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Columnist, The Intercept. Host, Deconstructed podcast. Presenter, Al Jazeera English TV shows (UpFront & Head to Head). A Brit now based in DC.
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4 Aug
If you haven't seen @jonathanvswan's wild interview with @realDonaldTrump, it's a #mustwatch. Here is the full 35-minute interview which will make your mind boggle. Never ceases to amaze me that this guy is president of the world's most powerful country 1/…
Look, @jonathanvswan, who is a good friend of mine, has been getting lots of deserved praise for this interview - as did Chris Wallace before him. But ask yourself why other/previous interviewers haven't been able to do interviews like this? Why not?? 2/…
To be clear, in my view, Jonathan could have been tougher at times, and I tend to be a tougher interviewer. Everyone's style is different. But the fact that polite, smiling, non-aggressive Jonathan was able to expose Trump in this way speaks volumes. 3/…
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2 Jul
I'm 40, about to turn 41. If you'd asked me over the past two decades what the worst political decision/crisis of my lifetime was, I'd have said, without hesitation, the invasion of Iraq.

Until now.

Now, it's the (mis)handling of the coronavirus. Without a shadow of a doubt.
I never thought I'd see world leaders top the extreme combination of horrific lies, blunders, delusions, mistakes, crimes etc of Bush/Cheney/Blair/Aznar/Howard on Iraq.

But Trump/Johnson/Bolsonaro et al seem to have managed it.
(And btw, I'm obviously not talking about the Iraq war itself, which had its own specific crimes and monstrous Iraqi death toll. I'm talking about the global political decision-making which led to the invasion vs the global political decison-making on the coronavirus now.)
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17 Jun
Ilhan Omar made a misjudged remark about "Benjamins" & for weeks we talked about her alleged antisemitism, the left's bigotry, & Congress passed a resolution.

Trump told the president of China he was ok with him locking up a million Muslims in concentration camps.

Nobody gives a damn about Muslims or Islamophobia, part 774.
To be clear: before the pedants get in my mentions, yes, people are tweeting about it, including some journalists, but it's not leading the news, or on any front pages right now, and will be forgotten by tomorrow.

The US president taking a pro-genocide-of-Muslims position! FFS.
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17 Jun
"Bolton recounts numerous private conversations Trump had with other leaders that revealed the limits of his knowledge. He recalls Trump asking Kelly if the nation of Finland is part of Russia." One for @gtconway3d's Trump/geography Twitter thread.…
"He also describes a summer 2019 meeting in New Jersey where Trump says journalists should be jailed so they have to divulge their sources: “These people should be executed. They are scumbags,” Trump said, according to Bolton's account."
"the main goal of [Trump's pro-MBS] missive was to take away attention from a story about Ivanka Trump using her personal email for government business. “This will divert from Ivanka,” Trump said... “If I read the statement in person, that will take over the Ivanka thing.”
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3 May
I defer to no one in my loathing for George W Bush - who one day I hope will face justice for his lies, war crimes, and torture! - but... and there is a ‘but,’ sorry...

...can you imagine Donald Trump putting out a message or video like this? Can you??
To be clear: I’m not trying to whitewash George W Bush or his awful, vicious presidency.

On the contrary, I’m saying that *even* a lying war criminal gets to come across as a half-decent, compassionate, human leader next to the sociopathic and soulless Trump.
The levels of disingenuousness, dumbness, bad faith and pointless attempts at point-scoring in some of the comments below this thread of mine makes me want to both and cry at the same time.
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24 Apr
I just binge-watched the three seasons of #Ozark
on @netflix over the past week or so. What an amazing show and am shocked I came so late to it. Phenomenal performances by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney and all the case. Literally by all of them. 1/
But my favorite character and performance was from Julia Garner as "Ruth Langmore". She steals every scene she's in. Her lines are so good - especially when she goes after Frank Jr for parking in a disabled spot. 2/
Also, #Ozark makes better use of the F-word than any other show I've ever come across on television. #justsayin
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14 Apr
Nope, you don't get to be "out". That's the point. You'll still be living in America in January 2021.

Who do you *less* want to be president then? Trump or Biden?

It's a simple question. I'll wait right here for the answer.
And P.S. 1) Pretty sure I have spent more energy over the last year criticizing Biden than most, and 2) Pretty sure I now have more influence with fellow leftists than with Team Biden and their VP choices. Nor do I think Bernie wants to be VP lol.
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12 Apr
For 17 years, the Republicans and many Democrats insisted on spending trillions of dollars on fighting a ‘war on terror’, supposedly, to save American lives. Turns out they never really cared about protecting American lives, but just wanted to bomb brown people in faraway lands.
20,000 American civilians dead on American soil in a matter of weeks and not even 1% of the outrage or grief or shock from conservatives that they showed after the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
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20 Mar
"How To Save The U.S. Economy, with @AOC and @StephanieKelton" - a special episode of my podcast #Deconstructed has just dropped. Have a listen and share - an important discussion about what needs to be done now in terms of radical actions:…
"Katie Porter is absolutely right," @AOC tells me on today
s #Deconstructed, referring to @RepKatiePorter's argument in the Atlantic yesterday that @SpeakerPelosi's focus on refundable tax cuts over cutting checks is too slow a response to this crisis:…
"there's a lot of like this 90s wonkery going on where if we do a backdoor tax credit, 'Oh that's clever way of helping people.' But it doesn't address the core issue which is that people are experiencing a shock right now. We need to get checks into people's hands." - @AOC to me
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19 Feb
I hope this isn’t true but it looks really really bad that they’re not being fully transparent on his health of all issues.
Even before his heart attack, I always thought the main objection from a lot of apolitical people and independents and others to a Sanders candidacy was more likely to be his age and health than any of his policy proposals - his ‘socialism’! - which actually have massive support.
Politics 101: don’t give your opponents an easy stick with which to beat you, especially when you have a lot of (bad faith) opponents. #justsayin
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25 Jan
Best part of this Pompeo tantrum is that he ‘made her locate Ukraine on a map with no writing’ which she did.

Has he ever asked his boss, the President, to try and locate Ukraine on a map with no writing?
In fact, now that Pompeo has set the precedent/benchmark, every interviewer who sits down with Trump should bring a blank world map and ask him to find Ukraine and other countries. Trump can’t complain about ‘gotcha’ questions if interviewers are merely following Pompeo’s lead.
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21 Jan
Remember this image? Jeff Bezos & Saudi crown prince MBS laughing together in 2018. Well, apparently, it was followed by a friendly Whatsapp exchange between the 2 men. Now it turns out, reports the Guardian, MBS used that Whatsapp exchange to hack Bezos's phone! Wow. Just wow.
Full story on MBS personally 'hacking' Jeff Bezos, according to the Guardian:…
Also: Given Jared Kushner and MBS also Whatsapp frequently with one another, you wonder how compromised the phone of the president's son-in-law and senior adviser is:…
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8 Jan
"I for one see no redeeming leadership qualities in a commander-in-chief who wants to be both arsonist and firefighter at the same time." - me, on @msnbc today with @katyturnbc, on how Trump started the Iran crisis which he is now ridiculously trying to claim credit for ending:
@MSNBC @KatyTurNBC "There is no strategy, there is no strategy, there is no strategy! Trump does not do strategy. He could not find Iran on a map if his life depended on it, he has not read the Iran nuclear deal... he probably still doesn't know what Hizbollah is" - me trying to be blunt on @msnbc:
@MSNBC @KatyTurNBC On an unrelated note, I have a bad cold. As you can see/hear. :-( #firstworldproblems
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30 Dec 19
“Ivanka Trump Is A Senior Adviser To The President. She Should Be Asked Tough Questions” - my latest for ⁦@theintercept⁩ on the awful CBS Face The Nation softball interview with ⁦@IvankaTrump⁩ & 12 tougher questions she should have been asked:…
@theintercept @IvankaTrump So here is a #thread with my 12 better/tougher questions for Ivanka Trump that @FaceTheNation and Margaret Brennan should have asked, on the topics of impeachment/paid leave/her own role at the White House
@theintercept @IvankaTrump @FaceTheNation 1. You have criticized House Democrats for calling witnesses who “didn’t have firsthand knowledge” of the issues under investigation. So why didn’t your father allow Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff, to testify in the House?
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6 Dec 19
Your flight attendant told my hijab-wearing Muslim wife she was making people "uncomfortable" & threatened to have her "escorted off" the plane. You have yet to address this at all in our correspondence. Forget an apology - are you denying this even happened?
I don’t normally ask folks on this site to get hashtags trending but do feel free to retweet the crap out of #shameonSouthwest tonight and this weekend 😡
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6 Dec 19
Update & a new thread from me: @SouthwestAir have apologized privately but refuse to apologize publicly; offered travel vouchers to fly with them (!) that don't cover the costs of our flights; & have made up a totally false narrative:…
@SouthwestAir .@SouthwestAir told The Sun "we understand that some Passengers...were involved in a disagreement over seat selection." This is false. There was no disagreement, only a flight attendant who was trying to incite passengers against my hijab-wearing wife.2/…
@SouthwestAir .@southwestair in all their DM conversations with me have ignored the fact that their flight attendant told my wife she was making passengers "uncomfortable" (which is false) by "reading" their faces (huh?). Uncomfortable, by politely asking for a swap which every family does?
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2 Dec 19
Hey @SouthwestAir: not a good look for your flight attendant on SW5539 to DC last night to loudly tell a brown woman in a headscarf she'll be "escorted off the plane" for making people feel "uncomfortable" - because she wanted to sit with her husband & kids!
The flight attendant called ground staff onto the plane, complained about the Muslim woman - my wife! - to them, & escalated rather than de-escalated the situation - simply because my wife politely asked a guy if he'd give up his seat for our family (which he was fine with!).
Even her own @SouthwestAir colleague from the ground staff who came onboard to check things wondered why the flight attendant wouldn't shut up & let things go so we could take off.

"Why is she escalating this?" a passenger from across the aisle also asked aloud.

Why indeed.
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7 Nov 19
I interviewed Bernie Sanders for my #Deconstructed podcast today. We discussed climate change, Medicare For All, Biden, Warren, Trump and more.

Here's a thread on some of the things he said that stood out to me. 1/…
Bernie was pretty sharp in his criticism of Joe Biden's record, especially on Iraq: "Joe Biden not only voted for the war in Iraq, something that I vigorously opposed, he was one of the leaders in terms of going to war." 2/…
"What you're seeing is somebody who raises a whole of of money from the wealthy and the powerful, somebody who touts in many ways the corporate line." - Bernie on Biden to me 3/…
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10 Oct 19
Lots of Netanyahu defenders upset with me for saying that a prime minister of a state founded on ethnic cleaning, who engages today in a form of ethnic cleansing, is warning others against ethnic cleansing. So here's a quick #thread on some basic facts for the pearl-clutchers:
Lots of Israelis who get offended by the term "ethnic cleansing" are fine with it if you replace it with a softer term like "transfer", e.g."Nearly half of Jewish Israelis agree that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel" - 2016 Pew poll2/…
Israeli historian Professor Ilan Pappé wrote an entire book called "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" in 2006, on the events of 1948, which was described as an "important" account and a "major intervention" by British and Israeli academics alike:
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8 Oct 19
Nothing to see here. Just a prominent AIPAC board member calling for the US government to “ban” me, a Muslim immigrant and journalist, from the United States, where I legally work and reside. Nothing dodgy or racist about that at all...
Notice btw that all all of these tweets emanating from right-wing pro-Israel accounts calling for Trump to “ban” me are using the same text, copied & pasted. If this isn’t a targeted, pre-meditated, racist harassment campaign against me, then what is @Twitter/@TwitterSupport?
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26 Aug 19
Once again, Trump retweets and thanks a far right British bigot who was fired from her shock jock radio gig for calling for a ‘final solution’ for Muslims.

And this isn’t even controversial anymore. No one bats an eyelid.
On a side note, Trump only stopped to talk to the kid because she was holding a Trump sign and her dad (?) was shouting out how much he loves Trump’s hotel. Trump asked the kid (!) if she’d be voting for him and asked her if she’s rich.

Yep regular voters. Normal president. Ok.
Had Trump actually stopped to spend time with a random kid and a regular voter and have a ‘normal’ conversation I’d have been shocked but he didn’t because he’s a narcissist and a sociopath. Those are not insults - they’re the best words available to us to describe his behaviour.
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