1. Thread - The line in the sand has been drawn & the crowdfunding campaign for 1st Amendment Praetorian is live (links below):

Good afternoon, Patriots.

First, I want to say thank you for the overwhelming show of support & patriotism we received from many of you –
2. ...it was quite moving to know that we’re not alone in the emotions we’ve felt while watching the riots, destruction and intimidation of our fellow country men & women over the past few months.
3. We were blown away at how many military, law enforcement & intelligence community veterans volunteered to help us protect our fellow Americans who merely wish to express their 1st Amendment protected rights to freedom of speech and assembly.
4. We were also amazed at how many civilians stepped up to both volunteer and to help support us with donations, prayers and their time.

Funny enough, we received so many volunteers that it was overwhelming, and one Patriot who lost her job due to the pandemic stepped up to -
5. ...offer her amazing skills to help us streamline & run the admin side of the house so that we can focus on the tasks for which we were created: missions.

Now that we’ve met our needed numbers in terms of man (and woman) power, it’s time for us to focus on the other numbers:
6. ...funding our missions.

Walkaway is providing some of the necessary resources for their DC event, but there are others that will be needed for both this and future missions.
7. We know that our enemy is well-funded & well-equipped, so we’re working on doing the same. We have a wealth of experience between local & federal law enforcement, military & intelligence veterans, and each of us is determined to once again protect our nation.
8. In order to protect our volunteers, we’ve studied the tactics used by the Marxist subversives, and have found gear & technology that can help us counteract & forecast their moves.
9. Whether it be protection from having lasers shined in our eyes or the ability to know what these insurgents are doing as soon as they’re on the move, we’ve outlined a list of gear that we’d like to procure in order to best provide security for the Walkaway and future events.
10. When you click the links below, you can see a list of the gear that we’re hoping to procure for this event. In the future, we’ll likely put a “wish list” up on our website, so that people may contribute directly by buying needed gear and sending it to us, rather than -
11. ...sending money if it makes them feel more comfortable.

We’ll also be posting a “financial transparency” page on our website when it’s up, so that everyone who donates to our organization can see for themselves that the money they’ve donated is going to the cause it was-
12. ...intended for.

We also have operators traveling from around the country and hope to raise enough to fund as much of their travel as possible, so that these men & women aren’t paying too much out of pocket to step directly into the line of fire.
13. These are men & women who’ve already put their lives on the line professionally for this nation, and now they’re doing it again because they, like many of us, cannot bear to watch what’s been going on for these past few months continue.
14. It would be a tactical mistake for me for me to tell you exactly what our numbers are, but I can tell you this: an ODA of 12 Green Berets are trained to be able take down an entire country or shut down a counterinsurgency with the proper support – we have many -
15. ...many, many more than that.

Along with Green Berets we have veterans from every branch of the military, each of their respective Special Operations units, many of our federal and local law enforcement agencies and several of our intelligence agencies.
16. It will cost a lot in terms of lodging for this mission, but that money is going towards much more than just a bed to lay down in after their shift keeping the subversives at bay is over – it’s going towards peace of mind, knowing that once again Americans will be able to -
17. ...assemble peacefully without fear of harm or intimidation for expressing their right to freedom of speech, religion or political affiliation.
18. So again, I thank you for those who’ve already reached out to pledge their support and thank you in advance for those of you who decide to click the links below to help us with our mission.
19. I’d like to close with a saying that was printed on my old battalion’s challenge coins, adapted from Isaiah 6:8, that exemplifies 1st Amendment Praetorian, these crazy times that we live in and the reason that we feel it’s our duty to stand up and draw our line in the sand:
"But who will go? Send me. If not me, then who? If not now, then when?"

Deo et patria - For God and country

*For those who've reached out & said they don't know what this is about, here's our thread/video from last week explaining what @1st_praetorian is and what we're doing:

Video version:

• • •

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25 Sep
There have been multiple groups of ballots that seem to have been tossed away yet found - the latest being the PA military votes.

Aside from the possibility that people are trying to hide ballots cast for POTUS, what does the fact that they've been found tell you?
I mean, in a drainage ditch, in the garbage, in abandoned warehouses - what's the likelihood that someone just randomly found these and turned them in?

There may be more going on with these new ballots than we know.
In case you didn't know, for quite some time certain federal agencies have been able to track any physical paper back to a specific printer via hidden Metadata for quite some time.

We know they've been worried about advanced adversaries pinting fake ballots...
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20 Sep
If you’re interested in the Weiner Laptop, this is a thread you want to read.

It’s not mine, but taken from Finch - if you don’t know who that is, just understand that he’s the kind of guy you listen to, especially on things like this.

1st, an article shared by @chiIIum :
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19 Sep
Again, take a moment to think about how ludicrous a situation we’re in.

The Constitution, Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights are the founding documents of the United States of America.

They were the communication from the men who fought to create this new nation -
...as to what they intended this country to be.

They are heralded around the world and their vision, while not always perfect, has created more wealth & prosperity & freedom & fairness than have ever been seen in a society in mankind’s history.

There are plenty of places -
...in the world whose governments don’t follow our system - in UK & AUS people are being put in jail for Facebook posts -no 1st Amendment.

Europe, AUS & UK are disarmed because they have no 2nd amendment.

China, Venezuela & Russia have the communist form of authoritarianism-
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18 Sep
Really take a moment to ubderstand this:
Fear mongering faux emergency or not, the Democrat mayors & governors are now shown to have made the exact wrong choices handling WuFlu every step of the way.

Common sense & basic medical understanding of every virus ever tells us that -
... the elderly & immunocompromised are ALWAYS the most susceptible to a virus.

So they forced infected people into nursing homes.

All data - and even the leaked TN mayors emails - show us that even early on the knew bars & restsraunts weren't the cause of the spread.

So -
... they shut down bars & restsraunts.

All data shows that kids are nearly immune to WuFlu - yet even while they claim masks work, they're unwilling to have teachers & admins wear masks & keep our (unharmed by COVID) kids in school without sheep covering devices....
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16 Sep
I shared a YouTube video last night & again this morning breaking down the, "lessons learned" from a hacker who infiltrated secret ANTIFA Telegram chatrooms - please watch it, Patriots.

The biggest takeaway: they're terrified that we'll begin fighting back.
There's a section-
...where the video breaks down the fears from ANTIFA that we'll begin to see "Kyle Rittenhouse copycats," because they know we have the numbers, the strength, experience & determination.

I expect the harsh treatment of Mr. Rittenhouse is because the DA knows this, and is on-
... the side of ANTIFA, using legal pressures to scare us into not rising up into a counterinsurgency.

But they're too late.
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16 Sep
The same person they told you would plunge the world into chaos has brought us back from the brink of NoKo war, signed historic deals for peace in the MidE & finally got NATO nations to pay their dues.

The same person who they told you had zero foreign policy acumen has fixed-
...problems and found solutions to global issues that have been plaguing the world for decades- in his 1st term w/ his original NSA tied up by an FBI & Deep State frame job.

The man they told you would wreck our economy has super charged it to levels never seen before in -
...terms of unemployment, stock market growth records & economy growth - ALL WHILE LOWERING OUR TAXES!!!

The guy who @TheAtlantic told you hates veterans passed VA Choice, VA accountability & is bringing soldiers home from the combat zones & out of the line of fire.

The man -
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