‘Forgo their morals’ LOLOLOLOL

More like they finally realize Trump’s core base really dgaf about them being gay, despite what the left screams on a daily basis.

Really, I’m going to thread about this, because it seems like some motherfuckers like to forget.
Trump’s platform was the economy and fixing broken shit. That was the core of it. Our borders were broken, he’d fix that. Our tax system was broken, he’d fix that. Our foreign policy was broken, he’d fix that. He didn’t give a fuck about race or gender or sexuality.
The left, in a desperate bid to keep its intersectional voting base tied together, painted him as a racist, a warmonger, a homophobe, whatever the fuck they could to scare people into staying in their camps.

There’s a problem with this:

It only works once.
When the mass deportations didn’t happen, when the prophesied concentration camps didn’t happen, when the mass repeal of gay rights didn’t happen, when the Dems spent years lying saying they were but most people didn’t see or knew anyone who saw it happening... it stopped working
Now gay men are breaking ranks with the Dems, and no, California telling them they can touch young boys legally isn’t going to bring them back to the Dems, because the vast fucking majority of them don’t do that, and the ones who do aren’t gay, they’re pedos. Or hollywood celebs.
(But I repeat myself)
Florida latinos, ie Cubans, are breaking ranks with the Dems, not only because the mass deportations didn’t happen, but because the Dems are going full communist. You wanna know why the talk of Dems being pedos caught on so quick? Because COMMIE REGIMES TEND TO HAVE PEDOS GALORE.
Look at that, Epstein and at least someone of high rank in the Cuban regime, probably Castro himself, were buddies.




And the wider hispanic community?

What, you think a few primary debates with half the nominees saying their answers in Spanish was going to impress them? Play a little despacito over their phones like Biden?

Hispanic-Americans by and large HATE cartels, HATE MS-13 and such
The Dems were promising to let them run roughshod over the border, Trump was cleaning it up, and without the mass deportations and concentration camps that would sweep all hispanics up in them like Democrats said.
All Trump had to do was say repeatedly he was ok with dreamers, let the Democrats themselves torch the negotiations, and its more of a shock that any hispanics are still LEFT with the Dems.
I’ve said repeatedly Trump was going to win by breaking the Democrat base. That’s strategery. You don’t beat your opponent by winning. You beat your opponent by making it impossible for them to win.

The Dems rely on their pyramid scheme of intersectionality to hold their base.
Shatter that glass pyramid, and they can’t win.

It doesn’t matter how much fraud they try to churn out.

The left cannot make up the difference when huge chunks of their base deserted them.


• • •

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17 Sep
Aaaaaaaaand we have now reached peak mass hysteria.

Like, I had more, but I shouldn’t have to go in. This is patently ludicrous.

Fuck it, I am going on.



Ie, actual fucking genocide, which is EXACTLY what these crazy mother fuckers have been primed to think is happening at ICE detention centers.

These women are allegedly all being released afterwards?
Hysterectomies leave women bedridden for weeks afterwards. Let’s assume they’re being kept bedridden for weeks after, then released. The first thing an NGO helping these people get on the next caravan back north would notice is ‘oh fuck THEY’VE GOTTEN GODDAMN INVASIVE SURGERIES’
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16 Sep
1) Let’s say, for a second, the Dems have spent 4 years preparing the mechanisms to steal the election. Let’s say they prepared the 20k mail in votes per state in the states Trump might flip.

Let’s say they got all that ready.

They’ll still lose.


2) Democrats continue to operate under the thought paradigm that more votes means you win.

Even giving a fuck about electoral votes, Democrats still believe that if they can just add more votes to the pile, they can win.

That’s how their electoral fraud works after all.
3) In every recorded instance they’ve been caught, they add JUST ENOUGH key votes in certain deep blue areas they have total control over to tip the scales.

That’s how it works. That’s the only way it CAN work. Adding 5000 votes to a million votes and getting them lost in chaos.
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13 Sep
To note: No, there's not actually going to be a food shortage in the US. The only shortages that occurred weren't actual shortages; stores stock their shelves based on typical buying patterns. Panics lead to radically higher purchasing rates

Nowhere did production actually cease
Our food production, which is the most robust system of food production in the world keep in mind because it feeds much of the world FOR FREE and STILL turns a profit, chugged along just fine.

The problem is that interstate commerce got fucked up due to Dem govs and lockdowns.
With interstate commerce getting fucked up, the next most drastic problem became international shipping, which went tits up.

The US will not have a food shortage, but the Dem-Media apparatus will try to scare you into thinking there will be. The NYT is already trying.
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13 Sep
I’m not gonna feign surprise that BLM activists shot the two deputies. I still remember the multitude of shootings in the wake of the Ferguson riots. Including the garage building sniper.

This is what would inevitably happen, and this is on the hands of the Dems who funded this.
At least during the Obama years these assholes were kept at arm’s length. Now? Their donations all go through fucking ActBlue. There’s no other way to say it. Democrats are funding and enabling deadly terror attacks on police officers, and in the next few weeks there will be more
It’s what happened just a couple years ago, and its what will happen now.

Because these psychotic motherfuckers can’t stop themselves.

They can’t stop themselves from drawing cartoons of Trump planes flying into twin towers marked ‘democracy’ and ‘decency’.
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12 Sep
1) Ongoing thread, but I got something to say here.

A lot of people don’t get why these peace deals are all breaking through now, between Israel and the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in eastern Europe.

Carlos does of course, but I’ll throw in my understanding too.
2) Why were these never accomplished before? Why didn’t these peace deals happen under previous administrations?

Because our State Department is useless.

The top echelon, ambassadors, are virtually all either political friends/donors. They’re useless.
3) The career employees that make up the rest of the State Department? Well, fuck. You all know how many billions they piss away every year just throwing into other countries’ money pits of corruption. The State Department is the world’s biggest joke, a bunch of suckers.
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11 Sep
Here’s what’s different between this Woodward book and previous books.

Trump and Kushner both participated in the interviews, as did a lot of other admin officials who normally refuse to.

Why is that?
It’s an elecion year. The left has been spinning out and hyping all these books written as hit pieces on Trump.

Woodward’s already written one smear job. His whole modus operandi is writing smear jobs on Republicans. It’s his career.
So why help him write another book knowing the left will take everything they can to attack Trump with?

Because Trump and co knew months in advance now what the left would try to spin out during the election

They have so much control of the board they now write their own smears
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