The same person they told you would plunge the world into chaos has brought us back from the brink of NoKo war, signed historic deals for peace in the MidE & finally got NATO nations to pay their dues.

The same person who they told you had zero foreign policy acumen has fixed-
...problems and found solutions to global issues that have been plaguing the world for decades- in his 1st term w/ his original NSA tied up by an FBI & Deep State frame job.

The man they told you would wreck our economy has super charged it to levels never seen before in -
...terms of unemployment, stock market growth records & economy growth - ALL WHILE LOWERING OUR TAXES!!!

The guy who @TheAtlantic told you hates veterans passed VA Choice, VA accountability & is bringing soldiers home from the combat zones & out of the line of fire.

The man -
...who they told you hates LGBT people appointed the first gay ambassador in US history & promoted him to 1st gay cabinet member - and @RichardGrenell wowed us all with his tenacity & prowess.

The man who they told you would ruin America has brought back our national pride, -
...our place as global hegemon and has again incentivized American ingenuity.

So you have to ask...

All of these problems created by leftists, RINOs & corrupticrats over the past several decades were "business as usual" for the DC swamp.

They abhor that he's fixing what -
...politicians & pundits have long told us was unfixable ("magic wand" & all).

Were those people who led the "managed decline" of USA for decades completely incompetent, or complicit?

They hate @realDonaldTrump because he's Making America Great Again-that's what they don't want

• • •

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Good afternoon, Patriots.

First, I want to say thank you for the overwhelming show of support & patriotism we received from many of you –
2. was quite moving to know that we’re not alone in the emotions we’ve felt while watching the riots, destruction and intimidation of our fellow country men & women over the past few months.
3. We were blown away at how many military, law enforcement & intelligence community veterans volunteered to help us protect our fellow Americans who merely wish to express their 1st Amendment protected rights to freedom of speech and assembly.
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I just have to tie together the @TheAtlantic hoax & Obama's grand scheme for a moment.

You know you're dealing with a group who fundamentally does not understand the US military when they think that:
A. Installing & promoting seditionist & treasonous Generals & Admirals will -
...give you the control over the military needed to stage a coup. That level brass may lead the strategy, but the ground pounders, grunts & knuckledraggers fight the war. Good luck finding a general who can adjust headspace & timing in a .50cal or set up an AT4 to fire.

B. IF -
... they think that mere words, attributed to "anonymous sources" & easily disproven will sway what is the most loyalty-driven organization in the USA. [THEY] really thought that an article in @TheAtlantic would change the minds of soldiers & vets who feel more loved by -
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Many in the Special Forces cmty have known this for a long time - Obama/Brennan ordered USSF to train ISIS fighters. If you ever wondered why [they] pushed so hard to bring un-vetted (but highly trained) “refugees” here, 👇🏼

Wrote this into Pact 2 in 2014…
But our boys were throwing as many points of friction into the mix as they could:
And does everyone remember which “Republican” (RINO) traitor pushed for this the hardest?

Same guy who put the “bipartisan” label on the Russian Collusion Hoax / Steele Dossier?

Good Old John “Maverick” (see: traitor) NoName McCain

I wish I could piss on his grave.
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My 1st article for @UncoverDC - 2 months of research into the murderous Marxist tyrants of the past (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler & Mussolini) uncovering not only the same blueprint used by all to seize power, but tying it in to ANTIFA & BLM today…
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