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16 Dec 20
.@senatemajldr a family member applied to IRS for that $1200, 8 months ago (she was forced off work for 11 weeks in WA)

$1200 = $400 less than 1 of her paychecks

$1200 v. $17,600 missed salary

A letter arrived demanding $11,000 in unpaid taxes

Americans are feeling angry!
Meanwhile I applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance in June.

Finally got a case number on August 27th.

They sent me a debit card.

With zero balance.

As of Dec 16, 2020, not one dollar has come through.

Not one dollar.

I’ve been paying taxes since age 13 in 1985.
So to be frank, Senate Majority Leader, We the People really don’t care about the tired old “Republicans v Democrats” argument.

The powers that be shut this country down and our lives are 🤏🏼close to financial ruin. Mortgages are behind. Bills are unpaid.

We did not vote for
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30 Nov 20
Never doubt if God is for you. Never doubt whether or not God is the driver of the wind in your sails as well as the baker of the bread on your table.

Last night I did 2 scopes. One w/ Matt & Anna (125k views) the other w/ Bill (10k views). We hit over 3 dozen countries and most
importantly we were blessed to shared real data, real information and play a small role in assuaging the anxiety patriots nationwide & worldwide have been feeling since Nov 3rd and even before.

The Lord blessed this account w/ 3,000 new followers & Bill’s with 10,000! This adds
amplification to what we’ve been diligently trying to accomplish through our twice-weekly Wednesday & Friday scopes. Then all of a sudden, God smashed the log jam!

The best part? My role was realized w/a massively sore tooth and I never left the house or my pajamas!
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30 Nov 20
Tonight proved to be a very important night and it all started with a single text message. From a man I met through another man with whom I did a big book give-away on Hagmann 6 years ago

It’s VERY easy to let your ego get carried away. Don’t.

In fact the reason I am writing
this is because people ask me all the time: Jon, how can I do what you’re doing?

I humbly prayed back in 2013 and said “Lord, here I am. Take my life and use me. I hold nothing back from you.”

Warning: don’t ever pray that unless you mean it. Cuz God will! And I know like I
know that God will use someone who is reading this to do mighty things. If you will just surrender your will and say “wherever thou leadest I will follow.”

And then your life goes from mundane/terrestrial to insanely supernatural. And it’s NOT you. It’s God working through you.
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27 Nov 20
Anyone else notice the techies who are planting those “would you like $2000 per month?” tweets?

Those are the pre-bait

The left plans on crashing the economy & going for broke (pardon the pun)

No one likes their ideas

So they must force them on people

1. Your job is lost
2. You hold out as long as you can until you have no choice but to take their debit card with universal basic digits 🤑

3. They’ll wait 3 months (maybe 4, but maybe only 2) then in order to continue your piddly little couple grand a month they will require proof of vax💉
4. Once you put that concoction in your system there is no reversal

4a. I cannot emphasize this enough: you get one chance to make the sane choice

5. If the woo-woo was that deadly don’t you think we would all know?? Like have been to 3-4 funerals?

6. Once that biomechanical
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27 Nov 20
We are not dog piling on California on my account

California voted Reagan twice. CA (sans Dominion)voted Trump. The 40+ county state is held political hostage by 7 counties

There are likely more CA Republicans than your entire states population*

CA is a captured operation
Now if you live in a state w/ a population over 19 million my snarkism does not apply

But man, if CA could segregate the Bay Area, Sacramento, the Central Coast & LA the whole rest of the state is just like anywhere else. A mom & a dad pulling 100 hour weeks to shop at Walmart
I must say I am disappointed in other Americans posting pics of Thanksgiving dinner and family around along with a tweet that says “serves you right you got what you voted for” We don’t say that to Virginia. Or Arizona. Or Georgia. But those states are the exact same situation
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27 Nov 20
Well this is proving to be a very challenging Thanksgiving.

Once my tooth situation is remedied plan on a series of videos that will cover 2 things intermittently:

1. Continued informal education on how I snoop the “news” to share truth with you all

2. My plans for 2021
I am usually very conservative about saying this but am confident on this particular Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday since I wrote a paper about it at age 15) the devil is trying to throw me off my mission. I have some extremely effective plans for 2021 & just like 2015 he
is attempting to run interference on me by attacking at any and every niche controlled by the state or any foothold he can attempt on my health.

Bottom line is this is a 2-way street between myself & each of you. For now all I am asking is cover in prayer and I will continue
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23 Nov 20
The patriot body in America can and will take a lesson from the scriptures re: the Body of Christ.

We all have our strong suits

Some of you will donate

Others will man email accounts

Some will simply contribute by retweeting our messages and praying ceaselessly

Some might
donate frequent flyer miles

Some of you may have gear and goods that will be needed. Even a large stock pot or 3 boxes of deer hunting ammo

Heck some of you might donate a deer!

I don’t know if America will go kinetic. I pray not and have prayed the same prayer since 2010
I love people and REALLY don’t want to hurt anybody

But it is not we who left the program and undermined this nations values and cherished traditions and systems

It is not we who punch strangers and terrorize children and the elderly. This team doesn’t torch businesses
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22 Nov 20
Let’s consider for a moment the vanguard personified in President Donald J Trump.

•He could wake up one morning and decide fed up being censored. He calls Jenn’a office and later that day signs an Executive Order that temporarily shuts down a multi billion dollar company
•President Trump’s veto power is the only thing preventing Nancy’s House from firing up the printing presses to the tune of $100 billion per month. Every dollar printed takes a penny from YOUR pocket
•President Trump has balanced beautifully bolstering the US Armed Forces while holding the line, veto pen in hand, against grossly bloated kisses to the military industrial complex. Really just sweetheart deals where a Rep gets jobs, a general gets a G5 and we get screwed
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21 Nov 20
The leftists want to add two “states” to the Union.

Washington DC snd Puerto Rico. They want to do this to lock-in 4 Senate seats that will remain democrat. The Senate will be lost to conservatives forever

They want to add more Justices to the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS will
never rule in favor of conservatives or traditional American values again.

If allowed in power the democrats will almost overnight and by unconstitutional fiat declaration turn every lawful American gun owner into a felon. Did you know they want to place a $200 tax on every mag
that holds more than 10 rounds. For many Americans that would wipe out what little money they have saved. Some gun owners would immediately and without recourse owe $10,000 in tax for sheet metal or plastic boxes that contain a feeder tray and a spring.

Health insurance would
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21 Nov 20
Regardless of who occupies 1600 in January these are the issues for which we must prepare:

•A mass uptick in violent crimes.
•Labor strikes resulting in product & service shortages
•Exacerbated cancel culture
•Red state will get redder/ blue states will be
•Explosion of home church culture
•Continued attempts by the left to normalize sexual deviance and/or sex-crimes
•Supply side food shortages
•Whimsical or punitive “lock downs” by blue state governors
•mass unemployment
•heightened social media censorship
•Social division based on things like a red hat or paper mask
•Further division within families
•Travel restrictions
•The emergence of social media credit scores (they already exist)
•Any number of FFs

Everything listed=magnified 1000x if Biden pulls the scamlection
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20 Nov 20
I feel like sharing with you folks what amazing places God has allowed me to travel in recent years.

When I refused to trust Him, my job was miserable anonymity; lonely in the underbelly of Hollywood

When I started trusting him He led me to these guys 👇🏼👇🏼
There are amazing people who you don’t hear much about. Without whom the shows simply... don’t happen. I love this guy
One of the greatest men of God I know

The other guy is Pastor Caspar

just kidding. Pastor Caspar IS the amazing man of God ❤️
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2 Nov 20
Land brokers around the country cannot process deeds quickly enough.

In certain areas of the West the wait for well drilling services is through February.

Up here there is still no ammo. Stores that normally carry over 1000 guns are down to a few shotguns & deer rifles.
If God is placing the irrefutable unction upon your spirit to purchase a generator or buy your cousin’s extra AR, or that hand cranked wheat milling machine, do it.

Folks if I knew what was coming I would flat out tell you and cut through the baloney. But I don’t know.
What I do know is that God placed His hand upon me years ago while still living & working in LA. That guiding hand led me to serve the patriot community for 5 years with the overarching goal of helping to prepare & strengthen your hearts and minds for times such as these.
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1 Nov 20
1. Lord I cannot sleep. Again. Laying here praying for our country & wondering what the future holds. Your Word promises us that through discernment You protect your people while punishing the evil & the reprobate. It isn’t so much myself I am laying here suffering insomnia over-
2. it’s my family. The ones who year after year won’t listen to me. And in some cases the ones who have turned their backs on you. Lord I am grateful that I couldn’t see how burdensome this knowledge would be when I pursued it so vociferously through the past decade. I probably-
3.would have chickened out. But you have been with me, God, through each turn in the road and I left leaning on my own understanding behind a long time ago.

Please give this nation the courage of our convictions, I pray. And convict those without any. If it be your will that the
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31 Oct 20
I have sat here on occasion; sometimes for hours, looking at whatever stock photos I can find of the way things used to be: Fotomats, “dime stores”, bowling alleys, Taco Bell’s with the lava rock torches, ice cream parlors, $2 movie theaters,burger bars.

Remember pizza parlors
all had that smell? It was the smell of well seasoned ovens, charred crust and the faint wafting of pitchers of Olympia or Hamm’s. Maybe an occasional whiff of dry Italian meats?

Remember the clean ink & paper smell of bookstores? Or the microwave popcorn aisle at Blockbuster?
Remember the yeasty pancakes and syrup smell of Denny’s? Or Lyons? Or Sambo’s?

I am so grateful that I knew this country in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Can’t say I am too thrilled to be closing in on 50 but time stops for no man.

Even our “money” smells different.

Every hometown
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29 Oct 20
Have you heard the term
“bending the map”?

Bending the map is when you round a fire trail and know there should be a 10 acre lake to the west but it’s not there. You tell yourself “it was dry last summer; maybe it evaporated”

Bending the map is when you specifically remember
an airport to the right of the highway and even see plains on approach off toward the horizon but refuse to believe you are lost. “The FTA must have moved the airport.”

Funny thing about directions: when female motorists get lost they typically look for a kindly soul and ask
for directions.

Whenmen get lost we typically turn down the music and drive faster.

There will be numerous occasions in our near futures when bending the map will be so alluring, so magnetic, only those prayed up and aware of what the phenomenon is will process their
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28 Oct 20
A word on unity. As many of you know I do not believe in unity at all costs. That is the weak link in the civic nationalist mindset and it serves as a convenient disguise for those afraid to stand by, or those financially incentivized to ignore their convictions.
Perhaps ironically and certainly conversely, those who know me personally find my stance on national unity antithetical to who I am as a person. I have no doubt, that like many of you, I am almost ridiculously generous and always want everyone to feel comfortable.
The problem with that personal sentiment being allowed to take hold of us at this time is that too large a sect of people in this country want to destroy the country itself.

Imagine a beaten, bedraggled homeless mom on your front porch.
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22 Oct 20
We are living two separate existences.

Human beings were not designed to thrive in duopolistic confusion.

The media is telling us one thing that invariably stands in stark contrast to the limited experiences we amble through or are that are shared with us daily by others.
In previous eras the disconnect between media’s presentation of the world and our own observations might rate as odd or depending on one’s mood, annoying.

But this year is America’s worst year in decades and it is an election year. The media/reality discrepancy is dangerous
Provided we get through the indescribably crucial election in 12 days unscathed, the aforementioned danger does not end; although by any decent rights it should. We are all spiritually and emotionally exhausted. Regrettably our national emergency presents itself, post-election
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22 Oct 20
We were alive once. We were human beings sucking the marrow from life.

Then came the light box.

The light box supplements our dreary worlds with all of the things we used to do.

Why make an effort when it is so much easier to eat Pop Tarts & watch others do it?
First it was DIY, then homesteading followed by backpacking, camping and adventure. These pursuits develop the type of titanium-solid character that can only mature through experience. But life is tough and expensive so we watched instead.
Makeup channels and socials exploded and as a guy they didn’t leave an impact on me...until I saw men doing womens’ makeup tutorials. With 30 million views.

In two days. Overnight millionaires.

Then came muckbangs. Huge channels that are...wait for it: watching people eat.
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19 Oct 20
It is important that we just stop from time to time.

Gather our thoughts.

Reflect on the goodness that indwells our day to day lives. We do not know how greatly God protects us. We do not know that an untied shoelace or someone not letting you merge saved your life by a second
We are more often than not exempted from the knowledge of how everything interconnects. A second cup of coffee could result in you meeting your future wife. A stranger shaking another stranger’s hand can pass an illness that results in your finding a new job.
We know that synchronicity exists. We use terms like fate and coincidence. Or we say “a funny thing happened” and that preamble alone generally informs the listener that “one of those things” is about to be discussed.

But do we really understand any of it?
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6 Oct 20
I’m just going to level with you guys.

I’ve been at a crossroads for awhile MUCH longer than I planned or wanted to.

It is aggravating. Annoying. At times depressing.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I have & have had the resources to leave

But God tells me ‘wait’
So, whereas the old me would’ve left months ago. I dutifully sit here. And wait.

Lately God has been revealing small chapters that are starting to form the plot.

I cannot express in words how timely or necessary this is.

There are days when I want to ram my head through a wall
I know that might sound kinda funny but it isn’t.

Since very early childhood I am squirmy and impatient.

These characteristics are great for getting things done.

Not so great for waiting upon the Lord.

So I wait. And wait. And wait some more
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3 Oct 20
A further clarification re: Q

2016-2018 the Host for whom I built content wanted limited coverage on Q

2018-2020 my most recent Host/boss preferred greater coverage

I’ve devoted more hours to Q than 70-80% of the Q followers

Hundreds of hours. Dozens of guests. 5 platforms
But there are several aspects of the 3 year narrative that do not sit well in my spirit. And my spirit belongs to Christ.

One of the most treasured tenets & dearly held beliefs in conservatism is respecting others’ beliefs while maintaining supreme integrity with your own
Or put less academically “you do you and I’ll do me”

It is the inability of the left to just live and let live that makes who they are and what they represent repugnant to me. This is exacerbated w/ every news cycle by the collectivist hive-mind attack mode that is their default
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