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"When,therefore,a man absorbed in the effect which is seen has not yet learned to discern those which are not seen, he gives way to fatal habits.."-Bastiat
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18 Sep
Some data from 2016
Black voter turnout was 59.6% or 16.4 million
White voter turnout was 65.3% or ??? hard stat to find
Asian voter turnout was 49.3% or about 5 million
Hispanic voter turnout was 47.6% or 12.7 million in 2016

total votes 136,669,276
oh let's do some math
136,669,276 total votes
-12,700,000 Hispanic votes
-5,000,000 Asian votes
-16,400,000 Black votes
=102,569,275 white votes.

So basically white votes are about 73% of the vote and minority votes are about 27%
That's kind of weird, if you listen to the fake media, whites are suppose to lose the majority soon but these numbers point to it being a long time from now. Whatever, I don't concentrate on race. I'm not a believer in demographics are destiny. Just pointing it out for people
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18 Sep
There is a talking point going around that needs addressed. The talking point is that Trump didn't pick the best people or he didn't fill his administration properly. While this is subjective in many ways, I thought it important enough to lay out some facts so your opinion is
...better informed. The biggest fact to keep in mind when thinking on this subject is the advice and consent requirement of the Senate in confirmation of Trump's adminstration. Trump faced a historic blockage by the Senate both democrats and republicans of his picks.
There have been people waiting literally years for confirmation. In other words, Trump didn't have the power to staff his administration as he wanted too. He was forced to pick people that the Senate would confirm and even then it was a battle to get each confirmation.
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18 Sep
Trump won 2016 despite the voter fraud. Voter fraud is a slim reed to base your election victory on because it can only give you about a 3% cushion before it's easy to see due to voter registrations. Trump's victory in 2016 was so massive that voter fraud couldn't save the Dems.
The Dems have decided to use vote by mail to increase their cushion and make it harder to catch voter fraud but by doing so they have made it easier for everyone to see the possibility of voter fraud. So in reality their 3% cushion might actually be smaller now.
Because while before they could "find" votes easily enough now because of their schemes they have in effect shined the biggest damn spotlight available on voter fraud.

For decades the fake media and uniparty pushed the narrative that voter fraud didn't exist.
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16 Sep
I give President Trump an A+ for his virus response with the data and information he had to work with for the following reasons.

1. He closed down travel with infected areas like China, SK and Italy against the wishes of the elite.

2. He worked with the private sector
....to quickly bring testing online to the point that the USA is now the leader by far in testing for the China virus.

3. He used the power of the gov with the production defense act to ramp up ventilator manufacturing and to bring to heel stupid CEOs like the ones from 3M/GM
4. He used the military surgically to beef up and provide hospitals and care to heavily impacted areas wi copy.

5. He allowed the activation of the National guard to remain under state control. So that governors could direct where they were most needed.
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15 Sep
How do you defeat an enemy like the fake media? How do you get your message out? Let's look at the ME peace process now occurring. If Trump would have did it like Carter or Clinton then the fake media would have torn it down before it even began with fake stories to drive
....wedgies between the countries, inflame passions and make peace "politically impossible" So, Trump couldn't do a Camp David style peace process. His had to be more low key and longer. (side note...this means the peace accords are probably much better thought out)
Okay, so you do the low key approach and confuse the "enemy to peace", the fake media, and come up with a "deal", but you also have to get that message out. If you hold one event, the fake media can easily ignore it by covering something else for a day or starting some "crisis"
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15 Sep
People always talks about how stupid "the people are". The fake media pushes "man on the street" interviews to further this theme. It's very dangerous to view the population in these terms. Sure a % are stupid, but a % are smart. Most are smart "enough" to be free adults.
As I said, it's very dangerous to think "the people" are stupid. It makes you do stupid shit like stand in front of a burning building and declare the protests peaceful. It makes you think you can have a dementia patient hide in the basement and win an election.
It gives you a false sense of superiority. It allows hubris to creep into your thinking. It makes you blinded to sources of information. It walls you off from reality. It makes you underestimate your opponents and overestimate your abilities.
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13 Sep
Oh, what the hell. I guess I'll live tweet the Trump rally for a bit....you can see it here:

Trump now speaking...... What a group... chanting USA, USA
Trump seems to be in a great mood.
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7 Sep
Debates are about expectations. While it's popular to think that Trump will clean Biden's clock when they debate (and yes it's when not if) the fact of the matter is that the bar is set so low for Biden at the moment that if he speaks in complete sentences many will say he won.
I'm not one to borrow trouble, but I'm increasingly worried about the expectations being passed around for this debate. Trump could win the debate easily and yet because the expectations for Joe Hidin are so low many people will give Joe the "win" for not being an invalid.
Remember, Biden will be pumped up on modern chemistry, he will more than likely have the questions in advance, he will have the moderators in his pocket,& probably some technology allowing his team to help him from the side lines as well as the entire media for after the debate.
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6 Sep
Why is it so easy to spot fake news? Because those that are writing& creating it live in a bubble. Within that bubble are told certain fake facts that do not match the facts outside the bubble. They then use those fake facts to write &shape their views and it's easy to spot.
This is the problem with bubbles and propaganda in general. To be effective to those within the bubble means you are an utter failure to those outside the bubble as the use of propaganda grows and the bubble becomes unmoored from reality or other bubbles.
To escape the bubblethink, it then becomes vital to have certain central truths that are tied to reality. Many find these central truths in religious teachings that have stood the test of time. Even if you "don't believe" in God. You can't deny that the central religions have
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5 Sep
Unemployment rate for Aug
8.1% total
12.5 million out of work
Women 7.3%
Teenagers 24.6%
Blacks 14.1%
Hispanics 10.2%

Oh, I forgot to mention this was for Aug 2012 under Obama three years AFTER the Great recession ended during the jobless recovery.
In other words, the dems had to use a pandemic and shut the entire country down just to get the Great Trump economy's unemployment numbers to fall back to were they were after three years of Obama's crappy leadership.
Aug 2020 unemployment numbers:
8.4% total
13.6 million unemployed
8.4% women
16.1% teenagers
13.0% blacks
10.5% Hispanics

in the last four MONTHS Trump's economy has added 10.5 millions jobs (3.8 million in the last month). Obama added 15 million in 8 YEARS.
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2 Sep
You all remember that time that the left said Trump was going to start WW3, WW4 or WWhatever by calling the NK leader rocketman &then rocketman caved &Trump went to the DMZ &Trump stepped over the border with Kim into NK becoming the First US Pres to do so? Good times, good times
You all remember that time that the fake media stood in front of a building set on fire by rioters &said with a straight face that they were "peaceful protests"&then the people saw once again that the fake media had become Pravda&then Trump's polls surged? Good times, good times
You all remember that time that the left &fake media said that Trump cutting gov reporting guidelines &regulations would make us all unsafe &then Trump cut requirements &one of which turned out to be requirements on Y2K preparedness, 17 years after Y2K? Good times, good times.
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2 Sep
“Our poll results show that there are few undecided voters and few voters who are willing to change their mind, whether they are currently Biden or Trump supporters. This suggests that campaign efforts to persuade voters is unlikely to make a significant difference,"
“Instead, the outcome of the Trump-Biden contest in North Carolina will hinge on which party – Democrats or Republicans – does a better job of turning out their supporters to vote."
"By extension, the results in the Trump-Biden election will almost certainly affect several of the highly competitive down-ballot races as well,”
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2 Sep
How elections can shift from a blow out to a close election. Say 6 out of 10 people vote for a candidate, 3 out 10 vote for the other major candidate and 1 out of 10 votes for someone else. Now say 1 out of those 6 decides to vote for the other major candidate and 1 out of 6 for
someone else. Then you have 4 out of 10 voting for each candidate and 2 out of 10 voting for someone else and then you have a tie where before you had a 60/30 election blow out. It doesn't take much in theory.
Now what happens to a "close election" where 5 out of 10 originally voted for one or the other major candidate and then 1 out of ten switch. Well you had a 50/50 election go to a blow out of 60/40 election. So why doesn't this happen often? Because people don't swing their votes
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2 Sep
Still believe the polls? If they were right this wouldn't be happening. Both can not exist at the same time. Either the polls are right and Biden is wasting money or the polls lie.

Biden Spending Heavily to Defend States Democrats Won in 2016 breitbart.com/2020-election/…
The 15 states that Biden's team has determined as "battle ground" states are: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio and Texas.
The Texas, OH, GA and IA buys appear to be ploys by the dems. Biden is only spending $70,000 in TX. OH is also a small buy. I would imagine the same is going on in IA and GA. (watch the Rove embeded video)

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30 Aug
You all remember that time that Hunter Biden was kicked out of the military for drug use &then got a cushy job due to his father's position &then had strippers buy him dildos& fathered a child to 1 &then went into hiding &then Trump said "Where's Hunter?" Good times, good times
You all remember that time in 2016 when all the idiot Hollywood stars promised us, cross their hearts& hope to die, that they would all pack their shit up& leave the country if Trump won &then Trump win& all those losers failed to keep their promise? Good times, good times.
You all remember that time that the democrat party held a Presidential primary in Iowa &then Crazy Bernie won but they couldn't say that so they suspended counting &then the fake media just "forgot" about the primary &we still don't know the count? Good times, good times.
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28 Aug
It's been an interesting thing to watch for the last 4 years as pretty much everything the left/Dems have done to stop Trump has backfired and yet they continue to make the same mistakes and continue to fail. People might wonder why they continue to do this and why it happens.
It's pretty easy to understand & it's kind of logical once u understand a couple assumptions the left makes. Assumptions that the Dems can't change because of the nature of who they are.

You see almost everything the left has tried should have worked based on those assumptions.
The wrong assumption the left/Dems continue to make is that the fake media is still ultra powerful. They continue to make this wrong assumption based on living within the very bubble they created. See inside the bubble the fake media is ultra powerful.
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27 Aug
Let me explain how censorship works. The left thinking that people only vote for Trump because they watch foxnews, come up with a plan to "take over" foxnews. They hire idiots like Paul Ryan to the board and seed the channels with know nothing leftists.
The people who used to watch foxnews are disgusted by this change, because they watched foxnews not be be brainwashed but to hear views that matched their own, stop watching foxnews. They instead search for other venues. The left not knowing they have already failed don't "cover"
...the RNC on foxnews in all it's glory. Instead they put the stupid talking heads on to push leftist/nevertrump talking points. This drives away more people from their channel(get woke, go broke). While the left sees that censorship as a win because ratings are down, the people
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23 Aug
You all remember that time that Trump said his admin would cut 2 regulations for every one added &then the deep state went nuts &most of them said it would never happen and then Trump had a net cut of almost 1,800 regulations from the books by Dec 2019? Good times, good times.
You all remember that time that the Senate confirmed Justice Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS &then like cast-offs from the Walking Dead the left scratched &clawed at the doors of the SCOTUS demanding blood &brains to soothe their epic loss and failure? Good times, good times
U all remember that one time when Trump tweeted out the WWE meme of CNN getting the crap kicked out of them &people loved it &made it one of the most retweeted Trump tweets &then CNN had a snit& doxxed the guy that created the meme&then denied they did it? Good times, good times
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18 Aug
You all remember that one time the democrat party decided to hold a fake convention from their basements and then no sane person watched it and then it got probably the worst ratings for a political convention in history?

Good times, good times.
You all remember that one time during the 2016 campaign that Lindsey Graham attacked Trump and then Trump gave out Graham's cell phone number to everyone and then Graham had to get a new number? Good times, good times..
You all remember that time that we were told for 24 yrs how great Hillary was & she wasn't the cookie baking type but would be the first female president and then she had to be thrown into the back of a van on 9/11 like a side of beef and Trump won? Good times, good times.#gtgt
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17 Aug
*Update* going to add some from last week and today to keep try to keep them all in one place. Record keeping so bare with me if you saw these before. Wish there was another way but Twitter won't allow me to add them all at once. So, I have to add them one at a time.
You all remember that time that Obama broke the law and sent $400 million in cash to Iran by plane in the middle of the night to get 4 Americans released and then Trump said hold my beer and got more than 21 hostages released for free? Good times, good times.
U all remember that time Trump threatened Tariffs on Mexico & the dems, GOPe, & fake media said it was a gimmick & wouldn't work & then Mexico caved &sent 27,000 troops to guard their border & stopped most illegal immigration & pushed Canada to sign USMCA? Good times, good times
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16 Aug
You all remember that time that Pope Francis attacked Trump repeatedly over the 2016 campaign& then took his first trip abroad as President &went to the Vatican and gave the pope books written by a man who was named for the guy who started the reformation? Good times, good times.
You all remember that time that Justin Amash fell for the fake media's false love& attacked Trump &then he was forced to leave the Republican party &then ran for POTUS as a libertarian &dropped out like 2 days later &then said he won't run for re-election? Good times, good times.
You all remember that time Trump said he would build a Wall &the left laughed &spent years fighting him every step& made it their top priority to stop Trump from building a wall but failed since Trump will have built more than 300mi of wall before election? Good times, good times
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