Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan wrote:

"...Therefore, it obligatory upon whoever knows the truth to explain it to the people and not to exchange it for a small (or big) price by concealing it in other to attain any worldly gains or for
the sake of pleasing the people. Allaah has more right that one should fear and seek His pleasure. So it is not permissible to conceal the truth for one who has the ability to explain it and make it manifest. As for one who does not have the ability to do so or he fears
that a greater fitnah may occur by explaining the truth, such a person is excused. However, whoever does not have a barrier in explaining the truth but conceals the truth for the sake of his interest & wellbeing, such a person is cursed by Allaah & cursed by those who curse. This
is the attribute of Yahood & it is applicable to everyone who conceals the truth for the sake of following desires without making it clear to the people. If he is asked about the ruling of an issue, he responds with other than the truth while he knows the correct response.
This is part of concealing the truth. Allah the Mighty and Majesty has commanded that one should speak the truth even if it is against oneself. “Be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives”
[Soorah an-Nisaa: 135]. So it is obligatory to speak the truth in giving testimonies and other than it.

Concealing the knowledge, which gives life to the people and guides them to the straight path is worse than concealing testimony.
Therefore, it is obligatory to explain the truth and not to conceal it. For instance, if a person sees the people upon falsehood or superstitions or shirk, he should not be silent; rather it is obligatory upon him to explain the truth and he should not leave the people to
engage in graves and tombs worship & to indulge in misguided innovations. He should not be silent and say I have no business with the people. Or he sees the people engaging in prohibited dealings without saying anything.

This is concealment of knowledge and lack of sincerity
to the Ummah. Allaah did not give you this knowledge in order for you to remain silent; rather He gave you in order for you make it clear to the people, invite to Allaah upon sure knowledge & make effort to bring out people from darkness into light. It is not permissible for the
scholars to be silent while they have the ability to explain the truth especially when they see people in misguidance, shirk, innovation & superstition. Silence will not do them any good. If they say nothing, this is considered concealment of knowledge which Allaah condemned the
past generations of Ahlul-Kitaab among Jews & Christians for.

Why would a person say something contrary to the truth while he knows it and deliberately issue a fatwa contrary to it in order to please the people or to get along with the people with regard to what they are upon?
The truth is more deserving of being followed; so you should seek the pleasure of Allaah the Mighty and Majestic and do not please the people while they are upon falsehood. It is stated in a hadeeth:

"Whoever seeks the pleasure of Allah at the risk of displeasing the people,
Allah will be pleased with him and the people will be pleased with him (eventually). And whoever seeks the pleasure of the people at the risk of displeasing Allah, Allah will be displeased with him and the people will be displeased with him .”

[Saheeh; Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2414].
Source: Sharh Masaa’il al-Jaahiliyyah, p. 281-284 by Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan bin ‘Abdullaah al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him).

May Allah give us the ability to say and remain with the truth even if it will displease people but in return grant us Allah's pleasure.

• • •

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20 Sep

Shaykh Ibn Fawzaan (Hafizahullah):

Allah (SWT) has cautioned those that are negligent of their Salaat with severe punishment. Allah says:

"So, woe unto those performers of Salaat (hypocrites), those that delay their
Salaat from its fixed times."

Allah referred to them as Musalleen (performers of Salaat); because they have performed the Salaat in what appears to us, but then they are in their Salaat "Saahoon" (negligent).

Negligent in establishing the salat with the fear of Allah.
Negligent of establishing the salat at its appointed time.

Negligent of consciousness & bringing their heart attendant to the salat.

Thus, (the salat is incomplete) and Allah promised to punish such type of people with severe punishment, although they have perform salaat.,
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For those that have been following the case, the said Rev. has been in remand in Kaduna prison & awaits court judgement.
For those that can remember, Sadiya IDRIS, 12 year old girl missing for 7 years was abducted from TUDUN WADA by one Peter, & was handed over to Rev. Jonah, who smuggled her to Plateau state, where she was enrolled in a missionary school & her name changed to CHRISTIANA JONAH.
We appreciate the efforts of the @PoliceNG Kaduna Command & the Govt of Kaduna state for intervening & ensuring that this criminal reverend was apprehended. The modus operandi of the abduction sends a serious signal that such has been ongoing for a very long time.
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18 Sep

Imaam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) wrote:

Avoid those ways that will necessitate the torment of the grave. One of the most beneficial means is that a man should sit for a while for Allah's sake
when he intends to sleep and call his soul to account over his gains and losses during the day. Then he should renew his sincere repentance between him and his Lord and sleep in that state of repentance.

He should make a firm resolve not to go back to committing the sin of he
wakes up. He should do this every night. So if he dies during that nighttime, then he would have died in the state of repentance, and if he wakes up, he will wake up to face his action happily due to the postponement of his term until he
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17 Sep
THE POSITION OF ISLAM ON CRYPTOCURRENCY & FOREX TRADING by our Shaykh, Dr. Bashir Aliyu (May Allah preserve him).

The rulings with regard to Crytocurrency (Bitcoin, Infireum, CMDX & so on) is the same as Forex in Islam, in that certain conditions have to be fulfiled before it
can be permissible in Islam. For anyone who wants to deal in this type of transaction, when you want to buy or sell, it has to be hand to hand exchange. You pay at the time, and you receive at same time, without delay. It is also not permissible to say you will buy that
of, say the month of October, (now that we are in September), so that you purchase now, make the payment in September inorder to present your option in October to receive at that time. Again, this violates the principle of hand to hand. Also, leverage is not allowed.
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16 Sep

Shaykh Allahmah Ibn Fawzaan Al-fawzaan (Hafizahullah) was asked with regards to one giving some of his children some gifts and not giving others.

He answered:
As for giving your children anything of wealth, or anything that is seen as a gift, it is compulsory that there should be equality among all the children. It is not permissible to honor part of your children over others, or select some with gifts and deny the others.
This can be seen clearly from the Hadith of the Prophet SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam, Where he said:

"Fear Allah, and be just among your children."

However, if what you decide to give your children is borne out of individual needs or necessities (one wants to buy this, another
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14 Sep

Afflictions & Calamities Are Your Way to Great Goals 💪

If Allah (SWT) wishes that His servant achieves great goals, it is one of Allah's practices that there will be TESTS to facilitate the means to the goals; these include afflictions, misfortunes and
teething troubles. Thus, his realization of these goals thereafter is comparable to the attainment of Paradise by the people of Paradise after death, worries of barzakh, resurrection, standing on the plain of resurrection, accountability, Siraat Bridge and enduring those frights
and hardships. This is exactly as He admitted His Messenger into Makkah, which was a great entry after the disbelievers had expelled him from there; He reinforced him with a massive support after he suffered what he suffered in the hands of the enemies of Allah.
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