1) Fox confirms there is an effort by the House Freedom Caucus to convince House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to offer a resolution to remove House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

This is the longest of long shots.
2) In other words, a minority caucus, inside the minority party must somehow drum up a majority of votes on the floor to remove the Speaker.

No Speaker in US history has ever faced a leadership challenge in the middle of a Congress.
3) White House Chief of Staff and former Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows authored a “motion to vacate the chair” against former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) in the summer of 2015.
4) Meadows did not press the issue to force a new vote on Speaker in the middle of the Congress. But Boehner stepped down by fall.

The entire House elects the Speaker. So, a “motion to vacate the chair” would also require a majority of the House.
5) Fifteen House Democrats opposed Pelosi in her vote for Speaker in January, 2019. 

The House currently has 431 members. 216 is the magic number in the House. All 198 GOPers & Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) would need to stick together...and court 17 Democrats to vote against Pelosi.
6) As we always say, it comes down to the math, the math, the math on Capitol Hill. 

Moreover, if a vote ever did come hit the floor, it’s likely the motion would not actually be on whether or not to install a new Speaker. Democrats would likely move to table or kill the motion.
7) Thus, the vote would be at least one step removed from actually voting against Pelosi. 

This effort is riddled with politics on both sides.
8) The Freedom Caucus is trying to apply pressure on McCarthy to put their proposal on the floor. By the same token, GOPers often make Pelosi an issue just before the election. This strategy would accomplish just that.
9) Moreoever, the gambit could pressure moderate Democrats from swing districts to oppose Pelosi. Keep in mind that a number of those moderate members are frustrated with Pelosi over her resistance to put a scaled-down coronavirus bill on the floor.
10) That said, it’s unclear the House has the votes to approve any coronavirus measure now. It’s natural that the GOP would try to stir this up just before the election.

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19 Sep
A) Feinstein: Under no circumstances should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after the presidential inauguration.
B) Feinstein: Senator McConnell made his position clear in 2016 when he held Justice Scalia’s seat vacant for 10 months so he could deny President Obama an appointment – a goal he himself admitted.
C) Feinstein: Merrick Garland was nominated to fill Scalia’s seat on March 16, 2016 – 237 days before the presidential election. Today, we’re just 46 days away from an election.
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1) There is talk Dems could try to end the Senate filibuster if they win control this fall. The filibuster exasperates the majority. But the minority always embraces it. GOPers warn Dems could try to pass Green New Deal/Medicare for All & gun control if they kill the filibuster
2) Fmr Senate MajLdr Reid to Fox: “It’s not a question of if (the filibuster) is going to be gone. It’s a question of when it’s going to be done,” said Reid. “The filibuster is history. It won’t be in existence next year at this time.”
3) That said, Schumer is cagey when asked about eliminating the filibuster. He says nothing is "on the table" or "off the table."
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15 Sep
A) Pelosi said today the House would remain in session until there is a bipartisan agreement on coronavirus.

The Speaker may say that – because she is getting a lot of pressure from different rank and file members who want to do something before the election.
B) But it’s really not happening. The House is already scheduled to be in session for a few weeks. However, nothing changed.
C) This is window dressing by the Speaker. She has to say something to settle unrest in her caucus. In short, the House of Representatives will not be hanging around, day after day, to get a deal.
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15 Sep
1) Trump sometimes touts the possibility of Pelosi becoming President if there is election chaos this fall. It's a remote, remote possibility. But not out of the question. Regardless, it wouldn't happen right away.
2) States have a statutory December 14 deadline to decide which electors to send to Washington. But what happens if a state .is still counting? In 1960 Hawaii sent in two electoral slates signed by the governor. One for Kennedy and one for Nixon.
3) It's up to Congress to settle these disputes in a Joint Session of Congress in early January. But first, keeping with the Pelosi theme, several things have to happen.
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3 Sep
1) Fox is told there is an informal plan by Pelosi/Mnuchin to do a stopgap spending bill (known as a CR) to avoid a shutdown on September, 30, the end of the fiscal year.
2) Fox is told a “clean” bill, simply re-upping all existing levels is the hope. But, as one source says “clean is in the eye of the beholder.” There has been talk about possibly latching some coronavirus aid to this package – if not a massive coronavirus bill anyway.
3) Attaching coronavirus relief to this measure could either be a sweetener…or serve as political Syrup of Ipecac – depending on the lawmaker.
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7 Aug
1) On the coronavirus talks, everything on Capitol Hill is truly very simple: It’s about the math. It’s about the math. It’s about the math.
2) The coronavirus bill talks are utterly stalled because the legislative math just does not work in the House and Senate – and with the administration.
3) The only thing that’s moved on Capitol Hill on this front was the $3 trillion package House Democrats crafted in May. But that measure couldn’t get through the Senate nor become law. It’s unclear if much of anything could pass right now anywhere.
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