Aaaaaaaaand we have now reached peak mass hysteria.

Like, I had more, but I shouldn’t have to go in. This is patently ludicrous.

Fuck it, I am going on.



Ie, actual fucking genocide, which is EXACTLY what these crazy mother fuckers have been primed to think is happening at ICE detention centers.

These women are allegedly all being released afterwards?
Hysterectomies leave women bedridden for weeks afterwards. Let’s assume they’re being kept bedridden for weeks after, then released. The first thing an NGO helping these people get on the next caravan back north would notice is ‘oh fuck THEY’VE GOTTEN GODDAMN INVASIVE SURGERIES’

“The corps consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, dentists and administrators.”…
ICE HSC diagnoses chronic medical problems because they’re probably the first actual doctors many of these people have ever seen, they provide first aid and ems level services, and they coordinate and pay outside specialists.

I’ve been informed that there are less invasive hystorectomies

I’m going to keep ranting, because it doesn’t sound like what the ‘whistleblower’ is claiming, though the ‘whistleblower’ has no firsthand knowledge, AND ICE HSC DOESNT DO THOSE ANYWAYS

The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to STORM A FUCKING ICE BUILDING is proof positive that these people are RETARDED.

You know what. Let’s play devil’s advocate here. What circumstances would this have an iota of truth?
These are women from shit tier countries who have never seen a doctor before. I bet the women get NVM LOOKED IT UP THEY DO GET PAP SMEARS.

“A pelvic and breast examination, pap test, ... shall be offered and provided ”…
“Oh shit lady, you have early stages of cancer, we can arrange to take care of that real quick because jesus fuck we dont want retard dems accusing us of letting you all catch cancer or some shit!”

A series of these ate overseen by one physician who is a fuckup nicknamed Fumbles
Not DONE, OVERSEEN, because Fumbles is a fucking PHYSICIAN at best, NOT a surgeon, and sure as fuck NOT a specialist.

In fact, the only way conceivable that these fuckups would occur would be if the Dems starved ICE detention centers of funding...
... and made it impossible to hire anyone competent, meaning they had to go with the lowest bidder...

Holy fucking shit.
That’s what may be happening here.

Ice HCS is required by law to give these women upon request the total battery of healthcare services.

They are in turn constantly starved of funds to actually perform the services they’re forced to provide.
They are then attacked by NGOs and activist groups, given platforms and access by Democrat politicians who amplify their attacks using the power of congress.…
Look at that link.

Democrats made that official record.

One of the complaints was not providing a man identifying as a woman hormone replacement therapy medications and not housing him with other women.
Things that would have to have been paid for by ICE who, by law, is responsible for the costs of medical treatments and specialist visits for everyone under their care.

ICE which is being starved of funding btw.
Which adds a further problem; the complaint itself alleges that ‘almost every women at this detention center gets hysterectomies’. Full ovary removals in many cases.

No documentation to back this up, keep in mind, or direct witnesses. Seriously. All the complaints are secondhand
The doctor in question, left unnamed, is a specialist, which means he isn’t an ice hcs employee most likely as ice hcs has to contract outside specialists. The nurse claims no direct contact with him or even direct contact with a nurse who works with him. Just paints him an idiot
So, again, let’s play devil’s advocate here.

Let’s assume a kernel of truth.

Ice is starved of funds but legally obligated to provide health services and are stuck having to hire the same grossly incompetent specialist repeatedly to provide uterine surgeries.
Surgeries, i repeat, that ICE is legally obligated to provide based on the medical advice of the specialists they have to hire.

So there’s two routes this can take.
First, this is one guy at one facility who is a grifter, offering low cost services and then saying every woman he treats needs a hysterectomy which ICE is then legally obligated to provide and pay for, because like fuck they can afford a second opinion there at the facility.
Second route, the ‘every woman gets a hysterectomy’ is straight up observer bias from a thirdhand observer with no direct knowledge. What is more likely is that women who’ve had no medical screenings ever have issues and the lowest cost specialist fucks up on ocassion.
Maybe it’s both. Who knows.

You know what I do know?

Doctors Without Borders hasn’t shown up to offer free specialist services to ICE HSC.

Dems haven’t earmarked funds specifically for ICE HSC to provide the medical coverage the law requires.
What I see is a bunch of fucking idiots demanding perfection from a system they have rigged to FUCKING FAIL, by overcrowding it with detainment requirements and leaving it without the resources to do the job they demand they do to the level of perfection they insist upon.
I see a political ideology which has been whipped into a frenzy believing that ICE detention centers are literal concentration camps and are seizing upon the first scrap of evidence of a mengele to spin it out of proportion.
I see a fucking tragedy in the making that will make the idiot antifa terrorist who drove a truck at an ice center and went out like a punk ass bitch to a hail of ‘get the fuck off my parking lot’ brand lead look like someone stubbing his toe tagging an abandoned warehouse.
And ALL OF THIS is on the Dems.

ICE is legally required to detain everyone here illegally. It is their job. It is their MANDATE. If they didn’t like it Obama should have destroyed the organization. But he couldn’t, because he needed DACA to be the Dems political FUCKING FOOTBALL
It is the Dems and their judges and their NGOs whoch have created the labyrinthian legal requirements that heap a massive logistical burden onto ICE.

It is the Dems and their NGOs who then attack ICE for not living up to impossible standards they set knowing it was impossible.
And it is Dems storming an ICE center in a fit of mass hysteria whipped into a frenzy by politicians who don’t even know what the fuck they get out of this fucking chaos.
I know what we’re getting though.

Trump’s reelection.

Suck it, fuckbuckets.

My scenarios were devils advocate positions of how kernels of truth could be getting blown out of proportion.

Now let’s take the dose of a reality pill.

Would ICE, knowing the scrutiny they’re under, hire somebody incompetent repeatedly?
Would ICE HSC, who has been criticized for *checks notes* not prescribing HRT medications to a transgender woman, allow for a doctor to repeatedly maim detained women’s reproductive systems repeatedly for, as the nurse alleges, no reason at all?
Or, perhaps, does this doctor who has been on the receiving end of the peak mass TDS anti-ICE hysteria did what he could to provide skilled medical care to women who’d likely never receive it in their home countries and now has the mother of all libel suits to launch at the Dems?
No devils advocate now.

Fuck that.

Let’s say one woman, an idiot, and decided to attack an immigrant doctor doing contract work at an ICE detention center, and hooked up with a leftist group who helped amplify her bullshit complaint into something media friendly.
As I said during the devils advocate section all of this is rumors and hearsay. She is a nurse. Not a specialist. None of the women she interacted with are specialists, especially the unnamed immigrant detainee. The specialist by ICE rules gets the deferred to opinion.
It doesn’t even matter if the guy I quote tweeted is being honest. It doesn’t.

The entire thing stretches incredulity.

My devils advocate position assumed a kernel of truth.

But, there is no way to even show there is a kernel of truth. In fact, the opposite can be shown.
And again, even if there IS a kernel of truth, the only logical causes lays the blame on the feet of the Democrats who engineered exactly this kind of crisis and were waiting for it to happen.

They wanted this.

They wanted ICE stormed in a fit of mass hysteria.
Fuck this idiocy. I’m out for the night.


• • •

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