Types of people you lol meet on a group weekend getaway.. Thread based on my observations.

The Happy Goer. It doesn’t matter what destination it is, they will be having fun all the way, playing music, drinking, singing loudly, chatting and laughing. They will stop you lots of times for recess and roadside pics. By the time you arrive, they will be sleeping, exhausted.
The Picture Perfect. They don’t talk much, they will be having their smartphone, dressed up and will be taking pictures of almost everything, the drinks, the road, the car.. Usually always behind their phone. They talk when they want you to take them a pic or send them pics.
The Tour Guide. They know every place, they will be telling you details about almost everything on the journey, they will point you at some cool things you never thought you would see. Be careful, they could take you the wrong way sometimes.
The Particular. They are very choosy about stuff, they will abate everything to be on point, and could cause a scene if they find the room not ready, or if their meal gets delayed by 5 mins even though they would have been eating all day. “They have standards.”
The Adventurer. So active this type. Before you know, they have already checked the environment, now know where the horses are, where the pool is and where you can go for an expedition. They are always ahead of the pack.
The Solo One. Find so much pleasure in their own company, they will even bring a book, so that they can read away from the people. They don’t want to be disturbed, sometimes difficult to start a conversation with, unless if you’ve got something in common with them.
The Comedian. They are always making everyone laugh, so hilarious, they have jokes and are very easy going. Their happiness is in making sure everyone else is happy, sadly no one checks on them because they seem fine. They are usually difficult to forget after meeting them.
The Player. They know so many games. “guys let’s play this game..” they have a pack of cards, dices, board games, they know lots of tricks, and make things fun. When everyone is bored, they look for them to have a game.
The Disaster. They mess up everything. They are clumsy and make silly mistakes. They could sit on eggs people want to eat, spill beer on the car, break a glass, fall into the pool. Disaster is always following them. They are so unlucky. They could break up a relationship even.
The Naturalist. They rise before everyone else to catch sunrise, they spend the day with nature watching butterflies, water, trees etc. They wait for the sunset, and take some pics of it to show everyone. At night they sit out to watch stars. They also listen to classical music.
The Lovebirds. These ones travel as a couple, are all lovey dovey, they are always together, holding hands, cuddling, & look cute together. The girl is so whipped and wants everyone to see it that she’s in love.. “my bae this.. my bae that.. can’t do anything without the guy.
The Charmer. This guy is after every beautiful girl on the trip. By the time the trip ends, he’s approached every girl and many girls are confused if he’s with them or what. He’s the guy who’s behind that nasty scene after two girls clash over him. 🙌🏾
The Beauty. She’s beautiful, everyone notices it, it’s impossible to ignore her. Everyone wants her approval, & keeps referring to her. She sits there smiling, & watches as people bump into each other for her attention, which she doesn’t care about. She just wanna enjoy the trip!
The Mature. They want deep conversations, they don’t want to be involved in stuff everyone is having.. it’s not really that they are mature though, sometimes it’s because they are uptight or don’t know how to have fun with everyone else around. They want to teach everyone things.
The Bartender. Hardly cares about what’s happening, except for what’s happening to the stocks of drinks. They serve dash, and do the mixing. They panick if the bottle gets drank halfway. Just chill bro.
The Politician And Pastor. The politician is always talking politics, want everyone to see how deeply convincing their affiliation is. The pastor is always preaching, asking people to stop playing music loudly, and find gospel tracks to accommodate them. These two are boring.
The Absent. They are on top of telling people plans for the tour, they even want to be the trip planning group admin. But on the day, you’ll never see them. Truth is they had no money to travel. They exit the group on the travel day and everyone wonders.
The Party Pooper. They always find a way to spoil things, they are too moody, controlling, toxic. To them, it’s because no one understands them. No one wants to see them ever again after the trip.
The Planner. Hardly gets credit, but are the brains and engine behind the success of the trip. They are the ones who mobilize people to come for the trip, always making sure everyone is fine and all, they hardly see how fast time flies because they are busy with chores.
The End..

I’m sure you’ve met some people like these the last time you travelled, share your experiences with any of these personalities.

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