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16 Apr
What's at stake in America right now is much larger than the liberal vs conservative agendas we know so well.

What's at stake right now is the rule of law, free speech, equal protection and the integrity of our branches of government. Some examples: /1
Facebook has a messenger service. It pretends to allow people to talk to each other privately. It's not supposed to be reading their mail and putting it through some sort of ideological purity test.

Officers are being charged with manslaughter - criminal homicide - in order to appease a mob.
As @AlanDersh has pointed out, Minnesota's manslaughter statute doesn't remotely apply in the Kim Potter case. /3

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26 Feb
We're really not making a big enough deal of the fact that @amazon has begun deleting books.


Amazon now claims the right to bar all books that are "inappropriate or offensive."


Of course, nearly *every book* worth reading could be characterized as 'inappropriate' or 'offensive' to someone. /2
But also, Amazon is manifestly dishonest about censoring books that are "offensive" or "inappropriate."

They continue to sell books like this, which discusses very young children performing fellatio.


And I don't believe they should stop selling it! /3
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21 Feb
What difference will the Equality Act make? In every single state, overnight, all of the following will become illegal.


A devout Muslim woman enters a U.S. airport, dressed in a burka. She's randomly selected for a pat-down & requests a female.

As long as a male TSA agent has announced he is a woman, he does the pat down. /2
An employer creates a lactation room for breastfeeding mothers, which only women may enter. Some enter alone and others enter accompanied by female coworkers.

Now, a bio male wants entry. All he needs is to claim female identity. Now, employer cannot exclude him. /3
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12 Feb
It's become commonplace to poke fun at the silly hypocrisy of media and Big Tech 'fact checkers.' The situation is actually far more dire than people realize.

Here's my own experience. /1
On Jan 20, I read Biden's EO on Gender Identity and tweeted my legal opinion: it would force public high schools to allow bio boys onto girls' teams, beginning the end of girls' sports.

I was proven right faster than I imagined. On Feb 2, the Administration confirmed this. /2 Image
Nonetheless, within *days*, two news organizations (@USATODAY and @Newsweek) 'fact checked' my legal opinion & branded it 'false' or 'missing context.' That is absurd, not only bc it was an opinion (and correct!) but bc it takes time to know how the EO will be enforced. /3
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14 Jan
So, before a non-leftist can be published in MSM, they will now review everything he/she has ever written or said to see if that *person* is worth ‘platforming.’ This is passing stupid. /1
First, it forces us to score *people* and not just an idea (as if we’re in any position to sum up each other’s entire work/worth). Second, it discourages ever expressing an opinion that would deviate from your ideological tribe (risking estrangement from both camps) /2
Third, it fortifies the walls around ideological camps — so readers can never come across opinions they don’t already hold. Fourth, it encourages the childish and impossible standard that there are the ‘pristine,’ who never express things they might regret, and the cancelled. /3
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17 Dec 20
The burgeoning medical scandal that goes by "teen transgender medicine," which I've been investigating for the last year, has changed my view on American exceptionalism. I am, and will always be, extremely proud to be an American. /1
But the UK press has been willing to take a hard look at the evidence of an epidemic of teen girls suddenly transitioning for reasons other than gender dysphoria. The US legacy media has not. /2

The High Court's decision was a scathing indictment of system of transgender medicine that pushes teens through hasty protocols and highly risky treatments - protocols & treatments identical to our own. Who cares? We're American, we know right from wrong... /3
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29 Oct 20
Think we don't have a serious problem w censorship in America?

Here's what it's like to write a book that takes the entirely common sense view - supported by dozens of experts & most Americans - that gender transition among teen girls is risky & should only proceed w caution. 1/
Amazon blocked my publisher from sponsoring ads for my book, while allowing ads for books that pushed the contrary view -- that is, books that argue that gender transition for teens is without serious risk. wsj.com/articles/amazo… /2
All of the legacy media outlets refused journalists' requests to review my book. Even Kirkus, which reviews 10,000 titles per year, declined to review it - even though it was the #1 book in several Amazon categories based on sales.
feministcurrent.com/2020/08/30/bla… /3
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14 Oct 20
In August, the National Association of Science Writers (@ScienceWriters) expelled a member of its online discussion group for mentioning my book, IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE, and @LisaLittman1, the public health researcher who did the original study that the book is based upon. /1
I spoke to Sean Scott, the man who was expelled from the group. When he mentioned my book, he wasn't even sure he agreed with it. "I thought it might be something I might want to write about or at least talk about, and I was banned," he told me. /2
Since then, I have tried to get a mainstream journalist to take this up. The NASW isn't a preschool and its members are NOT right-wingers. They are professionals who report on scientific matters. The older members were appalled. One tipped me off, another confirmed. /3
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18 Sep 20
Here's a call I got from a mom just yesterday:

At 12, daughter decides with her friends that she's trans. Mom not on board. Daughter had always been very girly - more girly than the non-feminine mom was comfortable with.

At 14, daughter pushes for hormones & surgery.
Daughter discovers that if she "opens up" to her pro-transition step-mom & therapist that mom is a "transphobe," that she's not "safe" with mom as a trans teen, she
gets everyone's attention.

At 14, frustrated with mom, daughter tells step-mom that living with mom puts her at risk of suicide. Social workers and therapists leap in to 'help.' Step-mom only too happy to let her get hormones and surgeries. Mom now at risk of losing custody.

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18 Aug 20
A few thoughts on Dr. @jack_turban's tweetstorm in which he purports to fact-check the inaccuracies of my book, Irreversible Damage.

The essential claim of my book is that most of the teen girls who identify as "trans" suddenly in adolescence are caught in a social current that has little to do with actual gender dysphoria. This is the sort of claim that ought cause a doctor to pause /2
and examine whether it is true for some or any of these patients. Are girls being fast-tracked to transition? Are docs sure the girls' desire for transition is motivated principally, if at all, by GD? Because the most important question is whether these girls are being harmed. /3
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2 Mar 20
We're going to see a lot more of this - adolescent girls, regretting their hasty and heated transitions. And we'll wonder why more people didn't speak up.

Those of us who write about the issue - we know why.


I've been kicked out of events and labeled a bigot in my community, all for a book NO ONE's yet read. All for suggesting that maybe the sudden spike of trans id among teen girls may be the result of peer contagion.

Endlessly, I'm told, I'm going to "need serious security."
There is *nothing* transphobic about pointing out that a population of teenage girls who has never exhibited any 'gender dysphoria' in the entire diagnostic history of GD (going back to the early 1900s) might be talking themselves into it.
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19 Feb 20
Pre-orders are now available for my book:

IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

The book explores the idea that trans-identification has become a peer contagion among teen girls.


Here's what the book is NOT about: trans adults - although I interviewed many, mainly because so much activism claims to speak in their name. The individuals were sober and lovely and one became a friend. But the book--and the contagion--have almost nothing to do with them. /2
IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE is about a contemporary hysteria -- teen girls' penchant for spreading & increasing their own pain. These girls are in genuine distress. But "gender dysphoria" or "being trans" is a cry to be taken seriously, not correct self-diagnosis. /3
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9 Jan 19
My response to this rebuttal of my WSJ piece in the NYT:

1/ Conservatives didn't invent ROGD and it isn't a political designation; it's a term Lisa Littman used - and it is a clinical term; she's a public health researcher and medical doctor.

2/ If you don't like the term "ROGD," the point still stands: This is a social contagion. Adolescent girls, mentored by friends, encouraged by internet gurus and psychotherapists are self-diagnosing as "gender dysphoric" and demanding testosterone and surgeries.
3/ Gender clinics are complying -- even with minors -- without even requiring a psych evaluation. These girls are very troubled. They have social issues. Their anxiety rages. But rather than acting like adults, apprising them of the grievous health risks of massive doses of T,
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