1) Lots of folks seem amazed how Trump can be so incompetent and repulsive, yet the race appear so tight. Tea lives in North Central Arkansas where it's about as MAGA as MAGA gets, but he's been talkin' to a lotta folks around town.
2) When Tea's down at the the Skid Mark, Gizzard Ridge's local (and only) waterin' hole, it's usually packed wall to wall with Trump-smoochers, but Tea's been experiencin' some mighty unusual election season phenomena.
3) Turns out, lots of these Trumpers will say they're votin' for Trump around their other Trump-lovin' friends, but when they's alone with Tea Pain, they tell another story.

Seems most of 'em are embarrassed and emotionally wrung out from 4 years of non-stop Trumpiness.
4) In private, a number of locals have confided they will secretly vote for Joe Biden because they think America is headed in the wrong direction and they're worried about losin' family and friends to COVID-19 due to Trump's incompetence.
5) If what Tea's seein' in his hometown is any indication, this could be the biggest contributin' factor to why the race appears so close. We'll know for sure in a few weeks. <eot>

• • •

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29 Aug

1) MAGA are drawn to Trump by two primary motivations: racism and power, and these two are inseparably linked. Their racism is fueled primarily by fear of minorities and their desperate quest for power is to find control in a world where white rule is crumblin'.
2) Normal, decent Americans witness Trump's lawlessness and are repulsed by his blatant disregard for the rule of law, but MAGA responds with awe and admiration. For them, it's not about right or wrong, but about power, because if you are not subject to law, you are powerful.
3) MAGA's white-grievance mantras are fueled primarily by government's intervention into their White Rule Fantasyland. The Civil Rights act, in their opinion, is government at it's worst, givin' equal rights to people they consider to be their genetic inferiors.
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7 Aug
Think for a minute. If you were a corrupt, immoral president miles behind in the polls, what's your best plan for stealin' an election?

1) Force all kids back in school to exacerbate an already out-of-control pandemic that will scare reasonable people away from the polls.
2) Then install a lackey as Postmaster General that can delay and void millions of mail-in-ballots in key swing states.
3) Then use your corrupt, lawless Attorney General to gen up a bogus investigation against Joe Biden as an "October Surprise."
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7 Jun

1) Tea Pain's lived a long time and seen a lot of things, but there's something different about the #GeorgeFloyd case. Despite it's obvious and overt display of police brutality, there still something more, something that has moved a nation.
2) Tea Pain believes the answer lies in the fact that America, particularly people of color, have witnessed our country move backwards to 1950's levels race relations as white supremacists walk our streets and flaunt their racism with impunity.
3) Tragically, chief among their enablers is the President of United States. Minorities recognize correctly that if they don't take a stand now, they will swallowed up in the Trumpist movement to all-white rule.
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27 May
MINI-THREAD 1) We got a glimpse today into one possible scenario likely to happen in November. The DOJ injected itself into a absentee ballot case in Alabama today, showin’ us Bill Barr will be workin’ to help Trump throw the election.
2) If Biden wins by a fairly close margin, Trump will cry foul and declare voter fraud. Barr will quickly come forth with “probable cause” that “voter fraud” did indeed occur.
3). This will give the 5-4 #SCOTUS cause to nullify the election and plunge us into a bona fide Constitutional crisis, allowin’ Trump to hold power while the DOJ declares Biden to be complicit in the “fraud.”
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18 Mar
THREAD: Trollin' the Poll-tippers

1) Tea spent a few minutes this afternoon messin' with Vlad's bunch at the Russian troll farms. This mornin', Tea released this poll. It was gettin' pretty normal results (Biden 90+%, Trump <10%) until it triggered the new poll-tippin' bots.
2) In contrast, Tea placed a similar poll in the field, but avoided using' the word "Trump" and chose "President" instead. It went by unnoticed.
3) Then the fun began. Tea added another poll with scant information. Apparently missin' something in the translation, Putin-bots decided to vote for "Hair Twitler!" Too funny, right?
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2 Feb
MINI-THREAD on new bot tactics.

1). The latest strategy from Russian Intelligence is to create thousands and thousands of “Resistance” accounts. These phony Twitter scamps then foller legitimate Democrat accounts in hopes of bein’ follered back.
2) Once you foller back and they build a significant follower base, they rebrand their accounts with MAGA hashtags, new accounts names (like Trump 2020 or Trump is a God King).
3) This allows them to drop propaganda into your timeline that you’d normally never see and even contact you by direct message.
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