It’s weird when people who are white, cis, straight, able bodied and relatively well off talk about moving out of America. Like your rights are relatively unchanged. The problem is people worse off than you...That doesn’t disappear if you move to Canada.
Like if you feel ok living in Canada or Europe or wherever without a care for people in america whose rights ARE being threatened, then you should be fine living here and ignoring the issue. Is your problem SEEING this stuff happen??
This is not to say that there aren’t many many people whose lives would be improved abroad for a whole host of reasons (health care, basic rights, less white supremacy or white supremacy with less militarization). But so many people talking about leaving are not even effected!
Not to mention of course that there isn’t a country who is doing everything perfectly. Like you’re gonna find racism and wealth inequality all over.
Anyway, I think there are many valid reasons to want to leave and trust me I’m not a fan of America as a concept but a whole lot of people want to leave to a whiter country where they don’t have to be confronted with anything bad happening to people around them.

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21 Nov 20
one thing that concerns me so much is that either humans as a whole or much more likely today’s American society is showing itself to be absolutely incapable of sacrifice.
The idea of sacrifice is going to be like The Theme of the next 100 years imo. Who sacrifices? For whom? What are we willing to sacrifice? Etc
And hypocritically many people who are rock hard for “the ultimate sacrifice” military-esque talk are seemingly very unwilling to actually give up anything for the greater good at all.
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21 Nov 20
I cannot understand weddings right now. I cannot. If being legally married matters to you for sex and you can’t wait a second longer go get a document at a courthouse and suck off your partner. If legality isn’t the issue then fucking why wouldn’t you want to WAIT?
I know about deposits. But that’s a sunk cost. You cannot get the money back by having a shitty half-full wedding where you spread Corona.
I usually try my hardest to be as generous as possible and assume there are circumstances I don’t know about. But a wedding is just a party. (A marriage is not and is bigger). Anyone having a party right now is a selfish prick.
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4 Oct 20
I hate when true crime shows make someone do a polygraph test because they aren’t ... real
Update: the Chris Watts documentary is terrible.
It was just straightforward and boring and awful.
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27 Sep 20
I’m 12 mins into the octopus documentary and I donated to an ocean conservancy project
One thing I forgot before watching this movie is ... I’m afraid of under water
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19 Sep 20
This is my personal answer not The Correct Answer but I think the first step is treating it like actual meaningful grief, which it is.
The loss of a future/a goal/a long term dream/a plan is SAD and worth grieving over. So the same way you would allow yourself sadness and fear and messiness in grief over death, allow yourself it for this.
I think the next part is to try to tease out what is and is not lost. There are some good things still. There is work to do still. There are people to help and aunts to call and spaghetti dinners to eat. Not everything is lost and not everything will be.
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19 Sep 20
A lot of people are finally waking up to the likelihood that their lives will not go like their parents’ lives went, and it’s very hard to let go of that expectation. I also think a lot of people already knew that and are at a later/different stage of grief.
Like babe we’re not getting mortgages and children and college educations and Roth IRAs. Sorry but you’re not gonna be 60 years old talking about your new hardwood floors with your best friends on the back patio.
I feel like personally I did a lot of grieving about 6 years ago when I realized how bad the climate change situation is and I had to let go of a LOT of personal and professional goals and it SUCKED ASS
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