@Manaxium Yeah, 22yrs happily transitioned but Im regularly told by followers of the new identity religion I’m not a valid trans person, (unlike someone wanting to keep their cock, their bushy beard & their contempt for women) because I don’t share their beliefs that ‘identifying as’ >
@Manaxium a woman magically makes you female. Those in thrall to gender ideology talk about love, acceptance and inclusion but they want domination, not discussion, submission not consent, their inclusion is about erasing and excluding others. They abuse language & truth so routinely >
@Manaxium that many do not notice that they abuse the very principles they claim to represent.
Acceptance without exception...er except you!
People are who they say they are...er except you!
Everyone is valid...oh but you’re not Harrison.
They are the transphobes, >
@Manaxium they’ve made a mockery of transsexual suffering, of our pride in our journey and transitions.
Hell will freeze over before I will yield to these identity bullies abusing women, trans people, intersex people, LGB’s and detransitioners. >
@Manaxium More trans people need to speak up against the anti-trans Trumpists AND the corporate sponsored wokesters, sickeningly anti-woman & anti-transsexual. Then good people on all sides can discuss how we can protect everyone’s rights & fight to improve the lives of all affected groups

• • •

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17 Sep
You don’t speak for me, imo you’re exploiting a vulnerable population’s belief in wishful thinking, in self-soothing, but sexist dogmas & a very specific conception of gender identity, held as fixed, innate & erasing sex in every & all instances regardless of consequence to women
In the UK the only group in this debate whose existence is under threat of erasure are women as a sex with rights & autonomy of their own. You’re stoking a counter-productive culture war & lending legitimacy to the vilest wave of woman-hating I’ve ever seen. It feeds transphobia
You show the limitations of a liberalism which has emboldened the most widespread illiberalism & dogma I’ve ever experienced, the shameful normalising of VAWG &which frames happy, balanced, proud trans people who refute gender identity claims as invalid/self-hating trans people.
Read 5 tweets
1 Aug
Agreed, but absolutist ideas at the core of gender ideology set up a dynamic working to preclude pragmatic compromise, demanding total domination of gender identity framing over the reality & significance of sex without exception, regardless of impacts on women>
The claim TWAW & in all circumstances is fundamentally incompatible with our understanding of biological sex & logically requires the erasure of sex & therefore the political, social & eventually legal erasure of women as a sex, as a meaningfully independent category. >
It's baked into the foundations of this philosophy to reject & erase any hint of sexual reality or acknowledgment of reproductive sex because to acknowledge sex-based framing even once is to undermine the notion TWAW. This is the basis of the objection to the word 'women' here>.
Read 5 tweets
25 Jul
It's shocking that you imply women's existence as an oppressed sex, protected under the Equality Act explicitly, is merely a belief, not a biological (& socialised) reality, one which in Britain is the only category under threat of erasure as a political/social & legal category
But it's outrageous, particularly from a supposedly left-wing MP to imply that those of us who aren't in denial of the scientific validity & reality of sex, of socialisation & their enormous significance, especially to women in a sexist society, should be excluded from democracy>
& that thousands of left leaning or socialist/feminist women, intersex people, lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual people along with dozens (& a growing) number of trans people & many detransitioners are actually bigots who's lived reality & opinions must not be discussed>
Read 21 tweets
16 Jul
Constructing a genuinely neutral set of questions is a challenge for surveys on this topic but using the starting point that these *are* ‘rights’, which you either oppose or support is not neutral. Avoiding asking about the most controversial spaces & situations is not neutral >
either. Toilets & changing rooms are the terrain which proponents of selfID prefer to limit discussion to in order to try to trivialise the issues, but in general, though rightly an important concern for feminists, the greater concern is for women in rape crisis, prisons, >
domestic violence shelters, about who is able to perform smear tests and other intimate examinations, it’s about fair competition for women in sport and about the right of women to organise autonomously ie; to have feminism, the movement that centres females in their struggle >
Read 20 tweets
8 Jul
@billybragg @DeclanDoyle8 @ELTAuthor Strengthening the ‘rights’ of the employing class to sack or discipline tens of thousands of uppity women who dare demand an equal say regarding their own rights, self-definitions, biological reality & lived experiences is anti-working class & totally self-harming for the left.>
@billybragg @DeclanDoyle8 @ELTAuthor The collective grassroots demand on employers to sack actual members of fascist groups is an act of defending our unions, democratic rights, minorities & the Labour movement generally from people who use violence and intimidation to stoke division & threaten ALL democracy. >
@billybragg @DeclanDoyle8 @ELTAuthor Feminists are not fascists, they are fighting FOR democracy, they are PART of the Labour and progressive movement & in the UK they are overwhelmingly FOR the right of trans people to be equal citizens free from violence and unjust discrimination. >
Read 14 tweets
27 Jun
Cancel culture is anti-working class and alien to the tradition of sharp, open democratic debate long cherished in the labour movement. If you have a fundamental disagreement in this area with @SBSisters then argue your case but you cannot put yourselves before & actively seek>
to damage others fighting oppression to the detriment of BAME women and the entire movement & expect to serve trans interests. I will link arms with you against govt cuts, against waiting lists for healthcare or against attacks on the right of trans people to not be unjustly >
discriminated against or suffer violence and at the same time I will argue strongly against what I see as the sexism, misogyny & authoritarian elitism of your particular conception of trans rights and the way it undermines all those struggles. That is the Labour movement way. >
Read 13 tweets

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