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13 Sep
For the #astrology buffs, an alert:
Mercury is going retrograde between Sep 27 the & Oct 21st.
Jst be careful with ur COMMUNICATION, SPENDING & decision making.
Thankfully this is the last mercury retrograde of the year. The tiny planet goes in reverse direction THRICE a yr.
2/4 Mercury is Buddh, the planet which rules our decision making capability and hence wisdom.
This retrograde is important, as both the BIG boys, Jupiter and Saturn too are in backward motion right now.
FRUSTATION level-- sky high!
bt GOOD NEWS is by mid oct...
... both Jupiter & Saturn wld hv come out of their retrogrades.

End of october you shld breathe a SIGH OF RELIEF.👍

Interestingly, right now 4 planets are in backward motion in the sky, incld 2 outer planets, mercury will be the 5th. Mercury retrograde is abt FAKE news too.
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13 Sep
1/2 What’s happening in Panjshir is reminiscent of carnage carried out by TlPU in Northern Kerala when 10-11 yr old boys wr decap!tated.
Today North Kerala produces #lSlS recruits.

Trivia: #Panjshir ws PANCH-SHER ( 5 lions), named after 5 brothers.
Like Kandahar ws GANDHAR!
2/2 There’s also a famous story of PANJSHIR KE JOGI— apparently a stone. Story goes that a Jogi converted himself into a stone here. Another famous story frm Afg is of the #Asamai Temple, (named after Asha Devi) where the AKHAND jyoti (FIRE) has been burning since 4000 years.
Note: Local legend says Panjshir ws named after 5 brothers who built a dam for Ghazni in 11th century AD. I doubt it though! Ghazni massacred people in Afg and continued to do it till he reached India. Somnath Temple is an example of how brutal this man cld hv bn.
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12 Sep
~Leaked audio clip of #TaIiban leader claims-- #lSl chief caused chaos within Taliban. Also that few leaders have been injured in the firing which took place.

~lSl took away CLASSIFIED documents of Afghan Army.

And the WORLD has not yet risen to this.

We got the audio translated by @tEnBeAr97874435 to know what was it that was claimed in the audio.

But worse is yet to come.
Terr0ristan's Army has st0len classified documents from Afghanistan.
what can this be used against?
Probably India and those who hd assets in Afghan.
And more confirmations on TAALIBUMS splitting!!!😊
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11 Sep
1/3 News of DEADLIEST #Rafale coming to India in Jan 2022 is followed by news of #PK expanding it’s NUCLEAR arsenal with more warheads. Apparently right now they hv abt 165 warheads. They also use “tac nukes”. So how is INDIA planning to make RAFALE deadlier?
2/3 India specific enhancements incld radar enhancements, Israeli helmet-mounted displays, low-band jammers to towed decoy sys, engine capability for "cold start" frm high-altitudes like #Ladakh. Our video with @mjavinod sir on Rafales.
3/3 Once India gets 36th Rafale in Jan, all the Rafales will undergo “software certification”, ostensibly. And what are “tac nukes”? These r tactical nukes, in simple words smaller versions of actual nukes, which one of the PK minister hd described as nukes weighing in grams. 😄
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7 Sep
#ISRO truck blocked in Kerala!
Reason why India’s TIP (Kerala) is kept so rogue! #PortStates
Pls read d thread!🙏

On sunday workers union demanded “gawking wages” for an ISRO truck.
A practice where headloaders charge money for STARING at people loading/unloading cargo.🙄
2/10 It’s a banned practice yet workers union protested for it. This is jst ONE example of hw c0mmies work. They create a ruckus when not provided gawking wages. A #sinister practise to make KERALA an UNDESIRABLE location for investments.Ports of KERALA face similar issues.
3/10 Why ports of Kerala r so important? India is well placed geographically and since ancient times we hv hd ports which helped India prosper. Why did #VascoDeGama arrive in Kerala? Kerala was always an opening to Indian subcontinent. Thats why! (Pic: yozivag)
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6 Sep
1/2 So why did #lSl chief make an emergency landing in #Kabul? Reports say BARADAR injured in clashes with HAQQAN!s as Pk wanted pro P men in TaIib govt. lSl chief ws in Kabul to resolve the issue. Ostensibly there ws a shoot out too. Wow! This is getting interesting! 🙄
2/2 There’s one more report which says that Haqqan!s and Baradar fought over Panjshir issue. And that Baradar is now being treated in Pak. Well…. Well! Everything is not well in TAALIBUM heaven. 😃Heres the report>>>
It wld hv bn really foolish of lSL chief to appear in Afg at this point. Reports say, only other official who ws in Kabul recently ws the CIA chief. So if lSl chief ws in Kabul then he ws there coz he ws needed there to resolve issue. He ws also accompanied by Pk Ambassador.
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5 Sep
Buddies, I’m holding a Twitter #space at 6:30pm IST with @RohitashwT (professional astrologer). Topic: India, #astrology & ur personal queries. 👍👍👍 Do join us!!!
If u like astrology and general discussions on it, or if u want one personal reading, — do join us 😊👍
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4 Sep
Lying through my TEETH?
Heck! This is 44 page report by MICHAEL TANCHUM!


And I hd posted an article on India-UAE-Greece last month.

And here>>>
Which part of this a LIE?

Here's another TR0LL who hs been trolling INCESSANTLY from MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.
Quoted tweets are mine. Blocked him when I spotted him tr0lling me from diff accounts.
Check his TL you'll know how on DAILY basis he tr0lls me.

@mini_razdan10 @DetheEsha
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4 Sep
~MIND BLOWING strategy by #Modi Govt!
~China's #BRI & SUEZ Canal blocks wont hurt India.
~ FARMER to SOLDIER will reap benefits
~Massive CORRIDOR about which we hd posted in July.
~600,000 Indians already got employed!
~Answer to every PROTEST!👇
~One of the countries involved says after corridor becomes fully active it's trade volume will increase by 400%. So imagine how much change can it bring to INDIAN economy which will be the epicentre of activity of this project?
~Watch the STRATEGY
~STRATEGY is simple: India is an agriculture based economy, improving health of agriculture will improve everything else in INDIA.
~From FOOD to MILITARY, this impacts all
~Every PROTEST going on is one or the other way linked to this strategy.
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2 Sep
Modi govt is coming up with something HUGE.... really HUGE.
Govt needs our support.
You will reap the benefit of this strategy for very very long.

And I am not even kidding!

India has finally stretched it's HORIZON and is making a HUGE comeback. Image
Not making this stuff up! Give me 2 more days... I'll post everything with PROOF.
And this is not confidential stuff.
Just that --this 4 YEARS old strategy hasn't got enough attention.
Heck! I could not contain the excitement and ergo decided to HINT about it.
I am certain u haven't heard the name of it yet.
Everything else now appears to be a smaller part of this bigger strategy which includes military.
I'm talking abt a GUJJU-- they r the best when it comes to making MONEY.
Everything boils down to MONEY.
Will catch up in 2 days.
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12 Aug
Did launch of GISAT face EXTERNAL “interference”?
1️⃣ISRO’s major projects hv taken a hit recently For example Chandrayaan-2. ISRO report said crash was caused by a “software glitch”.
2️⃣ Today GISAT ws to be launched bt now it hs bn delayed by 1.5 YEARS. Read on…
2/4 GISAT was to be launched last year. 3️⃣ GISAT’s primary function wld hv bn to keep an eye on INDIA in REAL TIME. It wld hv bn of immense help during NATURAL disasters. Now this is 550m wide rupture which caused the disaster at Chamoli, Uttrakhand 6 months ago. 👇Natural?
3/4 Forget what I said above now check this >>4️⃣ Sriharikota has been on the hitlist of terr0rists. But blast would have received India the sympathy of other countries and a mission failure wld receive CRTICISM. The latter causes more damage psychologically the enemy knows.
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12 Aug
And…. it took off today. 👍 #ISRO has posted update: “Performance of 1st and 2nd stages was normal. However, Cryogenic Upper Stage ignition did not happen due to technical anomaly. The mission couldn't be accomplished as intended.” Will have to wait to see the impact of this.
ISRO’s GSLV failed to put EOS-03 in orbit. This launch was to be followed by other launches.
This was the 14th launch of GSLV and 4th failure. Last time GSLV developed anomaly in 2010. indianexpress.com/article/explai…
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11 Aug
Indians hv been psychologically tamed to be believe India CAN NOT #expand it’s territory.

Historians say— we NEVER attacked anyone. Really?

~India is where martial arts like #Kalarippayattu originated, that gave birth to KARATE.
~#Mahabharat & #Ramayan are abt WARS
2/2 ~Afghan to South East Asia, was under control of Indian rulers once.

~Our Devi & Devtas are depicted with weapons.

Our soldiers never PLUNDERed or r@ped. We had DISCIPLINED soldiers!!! Bt that doesn’t mean we did not believe in EXPANDing our territory.
I would love to know opinion of others on this topic.
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11 Aug
Beware #HINDUS!! How much MISINFORMATION cn 1 spread? 2 yrs ago I hd posted a thread on #JYOTIRLINGA & posted an IRRADIATION map( SOLAR ACTIVITY in thread quoted). Someone hs misunderstood it to be RADIATION map & made a content out of it calling JYOTIRLINGA as nuclear sites. 🤦‍♀️
I can understand ppl using some part of information. But pls dont call IRRADIATION MAP as RADIATION map. 🤦‍♀️ This was my article>>> resonantnews.com/2019/09/09/why…
If anyone can then —-please help me find if there really is any radiation map.
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10 Aug
India has apparently approached #Israel for special equipment so that search can be carried out at greater depth underwater in #Ranjeet Sagar dam where Indian Army’s helicopter had crashed last week.
This is really unfortunate! Reminds me of how 2 years ago I hd lost 4 members of my family to a car accident in a river, in US and their bodies wr recovered one by one after 5 days. Cant fathom what the families of the pilots must be going through. Hoping against all hopes!
I remember how it was Sushma Swaraj Ji who pushed the US govt to carry out a search in bad weather conditions. Our family will forever remain indebted to her.
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10 Aug
~EOS-3 will be launched on 12th Aug
~India’s 1st sky eye: earth observation SAT to be placed in geo-stationary orbit.
~ Real-time monitoring (image of India in every 30 min, resolution-50m ABGL).
~satellite is capable of imaging India 4-5 times daily.🚀
~EOS-3 will be launched aboard GSLV Mk III
~ 1st time vehicle’s payload fairing, nose of rocket where satellites r carried, will be a 4m ogive (bullet-like shape), making vehicle more aerodynamic.
~Same payload fairing is likely to be used for India’s HUMAN spaceflight. 🚀
Pic credit: spacetalk101, info credit: multiple sources
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9 Aug
PM #Modi is hinting at
1️⃣Recent attack on #Israeli ship & Strait of Hormuz
2️⃣SCS & how CHEENI maritime militia aka their Navy carries out drug trafficking and pushes its maritime boundaries in the sea through its men masquerading as fishermen.
3️⃣Gulf of Guinea
Reminds me of👇 Image
The incident in the screenshot had happened just before Israel & H0m0s hd picked swords against each other in May.
As expected, this has irked CHEEN. It wants everyone to stick to the word Asia-pacific and stop using INDIAN ocean. The bully jst met a match in INDIA! 😊
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9 Aug
Pak soldier wounded in a cross-border fire from Afghanistan. The incident happened yesterday at Dewagar post, #Waziristan. Interesting, this time it’s not just Afghanistan which is facing tumultuous times bt Pakistan too. Last night’s blast in #Quetta is a proof. Few days ago>👇 Image
In both Quetta blast & Grenade blast in Peshawar— policemen died and few others wr injured.
You reap what you sow!
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9 Aug
Science in Sanatana!

Why did Bhagwan #Shiv not destroy poison, HALAHALAM and why did he choose to drink and keep it in original form in his throat?

LAW of conservation of MASS and BODY cycles simplified! 😊 In #Sanatana stories help simplify universe’s functioning. Image
2/3 The 4 chakras below throat chakra each represent Earth, water, Fire and Air. If the poision was allowed to go below throat chakra, OR if it was allowed to be buried in soil, poured into sea or destroyed in Air, then it would hv polluted the planet. Inside & outside! Image

Shiv ji knew matter can neither be created or destroyed— what is today called law of conservation of mass. Hence he decided to keep the poison in his throat in it’s original form.

Stories of Puran are not merely stories but pearls of wisdom. Image
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26 Jul
Assam's CM confirms 6 #Assam Police personnel killed in a border dispute with #Mizoram.
Whole issue:
~June end, Assam Police took control of Aitlaghnar
~Mizoram accused Assam of encroachment
~8 huts wr set on fire by miscreants
~Grenade explosions & also stone pelting reported Image
Locals in Assam claim ppl in 100's pelted stones frm Mizoram. There's no way grenade attack cld hv bn done sans a plan.

This appears to be another planned "chaos", unfortunately between the states this time.
Latest update: Duty post has been handed back to CRPF personnel. Home minister in talks with both the CMs.
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19 Jul
My tweet frm 12th Dec 2020 when AL-Jeera’s journos wr given a nightmare by #Israeli spy-ware.😃👇Padh ke maza aaya tha! 😇 Bt hey wire.in came to knw abt it jst 2 days bck. Interestingly Wire published the article a day b4 its collaborator NEWSCLICK got jacked. 😁
My point being— Wire suspected its on Govt’s radar and it created a hullabaloo over the spyware assuming GoI is using the spyware. 😄 There are 10 other media houses on the radar, and pegasus will be too expensive for us to use. Common sense! Bt yeh darr achha hai! 🤓
Amd of course there wr a few more who added fuel to the above fire. :)
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