Article 4. 2 of WA
‘The UK shall ensure compliance including as regards the required powers of its judicial &administrative authorities to disapply inconsistent or incompatible domestic provisions, through domestic primary legislation.’ How does parliamentary lock deal with it?🤷‍♂️
2-Article 5 WA Good Faith’:
‘They shall take all appropriate measures, whether general or particular, to ensure fulfilment of the obligations arising from this Agreement & shall refrain from any measures which could jeopardise the attainment of the objectives of this Agreement.
3- With all respect to those Tory MPs who seem to think that a Parliamentary vote (lock) on the bill solves the problem just reading the WA articles 4.2 & 5 reveals the Bill with or without a lock contravenes the WA. This seems indisputable to me and hardly good faith.
4/ Just because an agreed amendment apparently solves an awkward moment for the Conservative party does not mean it solves the reality that the bill itself is clearly in derogation from the WA & is a breach of our international legal obligations. Treaties are there to be followed
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18 Sep
How disgusting it is that Tory MP,s are cutting & pasting an utterly false equation of Parliamentary sovereignty in the Miller Supreme Court case with UK’s obligation to obey the law especially as many disagreed with the SC at the time. Here @thatginamiller puts them straight.👇
2/ Which is exactly what I have been hammering on about for days now. The @neill_bob backstop amendment has nothing to do with parliamentary sovereignty - it is all to do with providing political cover for existing illegality. It is too late by then because if the IMB is passed-
3/ by that time the IMB is already existing evidence itself of the UK’s illegal behaviour because it breaches a negotiated treaty obligations recognised in international law under articles 4:2 & 5. The Rubicon to illegality will have already been crossed by our pound shop Caesar.
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31 Aug
1/ We must not fight the right on their ground. We fight on our ground by exposing the ‘vast complex of lies and those that sell them’. How do we?

The right's culture war is no longer a sideshow to our politics – it is our politics | Nesrine Malik…
2/ How do we harness the many thousands of decent people in a fight against the right wing culture war lies and the liars that lie them? They have much MSM Press & a sophisticated SM operation dedicated to mislead people. It is a modern version of the Goebbels nazi playbook.
3/ The decent truth loving moderates whether left centre or moderate right need to be brought together in a way that operates as a huge popular rebuttal unit. Relying only upon fact & truth to counter the lies wherever they are identified. Reliable fact checking unleashed! How?
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27 Aug
This by HMG is Nazi style propaganda. If you look back at their attacks on professionals who were purported to oppose them. You attack the integrity of lawyers simply doing their job & you end up with tame lawyers themselves on trial at Nuremberg for complicity in shame of abuse.
2/ Under the Nazis as well as the bench & the prosecution
Counsel for the defence saw themselves as agents of the state & routinely turned against their clients in pursuit of what they saw as State interests.

That’s what happens when you don’t have ‘activist lawyers’.

3/ this from the UN.…

‘If the legal profession had insisted from day one of the Third Reich on obedience to justice, fairness, due process and the rule of law, the Nazi project could have been stopped before it developed a full head of steam’ &
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31 Jul
1/ Even though I sometimes disagreed with government I never thought it particularly corrupt.Packing the house of lords with relatives and cronies including Russian oligarchs is the final straw. Following on from the Russia report and its impact upon our electoral system. This is
2/ a serious crisis. He has brought me to the conclusion that a simple change of government is not enough. We need a wholesale a form of our constitution and electoral system starting with an electoral pactto ensure PR so one party minority (in popular vote) government is rare.
3/ we then need a more healthy second chamber to revise legislation and which is not so dependent upon patronage by the government of the day. There are alternative methods.We have to ensure that the wealthy cannot buy elections by flooding social media with propaganda and lies.
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21 Jul
#RussiaReport The fact that all over the world it is clear that Russia was interfering with the Democrat process of countries the continuing failure of HMG to task our intelligence services to investigate their likely attack on UK is sign of continuing corruption in UK politics.
2/ The ludicrous position of HMG that there is no evidence of Russian influence on Brexit election etc is unsustainable where the #RussianReport main criticism is that they deliberately failed to investigate despite being clear had tried to influence Scottish referendum & US DMC.
3/ The highlighting by #RussianReport of massive Russian oligarch funding of British politics is a massive hint that there is a connection between such funding & election influence desperately needing formal investigation. Anyone who rejects this needs to be treated suspiciously.
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20 Jun
@neill_bob @CommonsJustice @DavidLammy @KarlTurnerMP 1/ This extraordinary development announced today, the Saturday before Monday when its due to take effect must, with respect be raised in Parliament. Lives are at stake. Which courts are covid safe? What about shielding? How
2/ are firms & chambers supposed to adjust arrangements over the weekend? What about child care?

Who has the insurance liability for sending staff to court not proven to be covid safe? The firms? @HMCTSgovuk? @MoJGovUK ? Who covers self employed Counsel & solicitor agents?
3/ @TheLawSociety @barcouncil @TheCriminalBar @CrimeSolicitors @lccsa If the answers raised by the profession are not answered immediately then proactive emergency protective measures may have to be considered including guidance to ensure measure are disciplinary complaint proof.
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