1. Is God trying to assign to you a mission?

If you know something’s coming, please read this because I am writing today with extreme severity of purpose and spirit.

Something is happening and God’s Church is not ‘getting it’
2. Let’s cut straight to the chase: what is ‘it’ that we are not receiving, absorbing, digesting, let alone putting into action?

What is greater? God’s will? Or our own?

Exercise caution and discernment before cutting to a throw-away answer as this question will prove prescient
3. This question just may be the most important interrogative that you ponder today. Or tomorrow.

Look at your life. Everything you have done, every interpersonal interaction, every success and every failure, when combined into the goulash we call life, served you up to today.
4. Nothing you did, or chose not to do, is an accident and frankly there is no such thing as luck. Nor is there fate. Throw coincidence in there too.

It is not my intent to get too ‘preachy’ but suffice it to say, if you are, as a Christian, and using those 3 words, please stop.
5. Words matter. They matter a lot. As the Marxist left usurps more and more or our language it is imperative upon a thinking person to finely hone our vocabulary to precision. To use luck, fate or coincidence is to (albeit, unknowingly) remove power from God’s plan and protocols
6. This message is about a mission. So please keep in mind that in order to endeavor upon a mission, we must be fluent in the vernacular of the team. Our team is Christ’s Church. Not the building. His body. You are unique. Your position is a lyric in a creative,musical machine
7. I cannot play your position. Nor can you play mine. We can love each other with that most precious and perhaps misunderstood love of which Jesus spoke often: agape love. But we cannot play each others’ positions. Let’s ask ourselves briefly, why not?
8. Because once we accept that neither luck, fate or coincidence had anything to do with the tens of thousands of experiences that make you who you are today, we arrive at one of the truths crucial to understanding this message: it is who you are that makes your position unique.
9. Back to the original question, the engine driving this thread: what is greater? God’s will or your own?

The answer lies in the very moment that we proclaim and accept who Jesus is. The true Son of God, who died for our sins, and the sins of mankind and rose on the third day.
10. At that moment that we accept the free gift of salvation, the question of will changes. Something that took me a decade, I repeat: ten years, to understand is the concept of sanctification. Not everyone who becomes a Christian dives into the deep end and swims like a dolphin.
11. Many of us experience a physical relief: exhaustion and actual pain that departs our bodies upon the proclamation that yes, Jesus is who the Book of John (and the other three Gospels) proclaim: mankind’s one golden ticket.He is our one and only shot at forgiveness (John 14:6)
12. Often sin still hounds us. The war is won for eternity but just begins by the terrestrial, worldly, ‘feelings’ definition. The process of learning(through prayer)to trust God to become Master over our sins, to be our guide and helper as well as Savior; that is sanctification.
13. Sanctification is the process whereby the construct of whose will is more powerful begins. And guess what? It’s HARD. Ever wonder what Jesus meant by “pick up your cross and follow me?”

The cross is what Christ died upon. The cross symbolizes the cost and the payment.
14. I want to segue and tell you:even as I type this satan is trying to scramble my brain. Trying to lie to me and say ‘you fool. No one is going to share this. No one will care. You’re wasting your time. Write another thread about the collapse’ He wants the script flipped-to him
15. Your will was your own until you asked Jesus to come into your heart. A heart that satan deceived you into believing beat inside ‘a good person’ (Jeremiah 17:9)

The ‘I am a good person’ thing is one of the devil’s top ten lies.

Watch a few of these
16. Your will was your god until you came to the truth. A truth you’ve always known was true because you have what man(and Disney)calls a conscience.

Before you invited Jesus into your heart, you had a cricket and a silly song. We must trade that for eternity with God.
17. Many of you know I am a major student of World War Two. Forgive the analogy but where we stand today, on the back end of 2020 can be analogically compared to April or May of 1944. The place, England. The mission: land invasion of Europe to save 300 million enslaved people.
18. Did you know that more living souls are scraping by on earth today than the cumulative total of every life lived from the Garden of Eden to 1950?

A staggering anthropological insight unless you believe we evolved from pond scum and monkeys.…
19. The earth’s population more than doubled, it almost tripled, in the lifetimes of our parents (or grandparents depending on your age)

God created and loves every single one of those souls as much as He loves you or me. Like a parent. No more. No less.
20. The vast majority of earth’s souls are as totally and wickedly enslaved today as were the people of Europe, North Africa, Asia and Russia during WW2. And each of those souls is enslaved by the same demons and devil that drove the Nazis, Facists and Imperial Japanese.
21. I encourage everyone who reads this to do so as openly or cynically as your instinct deems appropriate but do so with a humble spirit that is willing to be guided by prayer and the unshakable faith that God hears and answers your concerns. Take these words to heaven’s court.
22. In order to engage the new mission we must first consider abandoning the old one.

Those who know my bio, know that my duty since 2014 has been fighting the information war.

We did this primarily by appealing to experts from various fields for their prognosis from said field
23. We accomplished much and in the majority of cases the guests’ prognoses proved more accurate than not.

However tracking and refuting the lie machine is no longer a viable pursuit and as much as we can still inform, others have it covered.

“Flood the Zone” is the new tactic
24. “Flood the zone”

If your gut tells you this thread is important please review Amazing Polly’s recent report. She feature a DNC roundtable of top operatives who repeat the phrase like a mantra. If you value truth this is crucial.
🦠19 planned,Oct 2019
25. We are now drowning in deep state strategized, msm pressurized, deep fake deluge of lies upon lies twisting into a maelstrom of falsehoods.

Those who continue to track the lies are attempting to drink from a firehose of fallacies.

They are flooding the zone.

26. This year alone we were lied to by media and told that: Trump rallies are actually Biden gatherings, ICU units in Lombardi Italy are in NYC and a gun range in Kentucky was a free fire zone in Syria. Those are just three of the obvious propaganda pieces off the top of my head.
27. The Bible tells us that once we are Christians, our physical bodies are a temple of the Lord.

We know that the Church is a worldwide body and that exactly like the human body, the eye does its job while the feet do theirs. We have positions to play.

Do not drown!
28. Your mission is different from mine. We can help each other. Encourage each other. Love each other.

In Christ’s body the feet do the walking. The eyes see. The mouth speaks.

God is the God of help. He is the God of encouragement. Love. Trekking forward. Sight. And truth.
29. There is nothing wrong with being a battered, scarred, battle hardened info-warrior. You are welcome at my fire every day of the year.

But tracking satan’s itinerary does very little to free the billions of enslaved souls who are alive today. Suffering today. Alone today.
30. Are you being summoned? Has God placed you in an uncomfortable position? Do you feel like what was a transitional intersection in your life somehow became your permanent world? Did you pitch a tent when you knew it was time to take up your cross? If so, keep reading.
31. Going back to the WW2 analogy: the Allies lost almost every major battle* from 1939 through late 1942. For three years the world sank deeper and deeper into a pit from hell. A pit that opened on the Polish border in September 1939.

The Battle of Britain,the major exception
32. However from Guadalcanal through the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri in August 1945 the Allies won almost every major battle. The turning point was Stalingrad and 18 months later,

The Christian Church is now at that crucial, game changing flash point.
33. Earth shaking changes are coming and coming very soon.

Some of us feel it with greater alarm, greater urgency than others. That is okay. The eyes see. The feet carry us. The mouth speaks. Different Christian children of God: different positions, different missions. One goal
34. God promised me personally in late 2013 that He was raising an army.

I asked him “a literal army?”

His answer?

“A literal army for literal war on every plane that you can comprehend.”

Spiritual? Yes.

Violent? Yes.

Scary? Yes.

Avoidable? No.
35. Will this be in our lifetimes?

God does not make me, Jon Robberson, privy to His timeline.

He does, however, demonstrate again and again two things:

1. My faithlessness is the only debilitating factor

2. A supernatural mission of wonder and awe is coming (see number 1.)
36. We can no longer lean on our own understanding.

Our intelligence, discernment and willingness for that which is true and righteous is under comprehensive battle space-assault.

The war is in the datasphere. In our kids’ schools. In Portland. At the bank. In DC. And church.
37. I am admitting that the mission morphed. It evolved.

My conviction is that if I, as the Producer of two major national news programs and the cohost of a third, am telling you:we can no longer track and trace the lies, that we must focus on truth, the right people will hear.
38. Do I regret the tremendous amount of work accomplished since going public in 2013?

No. I am appropriately and humbly grateful. I honor, respect and appreciate the opportunities that brought me here today. Those platforms have my full support, my sincere prayers and gratitude
39. In closing I will divulge a secret that heretofore had to remain within the confines of my personal relationship w/ God and a handful of friends

I operate on the ‘one target, mission accomplished’ philosophy

Meaning if you are moved to introspection and prayer,I did my job
40. There is a mission prepared for you. The battle will be untenable for those who fail to prayerfully receive their attaché of plans cuffed to their wrist and hearts.

Trust the Lord to show you your position.

His will is greater.

Now fear not, do your job and play it.


• • •

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This is dangerous to our mental and spiritual health and we must reverse the trend
2. Are just political differences driving us apart?

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What if this was planned?
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1. As I walk through this seaside, deep water port the wind is blowing at least 20 mph. Look at the chop on the harbor; it’s almost white-capping.

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2. I went into a Texaco station/convenient store to buy corn chips to feed the geese. “Please buy whatever you like. Half off. We are closing up” says the owner.

“Why?” I ask.

“Covid has killed my business”
3. There are no tourists here. This place, normally bustling in the shadow of Hurricane Ridge and alive on the Pacific breeze, is a Ptomekin Village.

All the set dressing is in place.

No actors. No cameras. No audience. No laughing kids. No aromas of fun food
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