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30 Jul
Shaykh Allaamah Ibn Uthaymeen (Rahimahullah) was asked, with regard to observing the Jumu'ah prayers if it coincides with Eid day, & he said:

"For someone who performed the Eid prayer behind an Imam, it suffices him, such that he does not have to perform the Jumu'ah prayer.
However, for the Imam, it is compulsory on him to attend the Jumu'ah prayer. Thus, for someone who prayed Eid behind an Imam, he has a choice; either to attend Jumu'ah prayer or to pray Zuhr instead. But for one who misses the Eid prayer, it is compulsory on him to attend the
Jumu'ah prayers. Therefore, it is clear that the Jumu'ah prayer does not relinquish for the Imam. Those that are given choice are the followers that pray behind an Imam. The ruling therefore is: for the person who attended Eid prayers behind an Imam, he has the option of either
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29 Jul
For those that have always been reporting the southern Kaduna crisis with a skewed biases towards their bigoted hearts, you will continue to be put to shame. There are attacks & counter attacks from both the Kataf youths & the Fulani youths.

Read here.

Many of us that are not journalists but know that every life is sacrosanct do go extramiles & make calls to the affected areas to people that we are sure will not be biased, & this has always been the same thing we hear. My secondary sch friend Steven (Stevo) is an army officer,
he also doubles as a Kataf man, & anytime I hear about such skirmishes, I do call him after I call Malam Abdullahi who is from Kajuru, so that I get first hand information. And many a times, after the information, I do share them here & we keep calling on the security agencies
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26 Jul

'Aasim bin Damrah (Allah have mercy on him) said: "We asked ‘Alee about the voluntary (prayer) of Allah’s Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) during the day. Then He said: ‘You will not be able to do it.’
We said: ‘Inform us of it, we will do what we can of it?’ So he said: ‘When he prayed the Fajr he would delay praying any more. When the sun appeared from here (east) like it appears here (west) at Asr, he would pray two rak'ah, and when the sun appeared over there (east) like it
appears here (west) at Zuhr, he would pray four rak'ah. And he would pray four before Zuhr and two after it, and four before Asr separating between every two rak'ah with tasleem upon the angels that are close (to Allah), the Prophets and those who follow them among the Muslims
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22 Jul
Dear Niger Deltans,

I know you are not cowards. I know you are not weaklings. I know you have the blood of Ken Saro Wiwa running in your veins. Few people have not only stole the NDDC fund, but have stolen the future development of the entire region.

Demand for answers.
These are some of the most damning revelations from the #NDDCProbe:

"People collect contracts for the same roads from the state government, from FERMA and then they come to NDDC and collect the same road project”-

~Former Acting MD Joi Nunieh
According to Godswill Akpabio:

"$70million of NDDC money was stored in a commercial bank since 2006-

• N170 million NDDC funds abandoned in a bank for years-

• Some banks deliberately withhold money belonging to NDDC-

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22 Jul
Dear Niger Deltans,

Many of us that have lived in the region, & had access to some of the villages in the Niger Delta pretty well know the level of poverty, suffering & Ignorance in that region. All these, thanks to the negligence of not the governments over time, but a few
people among you. For instance, you go to Ajoki Community where some multinational oil companies are drilling oil wells, making billions daily, yet you see the average man there spending his whole day at the beer parlor while his wife & daughter are in the farm. His son? He is
holding weapon agitating for resource control or fully armed as a militant. In any instances, we come out to condemn the government's negligence because if the govt were serious, it would avoid taking development there via third parties. But NDDC isn't a third party. Left to me,
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19 Jul
About Udhiya (Animal sacrifice) during the Eid Al-Adha by Shaykh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albani Zaria (Rahimahullah).

Udhiya (Layya or ileya) is a recommended Shariah act of the Prophet (peace be upon him) which originated from his father Ibraheem (Abraham) (peace be upon him).
Thus, it is compulsory on every Muslim adult, men & women that have the means to sacrifice an animal. The position of this act of worship isn't MUSTAHABB where one has an option whether to do it or not, as long as the person has the means (the money), then it is compulsory.
The type of animal required for this sacrifice is the most tastiest meat 🥩. This is why, a ram 🐏 is most recommended. This as oppose to the Hadyah sacrifice during Hajj, which is recommended to be done with an animal with most meat quantity, that is why a camel 🐫 & cow 🐮 are
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18 Jul
MORNING REMINDER: Always Verify Before You Conclude: A Pathetic Story Narrated by the author of "Restrain your tongue"!

A brother told me that one day, he stopped by the traffic light.

He narrated:

“Then I heard the sound of music with a very loud sound so much so
that I and the people around me became scared. So I turned to the right and left searching for its source and discovered that it was by my left side. The owner of the car had opened all the windows and increased the volume of the music very high. The people in the cars
around him were looking at him and were surprised at the pitch of the volume of music to this level.”

He continued: “I pressed on the car’s horn several times for him to turn to me so that I could tell him that he should reduce the volume of the radio set or to switch it off or
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13 Jul
Dear @DefenceInfoNG,

There is an allegation of unfair treatment of officers, Muslims, especially in the Oghara unit of the @NigerianNavy by one Admiral Lassa, who happens to be the Oga of the unit. A source, that happened to visit the unit some time ago was telling us how Lassa
finds every slight opportunity to pull down especially muslim northerners in his unit for no obvious reasons.

Among the heaviest allegations is how Admiral Lassa allegedly sent a memo to the Mosque in the unit stopping them of making the calls to prayer (Adhaan) while the Church
services continued in the same sound systems. Recently, due to the relaxation of the lockdown rules by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on #Covid_19 pandemic, a memo was sent from the Navy Headquarters, asking all units to comply to the regulations, part of which was to allow ImageImageImage
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10 Jul
Friday Reminder:


Imaam ibn Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

The difference between telling about Allaah’s blessing and boasting of it is that the one who mentions the blessing of Allaah is
informing about the attributes of the Provider of the blessing & His absolute generosity & kindness. Thus, he is praising Him by proclaiming it, revealing it out of gratitude to Him & spreading all that He deserves. The purpose of that is to demonstrate the attributes of Allaah,
His praise & extolment, which spurs the soul to seek from Him alone, to love Him & have hope in Him.

Hence, he is desirous of Allaah by pronouncing His blessing, spreading it and recounting it. As regards boasting of blessings, this is when a person becomes audacious in his
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3 Jul

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) said:

“…So nothing cannot unite the people except the sound creed. But if they should differ in their creed, they will never be united forever.
As for difference of opinion in juristic issues that are based on legal deductions to which the evidences may point, such will have no [negative] effect on the Muslim Ummah; it will not bring about division and enmity because such deductions are within latitude.
However, the differences concerning the ‘Aqidah in unacceptable; the differing party will never be united upon it. People who differ in ‘Aqeedah will never be united, no matter the attempt of whoever (attempts to unite them) because he wants to bring opposing things together;
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2 Jul
Daily Hadith: 11th Dhul Qa'dah 1441 (2nd July 2020)

Narrated Abu Huraira (Radi-Allahu 'anhu):

While we were sitting with the Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) a man came & said:

"O Allah's Apostle! I have been ruined."

The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) asked:
"What was the matter with you?“.

He replied: "I had sexual intercourse with my wife while I was fasting."

Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) asked him:

"Can you afford to manumittimg a slave?"

The man replied in the negative.
The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) then asked him:

"Can you fast for two successive

The man again replied in the negative.

The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa
Sallam) asked him:

"Can you afford to feed sixty poor persons?"

He again replied in the negative.
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1 Jul
Intertribal marriages enhances mutual understanding & fosters unity among the Ummah. See how the marriages of the Noble Prophet (SAW) to different tribes of Arabia enforces unity among the Ummah, a unity that the history of Arabs has never witnessed.
He married from Banu Mustaliq, a tribe that is sub-clan of the Banu Khuza'a, from the Hilal tribe in Makkah, from Quraysh & so on. This fostered a string unity among these tribes that were hitherto always fighting each other. So many lessons to learn from his noble life.
Hausa+Kanuri, Yoruba +Hausa, Nupe+Fulani, Gbagyi+Hausa, Gbagyi +Kanuri, Igbo+Hausa, Hausa+Nupe, Ebira+Hausa, Idoma+Fulani, Idoma+Hausa, etc.....

The greatest threat to this Ummah is her unity.

#muslimsunite #peacefulcoexistence #Arewatwitter
#arewaaskquestions #islamunity
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27 Jun
I found this very important


Assalam alaekum,

Depression and suicide rates are consistently increasing in children as young as 10-year-olds, in US Depression rates rose from 5.4% in 2003 to 8.4% in 2011–2012.
(Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics , 2018).

Much more than depression we see a lack of motivation in pre-teens and teenagers, who don't want to go anywhere or do anything.. except ... sit in front of a screen... or read a fiction book.
Even the things they liked to do, they don't really feel up to it

Where is that youthful energy?
What is dragging the spirit of our youth?

The instant gratitude of games, social media & the negative influences of our environment has stolen the energy, the motivation,
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17 Jun

By the nature God Has created us, we all want peace of mind, peace where we live, security against anything that threatens our peace & happiness, contentment, freedom from anxiety, worries, perturbation & all form of troubles. These, crowned wth success & wealth & long life.
When we attain this status, we can say literally that we have enjoyed absolute joy & happiness. How we achieve these is what differs, whether we do legally or illegally & without taking us away from the main reason we all exist in this temporary world, which is to serve God.
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13 Jun
Dear President @MBuhari @NGRPresident @ProfOsinbajo @NigeriaGov,

The tempo is still on, until we see changes. We are still pained with your failure to handle the deteriorating state of security in thr North, the zone that gave you the highest votes.
These are recent mass graves in Faskari local govt of Katsina state. These disturbing videos & images were shared with me by a resident of Daudawa town, in Faskari local govt. Poor women & children have fled villages for fear of more attacks. If @GovernorMasari can't do anything,
declare state of emergency in the state. Is this what @OfficialAPCNg will pay us with? Is this what PMB & his govt will pay us with? We do not see the will to fight banditry as we saw in you leaders the will to fight #Covid_19. Is that because the banditry begins & ends on the
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11 Jun
Dear President @MBuhari @NGRPresident @ProfOsinbajo @NigeriaGov,

It is very unfortunate that your government has failed to secure the lives of the people you swore to protect. There is no excuse for failure to save the life of the governed, not at any point.
No state today in Northern Nigeria is safe. Villages are being invaded by bandits & terrorists. Cities are under siege by murderous kidnappers & armed robbers. Yet, you only sit with the service chiefs, take photos & disperse. This is unacceptable & wicked.
The state governors are not any better than the Presidency in handling the insecurity. We are at war. A very exhausting, & to us the masses it is depressing. It is worrisome knowing that those that should work to provide us security are acting irresponsibly about it.
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9 Jun
Until you find for yourself someone that will sincerely tell you the truth not minding how you feel, you haven't made friends yet.

Friendship is an Amanah (trust). Be the best friend to your friend. The Prophet (SAW) said with regards to sincere friends:
“The believers (in their mutual support) are like a structure, parts of which support other parts” – & he interlaced his fingers. (Bukhari & Muslim).

On this Hadith, Imam An-Nawawi (RH) said:

This clearly refers to the great rights that the Muslims have over one another.
& urges Muslims to show compassion, kindness & support to one another in every spare of life so long as it isn't sin or disliked action.

Imam Fudayl Ibn Iyaad (RH) said:

Chivalry (great nobility) is to overlook the errors of your brothers.

Support friends & be there for them.
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2 Jun

To begin with, as a Muslim, I believe there are no laws that can regulate humanity close to the Islamic laws (Shari'ah), and as events unfold day-by-day, I become more convinced with this belief.
Obviously, the laws we see today have either failed to protect the women folk from rapists, or is not elaborate enough to cover the ever-changing dynamics of rape-related cases as we see them daily in our societies; THE RIGHTS TO SEXUAL AUTONOMY AND PLEASURE!
Professor Azman Noor (Prof. of Fiqh & Usul in International Islamic University Malaysia) has made a beautiful differentiation between Zina (illegal sexual intercourse) & Rape, & went further to state some classical opinions of scholars on the punishment of rape. For instance,
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28 May

The ongoing media onslaught by the southern-christian-dominated media against Kaduna, & their effort to throw the state into unrest has always failed, even with the help of some agents of evil from
Southern Kaduna, people like @John_Danfulani. The situation however, despite the lingering insecurity in many parts of Kaduna is far from the situation they try to paint it. Even with that, we have been calling the leadership of the states where such insecurities have
deteriorated to wake up to their key responsibilities as leaders. Few days ago, (5 days or so), the @GovKaduna, Malam Nasiru @elrufai summoned a security meeting between the Kadara people & the Fulanis, the two groups that have been fighting each other. As always, his position
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27 May
GHEERAH (Protective Jealousy)

It is part of the Fitrah (natural disposition) which Allaah Has created us on, to have protective jealousy over our wives. The Prophet (SAW) regarded someone who doesn't have such as DAYYOOTH & such person will never enter Jannah (paradise).
This is just as modesty & chastity are part of our natural disposition & when they leave one completely, faith leaves him or her. While a Dayyooth won't enter Jannah, a person devoid of chastity & modesty is devoid of Eemaan.
Let us learn a little from the life of Asmau Bnt Abubakar’ (Allah be pleased with her) the daughter of Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq (Allah be pleased with him) & sister of Aisha (Allah be pleased with her). Asmau relates this Hadith about herself.
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25 May
Dear Arewa, can we talk on this?

Some of the cultures we carry during marriages are not really necessary, & if anything, have contributed to so many marriage problems in the North. I am not against us spending much during marriages, but why not do so wisely?
What is the point of spending at least 1.5 million naira on a 2—hours dinner, yet you won't invest further in your wife? The moment you marry her, you have taken FULL RESPONSIBILITY of her life. Invest in her education or her business. If she excels, so do you.
As the Prophet (SAW) said in his last sermon, "Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission."
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