This is NO PAGE 3 story, this is abt anti-India activities. Glad that agencies hv zeroed down on the exact reason for #Sushant’s murder, and that the not-so-Macho-Khan’s brother’s name hs popped up, I’m assuming there’s work being done on Mahesh Bhatt’s links too.
2/2 The STRATEGY— Mahesh Bhatt ws keeping an eye on Sushant’s day to day activities via Rhea. The reason why girls like Rhea enter lives of clean actors is—to drag them into the same quagmire that the rest of Bollywood is in. My point is— those who r neck deep in
3/4 anti-India activities hunt for actors with a clean image to LAUNDER black money. This helps ‘em in 2 ways —1️⃣They’ll not directly come under d radar of agencies.2️⃣If a controversy erupts over the issue then the actor with a clean image cn b turned into a scape-goat.
4/4 So we shld not be surprised that 4 diff agencies ED,NCB & CBI etc r working on this case. Drugs+Black money+ flesh trade— this case involves all “branches” which “contribute” in TERRORISM. If u look at it this case involves the trio Salim Khan-Javed Akhtar-Mahesh Bhatt.
5/5 Why r we not surprised that the 2nd gen of the same trio along with political honchos like Thackeray & Pawar r involved here. Media gets very lil info on hw agencies r preparing a water tight case against the bigger Bollywoodians. This case is the storm b4 the rainbow!!!
Those who r reading this thread do watch the links of YT videos in my tweets below. 👇These videos will prove how this gang used to go abt carrying out its activities with impunity. Police ws hand in glove with them in other cases too, is repeatedly proven.
Here’s another proof that the so called bodyguard cld hv bn a hitman. And lets not forget that both Disha’s and Sushant’s case hd the presence of a third party like this. 👇

• • •

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20 Sep
1/5 #OpFullMoon: 19 sep, 2am—Frm 2 diff places NIA offcrs arrested 3 terrorists who belonged to Pak based Al-Qaeda module. Their plan? They wanted to attack HQ of SOUTHERN NAVAL COMMAND in Kochi. Terrorists hv developed a keen interest in #IndianNavy since last 2 yrs. ImageImage
2/5 Four days ago NIA hd arrested an ISI agent frm Godhra Gujarat who ws collecting information on Indian Naval ships & submarines. ImageImage
3/5 Bt the biggest spy racket busted this year ws in Vizhag, in op Doplhin’s nose, when 11 Navy personnel & 3 agents wr arrested. google.co.uk/amp/s/resonant…
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15 Sep
Kuaizhou 1A launcher failed during Jilin-1 launch 2 days ago.
Let me tell u the SIGNIFICANCE of this launch and how ws it related to CHEENI preparation of WAR.
Though Jilin-1 is an innocuous remote sensing SAT, Kuaizhou-1A is part of ORS (operationally RESPONSIVE space).
ORS means CHEEN’s capability to quickly replace it’s SATs, if it’s adversary attack it’s SATs during a war.
Failure of KUAIZHOU-1A hs raised questions on Cheen’s ORS capabilities.

Cheen hs it’s own GPS sys called Beidou which helps in the navigation of ships &
3/4 helps missiles hit their targets, along with it’s other commercial functions. So if US takes down a Cheeni GPS SAT (there r 27 of ‘em) then CHEEN’s military capabilities will be whittled dwn. Kuaizhou-1A’s failure is a huge setbck for CHEEN whether they accept it or not.
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14 Sep
This is SPACE-TIME continuum.👇



This represents Time PERPENDICULAR to space. Time, the unsparring,can’t b stopped, jst like KALI devi.Only SHIVA, the space, can contain it.Our Gods r personification of the universe around us.@LostTemple7
I ws very hurt by the recent pics of KALI Devi doing rounds on SM.Those who circulate it r ignorant,will nvr understand the true depth of SANATAN DHARM. For ‘em to catch upto what our ancestors accomplished will need another life-time. Posting one of my fav pics of Kaali Devi. 🙏
Waiting for Saturn to turn powerful again on sep 29th(+_1 week). There are many who deserve Karma’s slap.
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12 Sep
Taliban-Afghan negotiation in #Doha & how it will impact INDIA

1⃣Taliban hs demanded that 7000-8000 talib prisoners b released.
Heck! Once released #ISI will use these hardcore terrorists with longer "shell-lives" in KASHMIR.
Pak's desperate to amp up it's game agnst India.
Pak's desperation arises frm 2 reasons
~Kashmir factor, keeps Pak Army relevant.
~Cheeni masters r pressuring Pak to use it's wherewithal (read terrorists & wpns) to keep Indian border hot/ CFV (cross fire violation).

2⃣Another point of negotiation is CEASEFIRE.Bad idea!
Expecting terrorists grps to follow ceasefire is the most preposterous thing to do. Remember how in 2018 the terrorists utilised Ramazan ceasefire in Kashmir to regroup and replenish their resources?
Cant forget the face of Soldier Aurangzeb!!!
Gist is--ISI is buying time.
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11 Sep
Wanna manifest ur WISH?
Jst imagine u leading a life that u want to manifest. And rest will fall in place. Most of us have a habit of clipping our wishes coz our analytical mind and social conditioning tells us U can NOT do it, U r not meant for it.
And that’s NOT true!!!
Not getting a job?
Not finding the right partner?
Not happy with where u live?
the reason is simple someone hs fed into u that—U WILL NOT GET IT.
I knw it takes a lot of effort to come out of such a pessimistic view of life. Bt next time u imagine a future for urself...
3/4–don’t do it with a nagging thought inside ur head—will I b able to manifest it?
Of course U will manifest it & u can. ONLY u can!!!
Y is it so hard to believe in urself? Problem is— u don’t LOVE urself.U put urself down, compare urself with others & let -ve thoughts seep in.
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1 Sep
Continuation of my previous threads #SushantSingh—as more links to TERRORISTs & similarities with #Balabhaskar’s case emerges.
Let me start with Rhea being given a platform to tell her side of story.Fair enough!
On many occasions she threatened—I’ll commit suicide.(1/n)
2/n Last month when Kerala GOLD smuggling case came to fore, accused Swapna Suresh(muntaz) too ws given a platform/channel which posted her AUDIO msg,where she threatens to “kill herself” 4 being “vilified”.2 wks later she confessed—she knew smuggled gold ws used by terrorists.
3/n I’m pointing at the similarity btwn the SCRIPTS here—Female characters used 4 playing victim card.Their STRATEGY is to turn SSR’s case into a FAMILY feud.His sisters r being accused of using drugs/molestation.Bt who made the accusations?Ans-Shruti Modi’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi.
Read 11 tweets

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