My blog 'The transformation of India' in twitter format.

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It is not a pleasant job to write about the negative forces and characters that usurped power with the help of so many lies, propaganda, untruths, and inactions, playing with promises, the ambitions of people, and weaknesses of Congress and other opposition parties.
It does hurt to talk about such negativity and the persons responsible for causing them. What is the alternative left when every institution, individuals responsible to act; the checks and balances provided in the system have failed and are almost nonexistent.
The failures, misuse of power and authority are rampant, rising into hills and mountains all around but even the courts with supreme power do not witness anything perceptibly, profoundly wrong. It is all fine for them. They only threaten to impose fine if PIL’s are filed.
If the rulers are unscrupulous, unethical, unfair, unworthy, shifty, secretive, dubious, devious, clever and cunning everyone becomes the victim except the rulers and their friends. All descriptions here unfailingly fit present rulers. They are positive only by this yardstick.
When every institution, rule, economy, and prosperity of people are almost destroyed beyond recognition during last 6 years of this Modi regime, some ‘intellectuals’ still call him achiever, developer, a master politician but has not acted or spoken a word sensibly till now.
Perhaps they could not differentiate between shrewd and crude, artful, and heartless acts. Modi has shown his utter contempt for rules, practices, morality, institutions including courts and every other pillar of our so-called democracy. Some remnants are still there.
Modi has a penchant for setting big targets as he has unlimited energy and attention for image building, camera lens, and creating history. He took it upon himself to destroy the ‘status quo’ of 70 years. He has done it, as complete destruction is also removal of status quo.
Everyone has to accept that Modi is a master technician and craftsman who uses every tool available in his hand to exploit the weakness in the system and people. He has the able assistance of a person with a proven record who declares publicly ‘Sansad Mein do-do haath ho jae’.
They use ‘Sama Dhana Bheda Danda’ in any order which achieves their ends. They are immoral and without scruples. It hardly matters to them when everything is under their thumb and it rules. They contend ‘Isamen kaunasee badee baat hai’. What is the big deal about it?
They need men who obey their rules without showing any interest beyond what they permit. That kind of sincerity, obedience, discipline will get rewarded. We have too many people and bureaucrats in our midst to bow, surrender silently, obligingly to obey their dictums.
Patience and tolerance of people of India are to be saluted. That is why they could bear with such a transition, transformation of the rulers and their draconian rules, laws, twisting/ modifying their interpretation, application, execution, bulldozing all views/ objections.
The truth is Indians are passive, pliable and all their warriors are heroes within their limits. Presently we do not have even a few decimals of the fighting spirit of what our freedom fighters had. Further people are selfish, spoiled by avarice, ambition, and group culture.
But for Gandhi India would never have got independence. He perhaps understood and represented in a way Indian’s mind, abilities, and weaknesses. His nonviolent path suited us more. Further, he had truth, vision, patience, perseverance, and the confidence of freedom fighters.
Now another from same area has understood the weaknesses but used it to destroy all that has been built. He is democratically elected. He could choose and adopt his version of democracy, using his choice of men and machines. Money is also generated when you have no scruples.
Where are we going to find a ‘Gandhi’ to lead, with so many fighters who are prepared to suffer and sacrifice in this more materialistic world?

How long will this second war of independence take?

Have we got real freedom 7 decades after the 1st war of independence?
The war within Congress and between opposition parties do add to the diffidence.

When opposition is tentative and weak, rulers are aggressive, assertive, every pillar of democracy has fallen and the protectors of such institutions have surrendered to the dictates of rulers.
Amidst all these negativities, there are still some rays of hope. We still have some remnants of democracy. Further Modi & Co are not Britishers or true fascists but very poor imitations with uncontrolled failures & ambitions. They have weak links that will checkmate them.

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