A few people have asked why I #boycottrhymesayers

I * believe women *trust survivors *lived in Minneapolis for one year *worked on an event there within the Hip Hop and Art communities *the event was centered on Women in Hip Hop, B-Girls, Lady Graffiti Artists, "Female" DJs...
The event was called B-Girl Be, it took place at @intermedia_arts and was founded/organized by women either from or in the Hip Hop community in Minnesota. I worked on research, sponsorship, booking artists/speakers alongside the rest of the all-women/femme committee. U know who
did not sponsor the event? U know who was NEVER there? It was @rhymesayers. Furthermore, I used to be the business manager of MF DOOM, for many years. He had a preexisting relationship with RSE and I rarely but sometimes interacted with them. I loved Los Nativos, signed to RSE...
I mainly kept to myself in Minnesota, and to my circle of B-Girl Be associates. I did however meet DJ Stage One, I-Self Devine, Mazta I, Toki Wright and a few of the RSE cats as I often attended shows or went out to see @djstageone spin. He is one of my favorite DJs/People. ...
I never had problems in Minnesota, until I met a few guys who happened to be signed to RSE. I had an incident with one who is now being named an abuser. He never had the chance to get close enough to me to abuse me, I-Self Devine always had my back & he was there that day. ...
I will go on to say that I love both @KevinBeacham and @MusabOnTheReal as humans, as people, they are both wonderful in their own ways and I do know them both in person. Interactions I had in the past with other RSE employees/execs were less than savory. I had heard about RSE's
deplorable treatment of women and of woman/femme artists. They did my friend @PsalmOne dirty. In my opinion, also, they have always employed a pattern of tokenism - one woman artist at a time please! I was only in Minnesota for one year, but I was in the streets, in the arts ...
community (both fine art/gallery world and in the Graffiti community as well), I was at the shows/clubs/parties, I was among the community. I met EVERYONE because I was coming from LA/TheBay/NewYork music biz world, and Minny is a TINY market so I left no stone unturned there...
I am a fan of @sarocthemc & I am glad there's a way to support her new music without giving money to RSE. I am concerned that my old friend @Evidence from @dilatedpeoples may still be affiliated with Rhymesayers. There is NO other option but to #BoycottRhymesayers & divest/defund
For more information please refer to citypages.com/music/inside-t… and take the time to read through the #BoycottRhymesayers hashtag, trigger warning, r*pe and sexual assault.


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28 Sep
meanwhile I have never in my natural life seen a white man and exclaimed "LORD his HAIR so BEAUTIFUL!" and if anyone else out here has ... I have some terrible news for you. It is likely that you're suffering from the effects of false-white-"supremacy". seek help early & often.
One of the craziest convos ever in my life was with my Muslimah Sister we'll call her Khameelah. She visited me at Auntie's house & we were in my room, so we de-'Jabbed. She exclaimed my hair was so nice & I said "it's weird, part straight, part curly, too thin..." I told her...
that her hair was perfect & very beautiful. she is highly melanated and her hair is 9ether hair. She told me that the reason she converted to Islam was so she could always cover her hair, "her shame", with a headscarf. She said in her family wig/weeve is frowned upon by her pops.
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28 Sep
I’m going to give MCs & producers time to sort it out + realize they have to pay one another lol. But the vultures & compilers & “mixtape” cats pressing up vinyl + not paying people? You’re already done. Find a new hustle. I keep my eye on the whole indie world. Go that way fast.
I’ve been DMinf and emailing record money thieves for months now. Letting artists know when they’re being bootlegged & by whom. By 2021 most artists will be on the true indie wave 🌊 let the Euro labels dry up unless they’re owned by POC. Put a machete to a bootleggers wrist. I’A
I’ve been DMing & emailing record money thieves for months now. Letting artists know when they’re being bootlegged & by whom. By 2021 most artists will be on the true indie wave 🌊 let the Euro labels dry up unless they’re owned by POC. & Put a machete to a bootleggers wrist. I’A
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26 Sep
Growing up everyone judged my one Auntie who was only married for a few, and who never remarried or had any babies. My mother & her oldest Sister talked bad on her name, I remember hearing it as a child. But when my Mom put me out in the street as a teen, it was THAT auntie ...
who took up the slack and took me in from going to one friend's house to the other, essentially homeless as a teen. When my cousin Vee turned up with a Mexican woman who was pregnant (he met her there & she didn't speak English) his family was foul. It was "single" Auntie to ...
the rescue once again, eventually Vee married her & they became what everyone accepted as a family - but it was my Auntie who took them in and she damn near raised that baby. To this day they live next door to her in a place she rents to them. I NEVER, EVER thought I'd be her.
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26 Sep
The #NationalDaughtersDay posts make me laugh, but they make me cry too. Although I have no living children, I would have had four Sons if any had lived.

I love seeing all my Nieces thriving and shining. One of my eldest is a college grad now, working in film/tv even in "covid"
I got to "see" 2 of my other nieces today on Zoom. My @j2trippy is a college graduate, successful in music, & opening an art gallery soon. PRAISE HER. Her younger Sis @graceandakira has a line of books, a book club & today told me "I've been working on my beats in Garage Band".
My eldest Niece by Blood, Kat, is at NYU now. I don't see my blood family often at all, but I'm glad the generational curses are broken and that she is getting access to all the resources I was denied growing up. The sky is the limit to what she can do. I'm not a wife or mom ...
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17 Sep
This is a true story. Got a DM that said I want to work with your clientele but I don’t want to pay them.
I advocated for working and explained why paying my client for their WORK is a good thing. This follyman said I don’t like to “ruin the magic” with money. I was like YO...the artist is a Father rAp is LABOR what is u saying right now fam!?!?
A few back and Forths later the dude who I don’t know him could be producer or a label owner tells me “I’m on vacation in Monaco with my Wife”.

I lost it inside my head. Vacation!? Monaco!? Money makes you lose the magic of music!?!?! What in the indentured servitude fuckshit!?
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11 Sep
Every year on this day I take a holiday for myself. You have no idea what Muslims have had to endure on this day. Or any Brown people period. I was forced on this day to assault/batter a man who attacked my taxi driver (he was a Sikh) for being “mooslem”. That was an ugly day...
The propaganda on this day worked so quickly that within hours of the first tower strike the “ugly amerikkkans” were on the attack. I left the @Complex offices after KET & I watched the news online and saw the plane strike. I walked outside to hail a cab back to Brooklyn. ...
When I opened the cab door I saw the driver and his turban. He was to me clearly a Sikh. I did not give the greeting A Salaamu Alaikum. I began to ask if he would go to Brooklyn sometimes taxis would refuse the trip. Out of nowhere a large man a redneck came barreling toward us.
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