West Wing Writer End To Trump

This is a fan-fiction collaborative story about how Trump ends, done on Twitter on 16 Sept, 48 days before election day. We have accepted a few common premises. Trump is as corrupt as our worst fears. Moscow Mitch McTurtle & GOP have taken Putin
West Wing Trump 2/

..and GOP have taken Putin millions via the NRA. Trump has sold cabinet posts & judge seats including Kavanaugh's SCOTUS seat. Our story starts on election night, and Trump election loss has already been called on all networks. This West Wing Episode ends..
West Wing Trump 3/

This West Wing episode ending credits start to roll on that day when Trump is handcuffed heading to federal prison. This is OUR story of the ULTIMATE way for Trump saga to end, bringing West Wing justice to many of our favorite characters. Lets start
West Wing Trump 4/

OPENING SCENE. A candidate's election party is shown. TVs show the race is razor-tight. It is a Republican Senator race, we do not know which Senator. We next see a hotel room of Senator but only his feet. Knock on door. Aide comes in with results from 2
West Wing Trump 5/

The election results from 2 districts mean this Senator has lost his re-eleciton. His Aide doesn't know it. The Aide leaves. The Senator knocks on the door, "Did we lose?" He says yes. The door opens, he leaves, escapes from hotel via service elevator to car
West Wing Trump 6/

The car speeds to desolate airport. The Senator & Wife board a Gulfstream jet. We see it is registered to Oleg Deripaska the Russian oligarch. Inside the plane the TV shows his eleciton now called by CNN. They fly towards Florida. It is Mitch McConnell
West Wing Trump 7/

As we finally see, the Senator in the jet is Moscow Mitch McTurtle, we see his face, Turtlish, and the West Wing opening titles start....

(next Scene coming shortly)
West Wing Trump 8/


Three GOP Senators vanish the same election night. First we find an airport in Maine where a visibly disappointed Senator is inspecting her rented airplane...
West Wing Trump 9/

RT @Mamastew2
Airport authorities became alarmed as Susan Collins was airing her concerns about the safety of the rented plane she was about to board. "Aren't you supposed to be at your campaign event at the hotel, Senator?"
West Wing Trump 10/

RT @Tesscatbird
A flat tire was her first tip-off that the plane had not been properly maintained. “trump repealed all the safety measures and laws” she mumbled in a shaky, obviously upset voice. She quickly ran to the first restroom and lifted the seat.
West Wing Trump 11/

RT @arielmg47
She turned on the tap & thinnest of wet trickle came. The water scoops on AF1 where blocked by birds that have survived windmills. The auto soap dispenser failed. She realized how weak "the digital" was and how "the steam" would have been better
West Wing Trump 12/

The pilots turned on the jets engines just to get her to shut up, and the plane shot to th sky. Meanwhile in Canada, a bewildered customs officer examined the passport of Senator Ted Cruz. Why are you visiting our country, Senator?
West Wing Trump 13/

RT @charb55
Cruz said that he was told Alberta might take him back. Wouldn’t be surprised if he and Jason Kenney would become BFF’s.

RT @voiceofacanuck
The Customs officer said he may enter if Cruz was willing to work raking the exploding tree forests
West Wing 14/

Also for some reason Sen Kennedy departed.

RT @Mamastew2
Witnesses later testified Sen Kennedy was last seen driving away on a high speed tractor screaming “I really am a smart man” ask my mother.
West Wing 15/

RT @surf_witch
Kennedy plane diverted to Mexico, landing in middle of nowhere Reyanosa. As exits he’s surrounded by what appears to be “gopher holes”. Low & behold, are underground tunnels where “Mexican Nationals” climb out wearing sombreros & singing
West Wing 16/


All TV channels report Biden won, including Fox. Trump furious. Calls Hannity
RT @3Brigids
Trump: Get back on the air & tell the American people that Biden is going to eat their puppies if I'm not declared winner!
Hannity: New phone. Who dis?
West Wing 17/

RT @Mamastew2
Trump: Did you see how biggly I won. It’s the biggest ever victory in the history of the United States...
Hannity: you're reading Biden’s results.
Trump: We’ll just say it’s fake news.
West Wing 18/

RT @NikaWulfstan
Hannity: let's talk about your nomination for Nobel prize
Trump: I've done more for world peace than anyone, Gandhi. Mandela. The Pope
Hannity: way more than Biden
Trump: I'm gonna win a Nobel just like I win this election
Hannity: But the results
West Wing 19/

RT @warrior_covfefe
Trump threatens Hannity that if he doesn't help that Trump, in his last 3 months, will destroy Fox News.

Fox cuts off President Trump to have Laura Ingraham talk about the suddenly emerged Liberal War on Easter, happening in Chicago
West Wing 20/


As the Senate has suddenly 4 Republican Senators missing, the Democrats find themselves in a majority for the lame duck session.

RT @NikaWulfstan
Schumer takes control of Senate. Distributes House bills to get out of committee & onto the floor.
West Wing 21/


Attorney General Bill Barr suddenly appears at press conference. Nobody even knew he had slipped out of the country. He was supposed to be fishing in Alaska. He waves a document he says is a full pardon from Trump signed Monday. Will remain in Dubai
West Wing 22/


Vice President Pence sees now that all of the crimes will become public inside a day or two.

RT @GeorgeMeade13
The VP secretly tells the Speaker he plans on confessing publicly to all the crimes and implicating everyone involved.
West Wing 23/

Pelosi consults with President-elect Biden & then strikes deal with Pence.

RT @JoAnnefromDLH
Pence secretly meets with The FBI report overview of all Trump, Putin & GOP crimes he is aware of during his term. His deal includes witness protection program
West Wing 24/


As election night reveals their daddy is gonna lose the election, each child is marginally bright enough to know, he's gonna be in prison to the end of his life. Each has hatched a brilliant escape plan
West Wing 25/

RT @surf_witch

Ivanka flees w/the kids to Russia where her long time BFF, Wendi Deng, ex-wife of Fox owner Murdoch, puts her up until she can meet with Putin to ensure she isn’t extradited in exchange for Quid ProQuo she enabled to take place for him while in WH
West Wing 26/

RT @surf_witch

Eric Trump finally decided to find his real father Gary Busey & begs him to be the father he never had. In exchange promises to give Busey half proceeds from sale of Mara Largo.

Eric’s wife leaves him with their kids as she takes off w/Laura Ingram
West Wing 27/

RT @GeorgeMeade13

Don Jr tries to get as much cash out of an ATM as possible but never having used one before, doesn’t know how. Goes between different areas of DC. Finally a homeless guy shows him. Give the homeless man a bunch of money.
West Wing 28/


As Pence is talking to FBI, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris sit to talk about Pence's successor. They call Barack Obama for advice. They all have only one option but still. It seems bewildering to all as they make the call
West Wing 29/


After multiple Republican Benghazi Investigations, followed with GOP conspiring with the Russians in 2016 to aid Trump with his election - as proven by the Senate Intel Report, and a MAJORITY of Americans voting for her, Pelosi asks Hillary Clinton...
West Wing 30/

And she shrugs her shoulders and says, why not? With Republicans stunned in their election drubbing, her Senate confirmation is unanimous to succeed Pence as 49th Vice President of USA.
West Wing 31/


Donald Trump is furious at Hillary being his new Veep. It is now four days since his election loss and a big crowd is outside White House protesting, demanding he resign.
West Wing 32/

RT @surf_witch

Americans spend days outside the WH 24/7 Cheering, chanting, antagonizing Trump because he lost. He decides to start tear-gassing them & sends his militarized police against citizens - again. To gloat he’s doing it, he makes another infamous walk..
West Wing 33/

RT RT @surf_witch

Trump walks to the church, except during all the chaos, gas canisters & rubber bullets from his own militarized police end up hitting him, he falls, inhaling gases & pepper spraying; rushed to Walter Reed where he is determined to be 'confused'
West Wing 34/

Trump is given the cognitive test and he is not able to remember the fourth word in the series of Person Woman Man Camera TV. The Stable Genius is found to have experienced an 'incident' involving his 'mental ability'. The Cabinet & Veep meet in emergency session
West Wing 35/

The 25th Amendment is enforced and Trump is temporarily removed from the office of President due to his inability to perform the duties of President. Hillary Clinton becomes President. This upsets Trump even more.
West Wing 36/


At Walter Reed hospital

RT @WellesleyRock

Melania ties a bib around Trumps neck. "You're drooling, dahling. No von vants to see zat. I'll call you from Moscow. Vlad sends his best vishes.
West Wing 37/

RT @ergreene2001

Melania checks her prenup, flips her hair, & tries to walk to White House through newly replanted Rose Garden. Unfortunately her stiletto heel gets caught in the sod & as she falls, she hears the mean laughter of children. Be Best she moans
West Wing 38/

Inside the White House she gets her son

RT @PP_Tape

Melania: Berron, haf you packed your beg like I told you?
Baron: Yes Mom. You know, everybody used to say I was second tallest in Trump family & now.. I'M THE TALLEST
Melania: It is vot it is
West Wing 39

RT @JeffCrowder16

Melania: Now I vill follow my dveam of being a nude clear vysicist!

RT @terrihelm3

After the divorce Melanie gives away her earthly belongings, joins a convent & spends her days praying & helping nuns keep fit by teaching them how to pole dance.
West Wing 40


As Melania leaves Walter Reed, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts arrives holding a Bible. With Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, etc all in attendance, Hillary Clinton steps in front of TV cameras and is sworn in as USA's 46th President
West Wing 41


Mike Pence a former Vice President keeps spilling his guts. He reveals that Trump took bribes for all cabinet posts, and all justices he appointed. The FBI ask, including SCOTUS? Pence says, yeah. Kavanaugh involved a bribe of $10 million
West Wing 42

RT @dkusnow

FBI takes Kavanaugh out on the town. Sadly Kavanaugh gets absurdly drunk, not hard to do, & babbles on & on about how McGahn & Trump sycophants put pressure on republican senators via Putin corruption to get him through confirmation.
West Wing 43

The Democratic-controlled Senate spend no time in impeaching and removing Kavanaugh from the bench. He is seen crying profusely as he is taken away in handcuffs
West Wing 44


Chief Justice Roberts sees that conservative Justice Kavanaugh will now be replaced by a liberal Justice, and it will mean he will suddenly be in a minority at the Bench. He becomes introspective about his tenure
West Wing 45

RT @dkusnow

Roberts is haunted by the decision that eliminated parts of the Voter Rights Bill allowing GOP to suppress votes to such alarming level. He wonders if he, indeed he, has played such a significant role in current level of voter suppression. OMG. Has he?
West Wing 46

He contacts President Hillary Clinton and announces his intention to retire immediately 'for family reasons'. This message is in no way related to some news on CNN

RT @roshabella

More information is released about John Roberts visit to Jeffrey Epstein's sex island
West Wing 47


As new President Hillary Clinton steps into White House for the first time as the President, the Trump team villains all scurry like rats caught onboard a sunken submarine. Each tries their best gambit to avoid prison
West Wing 48

RT @ergreene2001

Betsy DeVos gets convicted in a convoluted education bribery scandal, has her accounts frozen and her passport confiscated. Her prison job is as a teacher, paying $0.37/hour.
West Wing 49

RT @dkusnow

Hillary walks up to S Miller with so much hate it is palpable. She steps on him, her shoes squishing his toes. She is less than an inch from his eyes as she says "Do you know what the big guys do with trivial trash like you? No? Oh, you will my dear."
West Wing 50

RT @cbennett40

A few years later Stephen Miller is convicted by the International Court of Justice in The Hague for crimes against humanity and is sent to a detention center in Mexico run by Irwin were they experiment gender reassignment surgery.
West Wing 51

RT @WellesleyRock

For 4 years, Hilary has been planning her revenge on Comey. As soon as she is sworn in as POTUS, she appoints him to an ambassadorship in the newly opened embassy in Siberia.
West Wing 52


President Hillary Clinton has 2 seats to fill. She asks for Obama's advice and immediately nominates Merrick Garland for the seat the traitor MoscowMitch McTurtle stole from him. Senate confirms in unanimous vote
West Wing 53

Then as Chief Justice Roberts retires immediately, Hillary needs a new Chief Justice. She asks her old boss, if Barack Obama would do the nation this little favor? The old law professor says, sure, Hillary, I can do that for you.
West Wing 54

As America settles down to President Hillary Clinton, President-elect Joe Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Leader Schumer and Chief Justice Obama, the nation sleeps a bit more soundly and Twitter seems less hectic. Nobody needs the fact-checkers on 24 hour news
West Wing 55

RT @MarshaGraham1

Barr takes a photo of himself in Dubai doing the famous Richard Nixon “I am not a crook” gesture. He posts his pic on Twitter and he is promptly arrested & thrown in jail because it’s against the law in Dubai to post unsanctioned political posts.
West Wing 56

Barr spends a fortune to bribe himself a free man.

RT @terrihelm3

Because it was determined Trump wasn’t mentally competent at the time of the pardon it is declared null and void. Barr resorts to dressing as a woman trying to avoid capture. Is imprisoned for that
West Wing 57

Meanwhile in Moscow, a Mitch McTurtle lives a comfy life, until American justice seizes all his assets and Putin doesn't like the idea of a freeloader fat wobbly swamp creature. But Putin is smart. Figures the McTurtle must be able to earn some kind of living
West Wing 58

RT @terrihelm3

McTurtle forced to work on fishing boat to earn his keep, conveniently far from Moscow in Vladivostok. Involved in accident where boat sinks. Clinging to a cooler full of dead fish he is rescued off the coast of Alaska. Now in custody awaiting trial.
West Wing 59

Pence's confessions at FBI reveal that all of Trump's appointments and decisions were in fact corrupt and involved bribes. The case is brought to Supreme Court, where new Attorney General Amy Klobuchar and Department of Justice ask Trump Presidency to be annulled
West Wing 60

Scotus rules 9-0 to annull the whole Trump Presidency. Every law & appointment is also voided. All appointments need to go through new confirmations and all laws & executive orders re-issued or re-signed. Most immediately cancelled by Hillary's administration
West Wing 61

The Trump Presidency will become indicated as a 'fraud'. His number 45, given to Hillary Clinton. But as she only has two months of a 'Presidency' they strike a deal with Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. One that seems at least reasonable.
West Wing 62

Hillary appoints Joe Biden her Vice President. When Biden is supposed to take over, he & Kamala Harris both step aside, & Congress re-approves Hillary for one year as POTUS. Joe continues as her Veep. After 1 year, she retires, Joe becomes POTUS 46 & Kamala his VP
West Wing 63

Episode ends with Trump being handcuffed and the ending credits roll.

This was a group effort at interactive improv comedy. I want to thank all my Tweeps who wrote all the wonderful plot elements & twists & jokes for us.

48 days. Let's win this thing!

West Wing Addendum:

As I was rushing to post the contributions yesterday, I missed out on one, by accident. It will be posted here next. Consider it like the 'Editor's Cut' longer movie version of the story (next)
West Wing Addendum:

RT @ergreene2001

McEnany volunteers to sit down with FBI in hopes of not being indicted. She promises not to lie (with her fingers crossed behind her back). It goes as well you would expect. She discovers that prison orange isn't a flattering color for her.
West Wing Aftermath:

For those who wanted to know 'what then happens to Trump after he is handcuffed' - my Tweeps & I have played on that theme many times in the past. I will post now a short series of Tweets to tell of 'what happened to Donald Trump' after he is no longer POTUS
West Wing PS 1/

How should Trump end?
Has extraordinarily long life of:
-Sentence of life plus 1,000 years (eligible for parole in 800)
-Cellmate Pence reading the Bible at him every damned day
-No internet & of course
-No Twitter
-Only 1 hr of TV per day: MSNBC tuned to Maddow
West Wing PS 2/

Details to Trump end (in prison)

Prison means no cheeseburgers or Diet Cokes
No Adderall
No orange makeup
No long hair (That Thing that nests on his head will be gone)
By 2021 we'll have a Covid vaccination. No early release for pandemic reasons
No golf
No phone
West Wing PS 3/

More details to Trump end (in prison)

Prison means healthy food
Vegetables (I'd love to have them feed Goya beans to him every damned day. The aroma in his prison cell would be epic)
Government provided free healthcare
Regular check-ups
No fake doctors
West Wing PS 4/

Trump legacy (in prison)

Trump assets seized
Trump buildings become homeless centers
Trump golf courses become refugee campsites
& wind farms
Renamed after Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Stormy, Vindman, McCain
First Tramp #Flotits files for divorce: no conjugal visits
West Wing PS 5/

Mom takes daughter to first visit to New York City

MOM: This was once called Trump Tower
KID: Like the evil man?
MOM: Now.. here is the statue
KID: She's beautiful. She has MY NAME
MOM: Yes Stormy, grandma wanted us to name you after the woman who defeated Trump
A bed year 2121

Mom: Sleep well Joey. Don't let the Trumpo get you at the bigly
Joey: Mom? What's a bigly?
Mom: The border between sleep & awake
Joey: What's a Trumpo?
Mom: The evil Trumpomonster that steals children at the border. Now sleep

Joey: There's a Trumpo under my bed!

• • •

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Trump Idiot Convict Thread 1/12

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Manafort yes forced Trump to take Pence as Veep
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If you OWN the US President, and you've invested at least $100M in him, why would you STOP supporting his re-election campaign? Only one reason. Putin KNOW the election will be lost by Trump. That is ONLY reason he doesn't send Trump more (they talk on phone every week)
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Adopt A Candidate
My Excellent Eleven
New faces for 2021

TX10 @SiegelForTexas
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So for the next six+ weeks we will monitor & follow YOUR adopted candidate, together here on TW. You will of course find others who have adopted your fave candidate too, and can share. You will occasionally tell ME about what your adopted candidate has just done or Tweeted..
And on election eve, I will be here of course, to share analysis of the vote, as I do with every election. And our Excellent Eleven will be a big focus for us all - and you, PERSONALLY will be invested in one race, where we have a GREAT chance of winning. Several of 11 will win
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