I give President Trump an A+ for his virus response with the data and information he had to work with for the following reasons.

1. He closed down travel with infected areas like China, SK and Italy against the wishes of the elite.

2. He worked with the private sector
....to quickly bring testing online to the point that the USA is now the leader by far in testing for the China virus.

3. He used the power of the gov with the production defense act to ramp up ventilator manufacturing and to bring to heel stupid CEOs like the ones from 3M/GM
4. He used the military surgically to beef up and provide hospitals and care to heavily impacted areas wi copy.

5. He allowed the activation of the National guard to remain under state control. So that governors could direct where they were most needed.
6. He quickly reordered global supply chains to ensure PPE equipment was gathered and distributed to where it was needed.

7. He ignored the doomsayers and Monday morning idiots in the fake media.

8. He held daily press conference to sidestep the idiots in the media and get the
...needed information directly to the people

9. He closed the borders to prevent enemies from seeding more hotspots.

10. He embraced federalism as well as the private sector instead of acting like an emperors that had all the answers allowing more options to happen.
11. He broke through red tape allowing more inventions and ideas to happen.

12. He promoted new drugs that showed promise

13. No one that needed a ventilator went without

14. He kept in mind that the economy was important as was individual liberties like the 1st and 2nd amend
15. He oversaw the biggest US response to a virus in our history.

16. And 100 other reasons...

• • •

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26 Sep
I've been trying this past week to fight the gaslighting of the fake media in regards to the Supreme Court. The fake media doesn't want you to know that the court flipped with Kavanaugh. They want you to think the court is 4-4. That's simply not the case.
The court is at worst 4-3 with a right leaning moderate as the Chief Justice at best it's 5-3. In other words, on "most" decisions the court has come down on the right side of aisle all things being equal.
There are some constitutional liberal laws that were passed by a Congress and signed by a President. These laws can't be overturned by a SCOTUS filled with constitutionalists. They have to be repealed by a Congress and a President.
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26 Sep
As we get close to the announcement of Trump's pick for the SCOTUS, there are a couple things that one should keep in mind. The biggest being that the Justice has to have the approval of ALL the GOPe senate. Trump can't lose more than one or two votes before the Quislings Mitt..
...and Murcowski can be fully activated. What that means is that don't expect any nominee that wants to tear down the "status quo". That's not to say the nominee won't be "conservative" or "right leaning". It just means we aren't getting a tea party judge.
Think more a constitutionalist that sides with the government and its power. So, less tenth amendment and more Article 1. Which isn't my favorite outcome BUT its a hell of a lot better of an outcome that a RBG ver 2.0 or another Sotomayor. The court will move right.
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18 Sep
Some data from 2016
Black voter turnout was 59.6% or 16.4 million
White voter turnout was 65.3% or ??? hard stat to find
Asian voter turnout was 49.3% or about 5 million
Hispanic voter turnout was 47.6% or 12.7 million in 2016

total votes 136,669,276
oh let's do some math
136,669,276 total votes
-12,700,000 Hispanic votes
-5,000,000 Asian votes
-16,400,000 Black votes
=102,569,275 white votes.

So basically white votes are about 73% of the vote and minority votes are about 27%
That's kind of weird, if you listen to the fake media, whites are suppose to lose the majority soon but these numbers point to it being a long time from now. Whatever, I don't concentrate on race. I'm not a believer in demographics are destiny. Just pointing it out for people
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18 Sep
There is a talking point going around that needs addressed. The talking point is that Trump didn't pick the best people or he didn't fill his administration properly. While this is subjective in many ways, I thought it important enough to lay out some facts so your opinion is
...better informed. The biggest fact to keep in mind when thinking on this subject is the advice and consent requirement of the Senate in confirmation of Trump's adminstration. Trump faced a historic blockage by the Senate both democrats and republicans of his picks.
There have been people waiting literally years for confirmation. In other words, Trump didn't have the power to staff his administration as he wanted too. He was forced to pick people that the Senate would confirm and even then it was a battle to get each confirmation.
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18 Sep
Trump won 2016 despite the voter fraud. Voter fraud is a slim reed to base your election victory on because it can only give you about a 3% cushion before it's easy to see due to voter registrations. Trump's victory in 2016 was so massive that voter fraud couldn't save the Dems.
The Dems have decided to use vote by mail to increase their cushion and make it harder to catch voter fraud but by doing so they have made it easier for everyone to see the possibility of voter fraud. So in reality their 3% cushion might actually be smaller now.
Because while before they could "find" votes easily enough now because of their schemes they have in effect shined the biggest damn spotlight available on voter fraud.

For decades the fake media and uniparty pushed the narrative that voter fraud didn't exist.
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