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14 Aug
(Thread) Nov. 3: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Trump knows he probably won’t get enough votes to win, so his plan is evidently to create chaos with the postal service so that the election will be a disaster, and then use the excuse of the chaos to try to delegitimize the election.
1/ We know this because (1) Neither Trump nor his team are capable of anything more sophisticated.

They possess the capacity to lie and destroy. That’s about it. 

Also, (2) Trump announced it.
2/ A bit of history: When the pandemic hit, states and voter activist groups immediately took steps for voters to vote by mail.

(Also known as absentee voting. I deliberately use the terms interchangeably. Trump doesn't seem to understand the difference.)
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13 Aug
This is BS

Focusing on the 14th Amendment instead of the place of Harris's birth doesn't make the argument less racist.

@NancyCooperNYC should study the history of the 14th Amendment (added after the Civil War to give equal rights to Blacks) to see why undermining it is racist.

@NancyCooperNYC says that the 14th Amendment is the one of the most "studied" parts of the Constitution.

The reason?

Because of non-stop attempts on the part of racists, segregationists and former Confederates to find ways around the 14th Amendment.
3/ Did you know that as of January 2017, 42% of Republicans still believed that Obama was born in Kenya? (Link in the next tweet)

Allowing this to stand as a valid Constitutional argument could undermine Kamala Harris for the rest of her career.

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11 Aug
I just looked at my mentions and saw a whole lot people basically arguing for why it's all over.

So we should all just give up?

Look, nobody promised you a Democracy. People born after the Civil Rights and women's rights movement inherited an expanding democracy . . .
. . . it was perhaps the first time in American history when it looked possible for the electorate not to be almost entirely white and male.

Minorities don't willingly give up their power.

People who inherit things tend to think they are entitled.

Nope . . .
. . . if you want a democracy, you have to work for it.

Maybe the problem is us.

Maybe we're in this mess because too many people took democracy for granted.

Too many people expected other people to do the work . . .
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11 Aug
Seems so simple.⤵️But he can't.

🔹He'd need to lead and he doesn't know how.
🔹The GOP wouldn't back him up because using .government to help people goes against their philosophy of government.
🔹His supporters would resist because masks have been politicized as "weak."

🔹The lie machine (right wing media) can't rewind.
🔹Fox wouldn't back him up because it would require pulling together with Democrats for a common cause, and without Democrats as their "enemy" Fox has no purpose.

🔹It isn't as simple as calling for a shutdown: people with resource would need support, we'd need testing and PPE, so pulling this together requires a degree of competence.
🔹Trump doesn't know how to actually manage anything.

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9 Aug
(Thread) It Was All A Lie Part II

Part I of my Twitter Book Report on @stuartpstevens’s book is here ⤵️

Lots of people hold the theory that Sen. Lindsay Graham and others kiss Trump’s ring because Trump (or Russia) has Kompromat on them.
1/ I’ve argued that the "they're blackmailed" theory gives the GOP leadership too much credit.

It assumes they’d do the right thing, but for the blackmail.
2/ Of course there is compromising material, but it’s right out there in the open. They lie, openly embrace Russia, take dirty money, engage in insider trading, break laws and norms and shield trump when he does the same.
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9 Aug
This is exactly what Trump did. But the point was to spin himself as the hero. He wants to fool people, not help people.

Welcome to episode 1,503 of the Trump Reality Show: Sadopopulism in action (term and definition from @TimothyDSnyder)

2/ Here’s how sadopopulism works:

💠First, the would-be oligarchs create a major crisis that causes pain and suffering to ordinary citizens by ignoring a pandemic and encouraging the spread.

💠Next, identify an enemy: The Democrats.
3/ It doesn’t matter that the Democrats tried to contain the virus by urging precautions, and that the Democrats have been trying to help ordinary Americans while Republicans protect the rich.

Because the truth doesn’t matter. It's a show.
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8 Aug
(Thread) It Was All A Lie, Part I

I read @stuartpsteven’s book, and I’m ready with a Twitter Book Report.

There’s so much to talk about with this book, I’ll have to do several threads.

This is Part I: The Making of the Modern GOP

Spoiler: We already knew a lot of this, i.e⤵️
1/ The difference now is that it is coming from a GOP insider, someone who saw it firsthand.

Stevens takes full responsibility. He doesn’t blame GOP voters or even Trump. He blames GOP operators like himself and the GOP elected leadership for making Trump possible:
2/ Stevens uses terms differently than I do, so as a preliminary matter, I need to define terms—or my regular readers will get the wrong idea about what Stevens is saying.

Stevens uses the word "conservative" to refer to the entire GOP, even the parts he calls “paranoid."
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6 Aug
Notice the cynicism⤵️

The idea is that there is no objective truth, that all politicians are corrupt, and that any investigation must be politically motivated.

The implication, of course, is that the NY AG is motivated by politics instead of principles.

This kind of cynicism is rooted in the belief that there are no principles. Everyone is corrupt.

If everyone is corrupt (if both sides are the same) it doesn't matter who you vote for.

Politics becomes tribal: What matters is winning.

This kind of cynicism will kill democracy.

The antidote: Hold on to your principles and resist cynicism.

Both sides are not the same. All investigations are not politically motivated. Not all politicians are corrupt.
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4 Aug
(Thread) Voter Suppression is Coming Your Way ⚠️

In her daily newsletter, @HC_Richardson explained the problem⤵️

Trump (and everyone else) knows he will lose the popular vote.

So the Trump-GOP plan is to put lots of barriers in the way of voters.
2/ For example, because so many Democrats will be voting by mail, Trump wants to slow down (or even stop) the mail.

It is not a coincidence that the problems are being felt in a Democratic city in a state like Pennsylvania that Trump needs to win.

3/ The solution is to find another way to get ballots into the hands of voters, and a way for voters to return them (drop off places, etc.)

In fact, for every barrier Trump erects, we need lots of people finding ways around the barrier.
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2 Aug
(Thread) A Case for the American People: The US v. Trump

I read @normeisen’s book, and I'm ready with a Twitter Book Report.

The book is in the form of arguments to the jury (the American voters) for why Trump must be voted out.

About Eisen: brookings.edu/experts/norman…
1/ For Eisen, the moral, legal, and ethical White House crisis began shortly after Trump's inauguration when he refused to put his assets into a blind trust—and then immediately began violating the emoluments clause by using his office to profit his businesses.
2/ The real problem: “Trump was not going off the rails; instead, he believed that there were no rails.” p. 15.

A little research showed Eisen how Trump had gotten away with it for decades: First he abused the law, then he covered it up with confusion and spectacle.
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31 Jul
Thank you for registering to work the election. The more people who do this, the less chaotic election day will be.

Participating is not only a civic duty and responsibility, it lets you view democracy in action, with all of its warts.

Now I'll tell you a story.

Preface: Democracy, by its very nature, never runs smoothly, even without a chaos agent in the White House.

One of Putin's criticisms of democracy is that it's "messy."

Dictatorship and autocracy, by contrast, are streamlined and not messy.

So you have to get used to messy. Government by the people also means that mere mortals are in charge. They screw up.

I have no political agenda in telling you this story. It's just a story.

When I was in law school fascinated by election law, I went to hear a lecture.

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30 Jul
(Short Thread) What Happens if Trump Tries to Delay the Election

(Explanation from my FAQs)

Trump can’t.

Under the Constitution, only Congress can set the date of the presidential election, so if the date is postponed, Democrats have to agree.

Someone will ask. . .

. . . what if he manages it?

Also, under the Constitution, Trump and Pence’s terms end at noon on January 20, 2021.

If no election has been held by that point, the Speaker of the House assumes the powers of the presidency under the Presidential Succession Act.

3/ U.C. Davis Law Professor Carlton Larson says there’s a colorable argument that the designation of Speaker of the House outlasts any particular House.

At any rate, that depends on the House rules, which can be changed at any time by the House.
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28 Jul
(Thread) Let Them Eat Tweets

I just finished reading ⤵️and I’m ready with a Twitter Book Report.

Bonus: It explains Barr's extremism and the Barr-Trump partnership.

Spoiler: Trump [and Barr] are part of a democracy-smashing machine built by the GOP over the past 50 years.
1/ The authors argue that Trump is a “consequence and recent enabler” of the GOP’s long steady march to plutocracy.

Trump distraction (according to the authors) places too much emphasis on Trump’s authoritarian impulses misses the greater danger: The GOP that enables him.
2/ One myth the authors torpedo: That a 2016 GOP civil war pitted Trump against the GOP “establishment," and Trump won.

Nope, they say. Trump and the “establishment” are on the same side. Initially, Trump's refusal to hide behind euphemisms scared them, but they fell in line.
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24 Jul
(Thread) Hierarchy v. Fairness

The right-wing—which until recently loved the 10th Amendment and revered states’ rights—is now fine with sending federal troops to trample states’ rights.

Meanwhile, Trump canceled his convention because of COVID while insisting that schools open.
1/ From @aslavitt’s thread yesterday: the people dying from Covid are largely “essential workers” and those without the privilege of staying home⤵️

In other words, Trump plays golf, while insisting that others go to work and expose themselves to COVID.
2/ It’s all about hierarchy v. fairness.

Hierarchy people think there’s a natural order: Some people belong on top. Others at the bottom.

They don’t believe equality is possible.

For them, the purpose of government is to allocate power.
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22 Jul
Stop worrying about a military coup.

Worry that Trump will persuade enough people to vote for him.

According to @FiveThirtyEight, Biden now has only a 7.9 lead.

Given how unhinged Trump is, the question is why more people aren't seeing the truth.

This is an information war.
Because this is an information war, figure out what you can do to spread the truth.

Do not try to persuade hardcore MAGA people. You will waste your time and wear yourself out.

Join an organization to reach swing and persuadable voters.

Figure out how you can help Biden.
If it helps his numbers, he will scale it up.
If it hurts his numbers, he will try something else.

Warning: The next thing he tries will be just as alarming.

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21 Jul
Day #53 of the Portland protests.

The moms have arrived.

The Portland tough mamas are why I believe American Democracy will survive.

In the next tweet you can hear them saying, "Hands up, please don't shoot."

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21 Jul
Meaningful elections do not occur in dictatorships.

The GOP lost the midterms and most election since.

In dictatorships, people don't bother voting because the outcome is determined.

Should we persuade people that we are already in a dictatorship?

Stand by for something. . .
This is the card my husband had to carry at all times to prove that he voted for Pinochet⤵️ If he couldn't prove he voted for Pinochet, his life would be in danger.

That's dictatorship.

Now I will define as precisely as I can where we are right now, beginning in 2016. . .
We are tipping toward a regime change.

We currently have dangerous levels of income inequality.

It's not possible to have a healthy democracy when the income inequality is too great.

In the 1920s and earlier we had similar levels of income inequality.
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20 Jul
We should not panic because panic never helps.

Cool and rational thinking are always preferable, even in (or particularly in) an actual emergency.

It's also best to be prepared for what's certainly coming: More choas and mayhem. Trump is in desperation mode.

Advising against panic is not minimizing the problem.

Only by accurately assessing the problem (no hyperbole) can we figure out how to deal with it.

Leaps in logic are not helpful. I'll give an example . . .
Follow the logic:

💠Federal agents are arresting people without probable cause, in volation of the Fourth Amendment.

💠Federal agents are escalating the violence.

💠This is what happens in martial law: The federal government disregards individual rights.

Therefore. . .
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20 Jul
This is correct. What Trump can do is try hard to remain relevant. If he persuades enough people that he's still the rightful president, we could have some pockets of trouble.

He can also try to disrupt the transition of power.

Biden answered this question very calmly.

When Biden was asked this question, he gave basically the same answer as Lucia's secret service nephew (Lucia in the previous tweet.)

He said should Trump try to cause trouble, the military would also escort him out.


Some doomsday-what-if scenarios people have asked me about involve Republican states wanting to keep Trump as president and putting their fingers on the scales one way or another.

In light of those theories, here's some interesting reporting.

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18 Jul
(Thread) The Trump Mayhem Circus

What does Trump hope to accomplish—and what might he accomplish—in Oregon, and with the threat to take this “nationwide?”

The clue, I believe, is in his campaign's "thinking" behind his “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!” gambit.

1/ McConnell and others have given Trump his instructions: Improve your poll numbers.

Trump has been trying for months.

That’s really all McConnell and pals care about.

They don’t care about controlling the virus. They can’t care about saving lives.

2/ The OPEN THE SCHOOLS! gambit shows you how badly Trump and Kushner read public opinion.

Their miscalculation with white suburban women is not surprising given the fact that they are isolated in an echo chamber.
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17 Jul
Here is one lesson from the disturbing images coming out of Oregon.

If you can possibly do it, get your hands on an absentee ballot. Do it soon as possible.

If your state doesn't allow absentee voting, vote early.

Need more info? See: terikanefield-blog.com/things-to-do/
Personally, I prefer to drop mine off instead of dropping it in the mail.

I've always done that, even before Trump.

GA, for example, has secure drop boxes. These have worked well. (Boxes are tightly regulated)

In my town, I can take mine . .
. . . to the county elections office prior to the election. I get my "I voted" sticker.

My husband drops his off at the polling place. He is also the precinct manager and runs the polling place, so he knows his is safe 😉

Some states you can't do that, so check . . .
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