Outside Carathers Park, restaurant patrons enjoy outdoor dinners.

A few blocks away, about a hundred people congregate outside a dimly lit ICE facility.

Gas masks are going on. Image
DHS has 2 men on the roof, plus about a dozen men visible in the parking lot.

Protesters are throwing plastic balls at the steel gate.

DHS gave a 2 minute warning about 5 minutes ago. Image
Videos are NOT uploading. @TheRealCoryElia having the same problem. Lots of smoke out after a series of DHS rushes.

PPD LRAD is now making threats. Unlawful assembly declared.

Word has it a riot van just left the JC. ImageImage
Camo-clad feds with glowing helmets came out shooting all kinds of shit.

They just finished shooting munitions at an umbrella wall. ImageImage
My guy @2lesslegs out here spitting that grade A fire.

We've got a new flashlight guy. Was nice enough to pose for the camera. ImageImageImage
Flashbang went off really close. Just got my full vision back 10 minutes after flashlight guy direct eyed me.

Around the corner a fire hydrant is gushing.

Gas lingers in the air... oh and PPD is here. ImageImageImage
Feds just shot up somebody's car from a while block away.

The theme of the night is definitely weapons free.

In other news, I lost my WOHM cap.
Feds have completely retreated. PPB's turn. Image
When they say the demands were unclear. ImageImage
Everybody back at the ICE Building, meaning basically everything the police did earlier was for naught.

Dude is giving a megaphone speech but I'll upload video later. Image
DHS just shooting everything at everything. Forcing people into corners and making arrests.

A standoff on the corner here on Moody. As I tweet, DHS is defending a public street from live streamers.

Your tax dollars at work. ImageImage
So. Much. Tear gas.

Here's a canister stuck in the streetcar track. Protesters have dubbed it The Can In The Tracks and whomsoever removes it is the true King of Camelot. Image
I am out of S. Waterfront.

• • •

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More from @MacSmiff

24 Nov
Activism has to start at home.

Kill the bigot in your head. Confront your own family about fascist behaviors. Kill the capitalist in your head. Stop celebrating racist holidays. Make good trouble at your job. Be inclusive in your place of worship. Eat sustainably. Share freely.
Some of the most rewarding moments of my summer included talking to Muslim family about the value of trans lives, excoriating my employer for allowing systematic racism & talking to black church elders abt defunding the police.

"We take care of us" applies to our souls as well.
Just as you'll never topple a building by breaking its windows and setting its drapes aflame, you'll never topple white supremacy by demolishing its buildings.

Beware the white man's proxy wars.

Give them hell in their safe spaces. Be direct. Normalize calling out bigotry.
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23 Nov
To be heard…


We all have our reasons, I presume....
For me, the concept of being understood has always felt somewhat intangible.

As a young child, I suffered from a terrible stutter.

Only the people who loved me bothered to hear me.

The ability to write well – I thought – would free me from a future of larger misunderstanding.
I studied words. I read books. I journaled. I got published. I drew. I found pen pals. I built websites on the world wide web and dug for information.

I learned to write and I learned to communicate, but rarely still was I understood.
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19 Nov
I think I was supposed to be scared, but I keep on laughing.

It's funny because I had to stop rapping to make a top 10 list! Ichiro! Number One!!!
I wish y'all could see who else was on that list. I beat out some EXCELLENT competition.
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15 Nov
Because culturally speaking, white violence is widely regarded as either "necessary" or "celebration".
OK let's talk about white violence a bit.

Why is it celebrated?
Why is it allowed?
How does it advance white supremacy?

The answer to both the first and second is the third, so let's mostly talk about that one.

But first...
If you're not sure what I mean when I talk about "white violence", please plug the phrase into your Google box and that will render you better results than hopping into my mentions with questions.

If you need evidence this exists, there are centuries of examples.
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14 Nov
I'm supposed to write something this morning so I don't wanna waste my morning burst...

... but lemme get these lil' tweets off real quick. Just a warm up.
Staying safe and not transmitting COVID - i.e., flattening the curve - does not mean that protest activity needs to end.

It does mean that tactics need to change and networks need to be hardened. Indeed, habits need to be formed and actions need to be focused.

Gotta smarten up.
The instinct to focus on mutual aid during the winter, I think, is both natural and logical. The climate is harsh, and chances to do not just good but better by the people most vulnerable to the environment are plentiful.

The potential to collect blessings is overwhelming.
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13 Nov
Kate, is that you? Image
Kate is here, says there have already been 1000 new cases TODAY. It's noon.

She says nobody wants to get in an ambulance and be told there's no where to take them.
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