So, yesterday, pro-abortion organizations and politicians and "pro-lifers" who claim to hate abortion but will vote for Joe Biden for President (who supports abortion in all 9 months with taxpayer funding) all rushed to attack the Trump administration for a report that came out
from anti-ICE activists alleging from unverified sources that mass hysterectomies were being committed inside ICE facilities.

This was shocking. And I immediately had our team reach out to the Administration for comments on this. Why? Because our nation has a history of this
barbarism and I subscribe to the "trust but verify" mantra.

Last night, the ICE Medical Director confidently de-bunked this fake news stating that in the ICE facility the report referenced only two women had been referred for the procedure in 2018.
While that shouldn't be the end of the investigation, it's a very positive development.

HOWEVER...did those organizations and "pro-life" activists who shared this likely fake news ever correct the facts? No. Why? Because it hurts their narrative.
Their goal is to attack President Trump and his administration every step.

Quite honestly, I expect this from those who support abortion and want to force me to pay for it with my tax dollars.
They are extremists who believe a 9-month baby in the womb deserves a death sentence for simply existing.

However, from those who call themselves "pro-life," I expect better.

Look, I get why you may hate the President or dislike him. I understand your arguments and points...
...some of them are valid.

However, your hatred for President Trump has blinded you to the mission you once set out for abolish abortion, to end the killing of babies.

No injustice today in America and throughout the entire world ends more lives than abortion.
We can disagree about policies for how to treat those who illegally enter our sovereign nation. We can disagree about how best to serve children in inner cities in low-performing schools. We can disagree about how best to help our brothers and sisters who are in crisis.
We can even argue that some polices hurt people or could lead to deaths if certain conditions are met.

However, we can't argue that every single day abortionists at Planned Parenthood and other facilities across America are intentionally end the lives of innocent human beings.
We know w/ 100% certainty that this is happening. That DIRECT KILLING is taking place while we argue over whose to blame for the violence in our streets.

So until abortion is ended, I'll vote EVERY SINGLE TIME for the candidate who promises and has proven to support initiatives
and legislation that will eliminate abortion. I #VoteAntiAbortionFirst always.

Maybe if the mainstream media would have circulated an article about the horrific conditions an person detained by ICE faced when she was driven to a Planned Parenthood for the abortion she requested
or detail how her baby was gruesomely ripped apart or sucked apart by the abortionist while in ICE custody, these "pro-lifers" will remember that ABORTION IS THE GREATEST HUMAN RIGHTS INJUSTICE WE FACE.
And while I'm at it, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I'm waiting for you to return your Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood. Since you were so quick to express your outrage at rumored eugenics actions within ICE facilities and call for Congressional investigations...
...I assume you are against eugenics happening within the abortion industry? Since Margaret Sanger was an ACTUAL EUGENIST, you will be giving back your award, right???


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