To put it more precisely, Trump doesn't care if people die. It means nothing to him.

His sole interest is seizing and maintaining power.

See this quotation from Cohen's book. Notice the part about the ants.

That's us. Ants.


Fascism (according to @jasonintrator) is a set of tactics for maintaining power.

Fascism is basically a hierarchy. In Cohen's words, the Putins of the world are at the top. Others are ants. Some ants are helpful, so they're given power.

The idea is to keep the ants in line.

The time-honored way fascists keep the ants in line is to manipulate their fears.


• • •

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23 Sep
Ok. Okaaay.

I didn't want to respond to the Atlantic piece about how Trump can steal the election by flipping electors in states with GOP held legislatures, but I will.

Here's my take.

From the article⤵️
1/ Image
A few weeks ago, a theory that Trump could steal the election in this manner made the rounds. For this to happen, a string of very unlikely and highly improbable things would have to happen.

The story died down.

The press right now is very bad for Trump.

Next thing we know, a legal advisor to the Trump campaign tells a reporter that this extremely unlikely event WILL happen because the states will line up and do what Trump wants (overturn the will of the people).

The Trump campaign wants this in the headlines.

3/ Image
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23 Sep
There may be a few who don't get it, but most do.

In 2016, lots of Trump voters may not have understood what they are voting for—but not this time.

Consider the definition of "liberal democracy" and the meaning of the slogan "Make America Great Again."

Except for a few pockets here and there, for most of U.S. history, until the 1950s and 1960s, Americans lived in a hierarchy.

Think of slavery, Jim Crow, and women's place in the home.

Until the modern civil rights movement, what we now call voter suppression was legal.

2/ Image
Think about what life was like in America in 1850 for a black woman.

People have the idea that the US has always been a liberal democracy . . . and then along came Trump, pulling the wool over his followers' eyes.

3/ Image
Read 15 tweets
22 Sep
Dear Twitter:

We need to have a talk about the Strong Man Con.

My mentions today were flooded with people assuring me that Trump doesn't need legal grounds for challenging the election. He can challenge the election without cause, trigger a war, and keep himself in power.

Or some variation of that. I won't add more screen shots. You get the idea.

Consider this: Thomas Rid, an expert in Russian disinformation tactics, said that the extent of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was “designed to be overestimated.”

People totally forget that the GOP lost the midterms by 8.

Losing the midterms was not good for the GOP. If they could have avoided that, they would have.

They couldn't. They lost.

Now, why would someone like Putin want to be overestimated?

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21 Sep
Yes. I think it's safe to assume that McConnell will push a nomination through. Biden is likely to win the election. If the Democrats also win the Senate, they'll be able to undo much of the damage.

The White House and House without the Senate will create a holding pattern.
It will stop the slide toward fascism, but the Democrats will be limited in the progress they can make.

On the other hand, win the House, Senate, and White House and McConnell's appointment won't matter.
What I meant by "it won't matter" is that we have three branches of government.

One branch (particularly the judicial) can't overpower the other two.

I'm also confident that if McConnell rams a justice through, and the Democrats take the Senate . . .
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19 Sep
Don't call it court-packing. Call it court-updating. We've had 9 justices since the US was sparsely populated.

And do it in a way that doesn't spark an arms race: Example, Biden adds a few seats, then two seats added every 4 years until no single justice has too much power.
Okay, yeah, I'm assuming Biden will win. I'm also assuming McConnell will ram another justice through.
Others are so much better at marketing than I am 😉
Read 11 tweets
19 Sep
There are no good options for Romney. This is because Trump controls the GOP base—but the GOP base is a shrinking percentage of the general electorate.

Go against Trump: incur the wrath of Trump's "base."
Tie yourself to Trump, incur the wrath of a majority of Americans.

Romney tried to walk a middle ground in the impeachment trial: Show he was independent and could go against Trump—but not too far.

Recall also that McConnell said if Trump remains this unpopular, Senate candidates should distance themselves from him.…
Winning the Senate is arguably more important than getting this seat on the Supreme Court. I know that. McConnell knows that.

This is something not talked about: The Constitution doesn't give the number of justices. Congress can change it. (Shhh. quiet. Don't alarm anyone.)

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