individual neo-Nazis etc
e.g. when neo-Nazi Christopher Hasson was arrested for plotting to murder Democrats & journalists, Trump was given the opportunity to denounce him but simply said:

“I think it's a shame. I think it's a very sad thing when a thing like that happens.”

No talk of retribution then!
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12 Sep
Carlson falsely claims people are just asserting climate change is linked to these wildfires without explaining how. A total lie. There are literally dozens of explainers being published all the time for the denialists and ignoramuses, eg
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11 Sep
"Trump’s long history of lying about 9/11 and exploiting it for personal gain" - absolute #mustread on every 9/11 anniversary, @paulwaldman1's old piece from September 2018:
After 9/11, Trump falsely claimed to have helped in the cleanup, falsely claimed to have seen people falling from his apartment window, falsely claimed to have lost 100s of friends, falsely accused NJ Muslims of celebrating, & also applied for funds intended for small businesses.
19 years after 9/11, will any reporter ask DonaldTrump today to apologize for smearing Muslim Americans? "I watched in Jersey City...where thousands & thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering."

It never happened!
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4 Sep
I’m not gonna share the image but it’s horrific.

So, @HouseGOP and @GOPLeader, you good with it?

More importantly, Zuckerberg and @Facebook how are you ok with this??
Imagine if @IlhanMN or @AOC had posted a picture of themselves with a rifle next to images of Trump, McConnell, etc, under the caption ‘their worst nightmare’. People across the spectrum would have lost their minds.

But a GOP candidate praised by Trump does it to them and...?
I’ll be honest: I’m not just furious and outraged but I’m tired. Tired by the lack of outrage. Tired by the double standards among our politicians and pundits. Tired at always having to play the #imagineif game to get the point across. Tired of the incitement and racism.
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31 Aug
A president who had spent much of his public life kneejerk condemning and attacking people he thinks are criminals, terrorists, gang members, traitors, etc, refuses again to condemn one of his own supporters who has been charged with *murdering* 2 Americans on an American street.
What’s so fascinating+depressing about Trump is that he doesn’t even feel like he has to pretend, eg he could do a halfhearted, pro forma, forced condemnation of the alleged killer. But, nope. He doesn’t even bother to do that. His support for criminals, if they back him, is open
Shouldn't Democrats be making more noise demanding Trump condemn and disown the alleged killer in Kenosha? Feels like an open goal for them.

Remember when a Bernie supporter shot congressional Republicans? Bernie loudly denounced him on the floor of the Senate *that day*.
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