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announcement #1: Ketsui Deathtiny's getting a North American release! release date's TBA, but they'll updates on the date for the main game & DLC soon

the Japanese version is also getting updated with some of the gadget tweaks made for the NA version
nothing new on Darius Cozmic Revelation
five DECO games (via G-Mode) are coming to M2 ShotTriggers! Zaviga, B-Wings, Metal Clash, Last Mission & Psycho-Nics Oscar
why these five games? they're all the works of designer Akira Sakuma, who left this message (which I'll translate later, he's basically just pleased/surprised Oscar's getting reissued after all this time)
for a little more context, this is the message Akira Sakuma left at the end of the staff roll for Psycho-Nics Oscar that adds a little more context for why DECO fans tend to lump these games together
they're debuting Chibi-Tech's original-spec Game Gear Micro menu BGM tune atm

to the surprise of nobody, it is Good
Chibi-Tech left a comment about her Game Gear Micro BGM ("it's cute & toy-like, so I wrote playful melodies to match")
and here's the big surprise: the Game Gear Micro also features new original-spec BGM from former Westone composer & PSG master Shinichi Sakamoto! ("I never imagined I'd get another chance to write a new song for Game Gear")
another M2 ShotTriggers announcement: Aleste Collection featuring Aleste (Mark III), GG Aleste (Game Gear), GG Aleste II (Game Gear) and Power Strike II (overseas-only Master System sequel to the overseas version of Aleste), out on PS4/Switch on December 24, digital & retail
and yes, they're throwing in a white Game Gear Micro & Big Window Micro with all these games as part of the Aleste Collection LE
Aleste Collection will be available to buy from tomorrow, the LE's getting a fairly limited production run

¥14800 for the limited-edition package with Game Gear Micro package, ¥6800 for the standard physical version, ¥4500 digital
there's more news coming re: Aleste Collection at TGS...
RC Berg's doing an ESPrade Irori resin kit, out January 25
as part of a quick update segment on various games (Toaplan reissues, Senxin, Ubusana, etc) they showed a quick trailer for Aleste Branch... not the most exciting screengrab, I know
they're showing messages from Hiroshi Iuchi on the status of Ubusana... I missed a few screens so I'll come back to them but he's basically explaining how WFH has affected production, etc

they also played some BGM, sounded very Ikaruga-esque
his update on production was very similar to the past couple updates: the game's content-complete but going into full production on the graphics has proven difficult, & because he's been at home since the start of the year he's focused on sound production
...and that's that

• • •

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17 Sep
Monster Hunter Stories 2? I thought that flopped and they were planning another MH spinoff with edgy teens or something
Fit Boxing 2, not shocked, that game did super well, especially in Japan
Disgaea 6 with 3D models? Disgaea 5's getting a NSO trial or something too
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15 Sep
Kenji Kaido: "Taito's arcade golden age was 1985-92, with '85-89 being particularly amazing; until then, Taito was so prolific—they released two new arcade games a month!—that ppl mocked them for 'quantity over quality', but during their golden age, they had quality to match"🇯🇵
"when Sega kicked off the deluxe cabinet boom, Taito initially followed suit w games like Midnight Landing & Full Throttle. Later (prob due to intl requests) they changed route to compact chassis; Operation Wolf went from remote monitor to all-in-one unit"
"Wolf was also planned as a conversion board for NY Captor; Chase HQ squeezed the seat into the very end of the enclosure, so the cabinet took up relatively little space; bc of this, both Wolf & HQ were huge overseas (the games themselves were great too)"
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15 Sep
M2's scheduled a "This & That Big Announcement Special" stream for September 16, 20:00 JP time that'll include news on Ketsui Deathtiny PS4 & other M2 ShotTriggers releases, plus segments on Game Gear Micro & Darius Cozmic Revelation…🇯🇵
odds are the Ketsui announcement has something to do with this but I don't think it'll be quite that simple
btw, in case you've lost track of the M2 STG that may or may not receive news, they include:

Aleste Branch
Ninja Soldier/Mononoke Ninpo-chou
Toaplan reissues (Kyukyoku Tiger, Hishouzame, Out Zone, Tatsujin-ou)
Boogie Wings/The Great Ragtime Show(?)
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14 Sep
here's G-Mode Archives' first real heavy-hitter: Yuusha Shisu (Hero Must Die): Directors Cut, out October 1…🇯🇵
there were other popular feature phone RPGs (a few of which are or will be available on G-Mode Archives) but Hero Must Die was led by relatively high-profile creators (scenario by Shoji Masuda, chara designs by Shunya Yamashita, music by Kenji Ito) & very well-received critically
it was remade for Vita, and then again for PC/PS4/Switch as Hero must die. again—this version came out earlier this year and is available in English…
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13 Sep
"I've already outlined the connection between these two games in my books, but I'd like to cover it again here, too: Shigeki Toyama, the designer who helped solidify Xevious after many dead ends, & Kikikaikai's original planner, Hisaya Yabusaki, were sempai/kohai in highschool"🇯🇵
"Taito had the Central R&D Lab ('ChuKen') but in the hopes of hitting upon fresh ideas, an in-house contest was held to invite non-ChuKen employees to submit game plans; the first such game was Hiroaki Sato's Scramble Formation & the second was Kikikaikai"
"Just as Namco's Kazunori Sawano envisaged Xevious as 'vertical Scramble', Hisaya Yabusaki's plans for Kikikaikai were inspired by his beloved Xevious, but deliberately opposite—Xevious was an autoscroller, so Kikikaikai was designed with free-scrolling"
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9 Sep
holy shit at most of this but especially Gimmick Land—this was an early game by AlphaDream (Mario & Luigi RPG devs) that they initially planned to publish independently, but Nintendo took an interest and had them rework it for GBA into the Japan-only game Tomato Adventure
also cool: Sutte Hakkun GBA! the original Sutte Hakkun game/s were the first works by indieszero (Retro Game Challenge, NES Remix, Theatrhythm) & based on a FCDS prototype made as part of Nintendo Game Seminar
(I say "game/s" because it was an episodic/level-pack game with a bunch of different versions that overlap to some degree, across Satellaview, Nintendo Power & genuine cartridge release)
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