1) Let’s say, for a second, the Dems have spent 4 years preparing the mechanisms to steal the election. Let’s say they prepared the 20k mail in votes per state in the states Trump might flip.

Let’s say they got all that ready.

They’ll still lose.


2) Democrats continue to operate under the thought paradigm that more votes means you win.

Even giving a fuck about electoral votes, Democrats still believe that if they can just add more votes to the pile, they can win.

That’s how their electoral fraud works after all.
3) In every recorded instance they’ve been caught, they add JUST ENOUGH key votes in certain deep blue areas they have total control over to tip the scales.

That’s how it works. That’s the only way it CAN work. Adding 5000 votes to a million votes and getting them lost in chaos.
4) But Trump is Batman.
5) Remember what happened to the Election Fraud commission headed by Pence.

The left wouldn’t cooperate, they dug in their heels, so the commission said ‘well darn you got us.’

Then gave everything to the DHS.


That Blue Wave the Dems wanted didn’t go so blue did it?
6) They certainly tried and succeeded in a few areas, but they didn’t flip the Senate, and their gains in the House were so small the AOC crowd was able to hijack and force a hilariously flawed impeachment as well as the foibles of the Green New Deal.

7) But now it definitely won’t work


You mean besides Pelosi and Democrat governors annihilating their own legitimacy from orbit, Biden playing Despacito over his phone on a mic to try to win over latinos, picking Kamala Harris as their running mate, BLM shooting cops AGAIN
Antifa setting up protest communes that turned into free for all shootouts in less than a week, antifa literally burning down the entire west coast, BLM blocking the emergency rooms of hospitals treating the officers they shot, the Dems promising more lockdowns
Biden’s lack of campaigning, Biden’s campaign surrogates being emotionally unstable and/or pedophiles, the NFL tanking themselves with political stances, colleges shutting down and pissing off parents and students alike when they’re told ‘no refunds’
Biden running from his record, Kamala running faster than Biden away from her record, the enthusiasm gap, the physical campaigning gap, Biden being demented, Biden being unable to function at times even with a teleprompter, noone even giving enough of a fuck to even WATCH him
8) Besides ALLLLLL THAAAAAAAT, why won’t electoral fraud work?

Because electoral fraud relies on there being 2 mountains of votes, and then putting just a bit of fake ass snow on the peak of one mountain to say ‘this one’s taller, so it wins’
9) That’s strategy.

Strategy loses to strategery.

Strategery says, knock the other guy’s mountain down and steal his votes.
10) Let’s say there are 9 biden voters and 10 trump voters in an area. The Dems just need to produce 2 fake votes to win in that area.

Let’s say 2 biden voters go, ‘actually we’re trump voters.’

7 biden voters, 12 trump voters.

With 2 flips, Dems now have to produce 6 fakes.
11) let’s say 2 more go, ‘yeah, but we might get sick and we didn’t get absentees so fuck it.’

5 biden voters, 12 trump voters.

The Dems now have to produce 8 fake votes to win, 4x as many as before, and more than they have ACTUAL FUCKING VOTERS.
12) I’m not doing the handclap emoji, but I am clapping in you fucking fearporn motherfuckers faces:





They do not have the infrastructure to do it, fraud on that scales requires ASTRONOMICALLY more people than the scale-tipping fraud they actually do
13) And like all conspiracies:

The number of people required to pull off a fraud of that magnitude MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR SAID FRAUD TO REMAIN SECRET.

Think about how widespread rumors of just the scale-tipping fraud spread like wildfire.

Multiply that fourfold.

Biden’s campaign doesn’t even have a GROUND GAME.

Trump’s campaign has A MASSIVE GROUND GAME, and you think he DOESN’T have the federal government AND poll watchers AND lawyers galore all over the goddamn place watching for fraud?!
15) Trump has spent 4 years knocking down the Dems sandcastle of intersectional votes.

Florida latinos are in open fucking revolt against the Dems and know they’re all pedos.

Half of gay men are rebelling against the Dems.

Blacks are being driven AWAY by BLM!
16) And now social media giants, the LEAST TRUSTED PEOPLE IN AMERICA, are ADMITTING that they’re going to help the Dems try to drag this out.


I want to rewind back to the forgotten ancient times of 20 FUCKING 17.

The Joe Rogan Experience.

The Alex Jones episode
17) ‘They (the Dems) tried to steal the election, they pulled out all the stops, but the wave of Trump voters caught them off guard. They flipped a few but it wasn’t enough.’

That was in 2016, they tried but couldn’t overcome the surprise differential.
18) The Dems stole New Hampshire. This was confirmed. The vote difference between Clinton and Trump was just under 1000. Audits 6 months later found 2500 illegal votes from Massachusetts residents who came across state lines to vote for Clinton, taking advantage of lax ID laws.
19) The differential is 3x larger. Maybe 4x larger.

The primaries in the hallowed bygone era of LESS THAN A FUCKING YEAR AGO.

Trump set records for primary turnouts WHILE RUNNING UNCONTESTED.

20) And THATS before you factor in Kanye stripping away MORE VOTES from the Dems AND the ‘Bernie or Bust’ style Dems who stated they’d REFUSE to support any candidates but the ones they voted for in the primary.

21) How many fake votes will the Dems need to make up the massive fucking differentials?

4 million? 5 million? 10 million? 20 million?

How many do you think they could get away with before people go ‘woah HOLD THE FUCK UP’? 1 mil? 2?

Before they needed a few hundred thousand.
22) To the fear porn advocates:





• • •

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19 Sep
1) I’m not talking about it. You motherfuckers want me to, I got people egging me on in private, but I’m not talking about it.

I’m going to talk about something else entirely.

I’m going to talk about the one thing that unites all sane people of the world.
2) You know it. You know what I'm going to talk about. If you don't, you're going to say, 'oh, fuck, you're right' the minute I say it.

That's how fucking sure I am about it.

I know EVERY MOTHERFUCKER AROUND THE WORLD will agree with me on this, no matter what your inclination.
3) The one thing that we all hate...

Is fucking crying children.
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18 Sep
If the Federal Elections Commission @FEC was worth a damn, they would have some serious questions regarding this hire by the Biden campaign, such as but not limited to:

1) How long has this individual been in contact with the Biden campaign and the Democrat party?
2) What influence and/or authority did they have on Twitter's actions towards Donald Trump's and other prominent politically active conservatives' accounts?

3) How long was the overlap time between the initial contact about the job and this announcement?
4) What communications occurred between the Biden campaign/the Democrats and this individual in regards to his then-current role with Twitter? Were there actions requested by the Dems of this individual?

5) Were any actions by this individual at Twitter in exchange for the job?
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17 Sep
Aaaaaaaaand we have now reached peak mass hysteria.

Like, I had more, but I shouldn’t have to go in. This is patently ludicrous.

Fuck it, I am going on.



Ie, actual fucking genocide, which is EXACTLY what these crazy mother fuckers have been primed to think is happening at ICE detention centers.

These women are allegedly all being released afterwards?
Hysterectomies leave women bedridden for weeks afterwards. Let’s assume they’re being kept bedridden for weeks after, then released. The first thing an NGO helping these people get on the next caravan back north would notice is ‘oh fuck THEY’VE GOTTEN GODDAMN INVASIVE SURGERIES’
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16 Sep
1) What did I fucking say.

Let’s play a game.

There are 650k people in Portland.

There are 4 million people in Oregon overall.
2) Here’s the 2016 election results.

Hillary 1 million votes

Trump 782 thousand.

He lost by just under a quarter million votes.

3) In Portland, Hillary got 292 thousand votes, Trump 68 thousand.

224 thousand vote different, which makes up the vast majority of the vote differential.

I’m putting this all in perspective for you.
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16 Sep
‘Forgo their morals’ LOLOLOLOL

More like they finally realize Trump’s core base really dgaf about them being gay, despite what the left screams on a daily basis.

Really, I’m going to thread about this, because it seems like some motherfuckers like to forget.
Trump’s platform was the economy and fixing broken shit. That was the core of it. Our borders were broken, he’d fix that. Our tax system was broken, he’d fix that. Our foreign policy was broken, he’d fix that. He didn’t give a fuck about race or gender or sexuality.
The left, in a desperate bid to keep its intersectional voting base tied together, painted him as a racist, a warmonger, a homophobe, whatever the fuck they could to scare people into staying in their camps.

There’s a problem with this:

It only works once.
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16 Sep
1) Stemming from the Quodmeet discussion @Quodverum_ here’s a breakdown of who owns what newsgroups. Specifically, the billionaires running the media that’s attacking Trump.
2) NBC, owned by NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast, owned by Brian Roberts, a billionaire who’s political leanings are so profound he has Democrat on his wikipedia page.

His wife, Aileen Kennedy Roberts, gave $100,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016.

3) The Atlantic is owned by the Emerson Collective, a self described social change organization, which is owned by Steve Job’s widow, a billionaire herself.

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