Here's a call I got from a mom just yesterday:

At 12, daughter decides with her friends that she's trans. Mom not on board. Daughter had always been very girly - more girly than the non-feminine mom was comfortable with.

At 14, daughter pushes for hormones & surgery.
Daughter discovers that if she "opens up" to her pro-transition step-mom & therapist that mom is a "transphobe," that she's not "safe" with mom as a trans teen, she
gets everyone's attention.

At 14, frustrated with mom, daughter tells step-mom that living with mom puts her at risk of suicide. Social workers and therapists leap in to 'help.' Step-mom only too happy to let her get hormones and surgeries. Mom now at risk of losing custody.

I hear stories like this many times a week.

Our culture has turned its back on the American family. Social workers, internet influencers, school therapists, psychologists and doctors all "affirm" troubled teen girls and threaten all parents who aren't on board.

This is a story no mainstream newspaper wants to hear -- certainly not enough to run a review of my book. They're afraid of the woke mobs in their own ranks -- like the one threatening Joe Rogan right now.

There's an epidemic of troubled teen girls suddenly deciding they're trans with friends, begging for hormones and surgeries and getting them. Read my book. Or don't ready my book. The phenomenon is real. All the efforts to silence me won't help these girls.

We have a choice to make: It's between the woke mobs and their tremulous feelings or the mental health and welfare of teen girls. It's past time we stopped bowing to the mobs. It's time to stand up for our girls.


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We're really not making a big enough deal of the fact that @amazon has begun deleting books.


Amazon now claims the right to bar all books that are "inappropriate or offensive."…

Of course, nearly *every book* worth reading could be characterized as 'inappropriate' or 'offensive' to someone. /2
But also, Amazon is manifestly dishonest about censoring books that are "offensive" or "inappropriate."

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What difference will the Equality Act make? In every single state, overnight, all of the following will become illegal.


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As long as a male TSA agent has announced he is a woman, he does the pat down. /2
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It's become commonplace to poke fun at the silly hypocrisy of media and Big Tech 'fact checkers.' The situation is actually far more dire than people realize.

Here's my own experience. /1
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I was proven right faster than I imagined. On Feb 2, the Administration confirmed this. /2 Image
Nonetheless, within *days*, two news organizations (@USATODAY and @Newsweek) 'fact checked' my legal opinion & branded it 'false' or 'missing context.' That is absurd, not only bc it was an opinion (and correct!) but bc it takes time to know how the EO will be enforced. /3
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So, before a non-leftist can be published in MSM, they will now review everything he/she has ever written or said to see if that *person* is worth ‘platforming.’ This is passing stupid. /1
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The burgeoning medical scandal that goes by "teen transgender medicine," which I've been investigating for the last year, has changed my view on American exceptionalism. I am, and will always be, extremely proud to be an American. /1
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The High Court's decision was a scathing indictment of system of transgender medicine that pushes teens through hasty protocols and highly risky treatments - protocols & treatments identical to our own. Who cares? We're American, we know right from wrong... /3
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29 Oct 20
Think we don't have a serious problem w censorship in America?

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Amazon blocked my publisher from sponsoring ads for my book, while allowing ads for books that pushed the contrary view -- that is, books that argue that gender transition for teens is without serious risk.… /2
All of the legacy media outlets refused journalists' requests to review my book. Even Kirkus, which reviews 10,000 titles per year, declined to review it - even though it was the #1 book in several Amazon categories based on sales.… /3
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