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24 Nov
Activism has to start at home.

Kill the bigot in your head. Confront your own family about fascist behaviors. Kill the capitalist in your head. Stop celebrating racist holidays. Make good trouble at your job. Be inclusive in your place of worship. Eat sustainably. Share freely.
Some of the most rewarding moments of my summer included talking to Muslim family about the value of trans lives, excoriating my employer for allowing systematic racism & talking to black church elders abt defunding the police.

"We take care of us" applies to our souls as well.
Just as you'll never topple a building by breaking its windows and setting its drapes aflame, you'll never topple white supremacy by demolishing its buildings.

Beware the white man's proxy wars.

Give them hell in their safe spaces. Be direct. Normalize calling out bigotry.
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23 Nov
To be heard…


We all have our reasons, I presume....
For me, the concept of being understood has always felt somewhat intangible.

As a young child, I suffered from a terrible stutter.

Only the people who loved me bothered to hear me.

The ability to write well – I thought – would free me from a future of larger misunderstanding.
I studied words. I read books. I journaled. I got published. I drew. I found pen pals. I built websites on the world wide web and dug for information.

I learned to write and I learned to communicate, but rarely still was I understood.
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19 Nov
I think I was supposed to be scared, but I keep on laughing.

It's funny because I had to stop rapping to make a top 10 list! Ichiro! Number One!!!
I wish y'all could see who else was on that list. I beat out some EXCELLENT competition.
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15 Nov
Because culturally speaking, white violence is widely regarded as either "necessary" or "celebration".
OK let's talk about white violence a bit.

Why is it celebrated?
Why is it allowed?
How does it advance white supremacy?

The answer to both the first and second is the third, so let's mostly talk about that one.

But first...
If you're not sure what I mean when I talk about "white violence", please plug the phrase into your Google box and that will render you better results than hopping into my mentions with questions.

If you need evidence this exists, there are centuries of examples.
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14 Nov
I'm supposed to write something this morning so I don't wanna waste my morning burst...

... but lemme get these lil' tweets off real quick. Just a warm up.
Staying safe and not transmitting COVID - i.e., flattening the curve - does not mean that protest activity needs to end.

It does mean that tactics need to change and networks need to be hardened. Indeed, habits need to be formed and actions need to be focused.

Gotta smarten up.
The instinct to focus on mutual aid during the winter, I think, is both natural and logical. The climate is harsh, and chances to do not just good but better by the people most vulnerable to the environment are plentiful.

The potential to collect blessings is overwhelming.
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13 Nov
Kate, is that you? Image
Kate is here, says there have already been 1000 new cases TODAY. It's noon.

She says nobody wants to get in an ambulance and be told there's no where to take them.
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19 Oct
I want to talk about "Black Lives Matter" and the evolution of its meaning within various subgroups, but I have not had my coffee yet.

I have come to hold the opinion that the term "Black Lives Matter" has become as dangerous as it is useful, mainly because it has been coopted by the very folks - Black & white - who ostracized the organization for both valid and invalid reasons.

Perpetrating frauds.
On its face, BLM makes perfect sense, it's a more passive way to say "Black Power". Its genius in protest terms is the statement's uncanny ability to draw racists into open debate, where bigotry always loses (because we matter).

White privilege is thus exposed for all to see.
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17 Oct
Well dressed white lady at the BLM Ribs stand was talking to folks about the raid on the homeless camps earlier, so I got in and asked a few questions, specifically why she felt she had the authority to remove the encampment.
She repeated multiple times that "it's about peace", and claimed that the houseless were doing drugs and leaving needles around. She also claimed that they had thrown molotovs the prior night, a point which was contested by people in the crowd.
I asked if the rib spot was a charity. She said it's not, but says they feed the houseless (?).

Someone suggested that the issue between the camps was personal; she said that it might be, but repeated that it's about peace.
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16 Oct
One thing I love doing at work is making people admit that they don't know how to do something, and then forcing them (thru awkward silence and faux aloofness) to ask for help...

... only to tell them that I don't know either and to ask someone else.

Men be mad.

And I'm the only Black male at my job so you know which "men" I'm talking about.

For maximum effect, first I like to cut the request of "I need somebody to do X" down with "You don't know how to do X?"

This catches the coworker off-guard and creates unnecessary defensiveness.
Once the coworker is properly perked, verify that they have all the tools required to do the work themself, then force them to self identify their lack of training as the issue.

I call this "stewing" because this is where you really get the flavor. Best if others are watching.
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15 Oct
Took my dog in to treat an ear infection and she ended up getting surgery and a biopsy.

$1,000+ later... I'll be at the crib doing post-op care for a few days.
I think it's important to keep in mind that many of the people we see out doing the work in this revolution of sorts (protesting, fund raising, housing, organizing) are not "full time activists" and we are out here IN ADDITION to our already busy, difficult and stressful lives.
Not complaining cuz I love my life (couldn't always say that) but I have 4 kids (1 in college), a marriage, an ill dog, parents moving back, a bro being harassed by Vancouver PD, a full time job, and I'm dealing with MULTIPLE income streams being cut off due to COVID.
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14 Oct
Ted Wheeler's choices in Black friends is rather concerning.

Mondaine and Hennessee have more in common than y'all knew!…
Shout out to @alex_zee. Been killing it on this protest trail.
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26 Sep
In These Streets, A Thread

Today's thread might be a little different. Gonna be some jumping around so don't worry if you get confused. I'll fill in the blanks later.

Police have a light presence a few blocks from Peninsula Park. They seem to be chatting it up.
Police walk through the park and are followed by activists.

As they ask for details about the event, someone tells them to check the website.
I count 3, maybe 4 chuds hiding in the crowd.

There's a lot of pizza, free shields, and signs are posted around the picnic area.
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25 Sep
Arbor Lodge Park

Somebody rambling on the mic under a cloudy moon. Not many people here. There's almost as many press and motorcade as protesters.
They blowing bubbles.
There's a speaker at PPA talking about how the revolution is being white washed by both so-called leaders who condemn violent action, and those who blame radical action on a white fringe element.
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22 Sep
This is the next speech I'm going to give at the protest lol...
I have enough people that like me.

I don't be in these streets looking for friends, I'm out here scanning for accomplices. I'm measuring the like-minded and those with adjacent goals for capability and commitment to principles.

I'm out here by moral obligation.
And along the way, we make friends, we share in love, we bond, we fight, we agree, we laugh, we dance, we clique, we compete...

That's all part of the process. But when we talk about centering... What's the big picture?

We don't HAVE to be buddies for Black Lives to Matter.
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22 Sep
I pull up to the park.

A loud "BLACK LIVES MATTER!" chant is heard in the distance. I followed the sound. Image
And we're walking.

Lots of medics. Press bloc is here. A couple of mutual aid tents are packing up.

This crowd has energy tonight.
"Whose land? Stolen Land!
Whose streets? Chinook Streets!" Image
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20 Sep

Waiting to march.
Gary has the megaphone and seems to have taken control of the march.

We've marched to the Gus J Solomon US Courthouse.

Press seems to be protecting the doors.
The sounds of breaking glass are unmistakable as we match away from the courthouse.

The crowd marches toward the JC chanting Black Lives Matter.
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19 Sep
OK, I'm watching Curious George with my baby and I figure there's no time like the present to share videos from last night.

Guess I'll take it from the top?

I was putting on my gasmask when the 1st rush started. Green gas to start the night.

This was in response to graffiti.
DHS pushed us up Moody, stopped, then pushed again. Deployed gas liberally.

@2lesslegs, a figure throughout this thread, chews them out.

A DHS officer uses his gun mounted strobe light on press and legal observers.
DHS retreated after that rush, which was honestly pretty light.

But the second push... I include this footage of "nothing really happening until it's happening" so that you can see how confusing it is when the feds/cops suddenly decide to get aggressive.

*squeaky pigs*
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19 Sep
Outside Carathers Park, restaurant patrons enjoy outdoor dinners.

A few blocks away, about a hundred people congregate outside a dimly lit ICE facility.

Gas masks are going on. Image
DHS has 2 men on the roof, plus about a dozen men visible in the parking lot.

Protesters are throwing plastic balls at the steel gate.

DHS gave a 2 minute warning about 5 minutes ago. Image
Videos are NOT uploading. @TheRealCoryElia having the same problem. Lots of smoke out after a series of DHS rushes.

PPD LRAD is now making threats. Unlawful assembly declared.

Word has it a riot van just left the JC. ImageImage
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17 Sep
Candace's face is sending me..

They sent out Jami Resch, the former chief who authorized rioting police hiding their badges before she stepped down, to talk to the CRC. Image
She's referring to officers who carry munitions launchers as "grenadiers". A wholly official title, I'm sure.

They call the police that rush crowd, "rushers". I would have gone with "clubbers" but that's just me?

Also notes that police can still use "CS pyro" in a "riot".
Jami ran out the meeting by talking about the types of weapons the police have & doing LRAD impressions. Left no time for questions.

Yume called it an infomercial for CS gas.
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12 Sep
Yeah... Y'all should log in.

All the politics will be talked.
Y'all... I have not spoken yet and everyone on this call is already talking about diversity of tactics, ensuring change for ALL, and even COINTELPRO...

I could cry.

@WalidahImarisha is killing it!
@WalidahImarisha said to watch this, so go watch this.

I stan.
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10 Sep
#3 Justin Damerville, was among seven officers who fired on a man with a knife in a homeless shelter on April 7, 2018. Image
Justin Damerville #3 made the news in 2014 when he arrested a houseless woman for spitting on the street and complaining that he'd improperly arrested her a month earlier.…
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