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21 Nov 20
one thing that concerns me so much is that either humans as a whole or much more likely today’s American society is showing itself to be absolutely incapable of sacrifice.
The idea of sacrifice is going to be like The Theme of the next 100 years imo. Who sacrifices? For whom? What are we willing to sacrifice? Etc
And hypocritically many people who are rock hard for “the ultimate sacrifice” military-esque talk are seemingly very unwilling to actually give up anything for the greater good at all.
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21 Nov 20
I cannot understand weddings right now. I cannot. If being legally married matters to you for sex and you can’t wait a second longer go get a document at a courthouse and suck off your partner. If legality isn’t the issue then fucking why wouldn’t you want to WAIT?
I know about deposits. But that’s a sunk cost. You cannot get the money back by having a shitty half-full wedding where you spread Corona.
I usually try my hardest to be as generous as possible and assume there are circumstances I don’t know about. But a wedding is just a party. (A marriage is not and is bigger). Anyone having a party right now is a selfish prick.
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4 Oct 20
I hate when true crime shows make someone do a polygraph test because they aren’t ... real
Update: the Chris Watts documentary is terrible.
It was just straightforward and boring and awful.
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27 Sep 20
I’m 12 mins into the octopus documentary and I donated to an ocean conservancy project
One thing I forgot before watching this movie is ... I’m afraid of under water
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19 Sep 20
This is my personal answer not The Correct Answer but I think the first step is treating it like actual meaningful grief, which it is.
The loss of a future/a goal/a long term dream/a plan is SAD and worth grieving over. So the same way you would allow yourself sadness and fear and messiness in grief over death, allow yourself it for this.
I think the next part is to try to tease out what is and is not lost. There are some good things still. There is work to do still. There are people to help and aunts to call and spaghetti dinners to eat. Not everything is lost and not everything will be.
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19 Sep 20
A lot of people are finally waking up to the likelihood that their lives will not go like their parents’ lives went, and it’s very hard to let go of that expectation. I also think a lot of people already knew that and are at a later/different stage of grief.
Like babe we’re not getting mortgages and children and college educations and Roth IRAs. Sorry but you’re not gonna be 60 years old talking about your new hardwood floors with your best friends on the back patio.
I feel like personally I did a lot of grieving about 6 years ago when I realized how bad the climate change situation is and I had to let go of a LOT of personal and professional goals and it SUCKED ASS
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19 Sep 20
It’s weird when people who are white, cis, straight, able bodied and relatively well off talk about moving out of America. Like your rights are relatively unchanged. The problem is people worse off than you...That doesn’t disappear if you move to Canada.
Like if you feel ok living in Canada or Europe or wherever without a care for people in america whose rights ARE being threatened, then you should be fine living here and ignoring the issue. Is your problem SEEING this stuff happen??
This is not to say that there aren’t many many people whose lives would be improved abroad for a whole host of reasons (health care, basic rights, less white supremacy or white supremacy with less militarization). But so many people talking about leaving are not even effected!
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19 Sep 20
Arizona, Maine and NC have senate races that are winnable for Dems!! Unfortunately McConnell is leading by a lot in KY. Give to close races!
Ok here is Mark Kelly in Arizona…
Sara Gideon in Maine
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17 Sep 20
There is a house near mine that my dog practically drags me to where about 5 feral cats live and they aren’t always there but when they are she makes me stand and watch them with her like a creep
Update: shes moved closer Image
my dog seeing another dog: whatever

my dog seeing the house where she saw a cat ONE TIME a week ago: I simply *must* go back
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13 Sep 20
this stat gets thrown around A LOT and while it’s certainly helpful to point out the fact that corporations are way more harmful than individuals, the stat is misleading
I used to throw it around too!!! But then someone explained that the companies that are on that list are mostly fossil fuel companies and when INDIVIDUALS use their products (ie drive cars, take cruises, fly, etc) the study counted that as emissions from the corporation
Which is... misleading.

Again!!! I would like most corporations to be broken up and for all the people involved to b*rn in h*ll. But there WILL need to be individual sacrifice. People will HAVE TO change their diets. People will HAVE TO use less oil.
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13 Sep 20
You know the “we invited food reviewers to try the whopper commercial”? ....Why do they make the food reviewers pay???
I can’t understand the commercial at all. Like they invited food reviewers to go through the drive through and pay for their food and the reviewers are glad it’s 2/$5 ???
Anyway watching the NBA playoffs has been hard for me because of this commerical
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11 Sep 20
God I can barely even read this shit. Like collapsing ecosystems will kill so many people. We cannot live on the world we’re building right now. We are going to have to make a lot of painful changes.
We HAVE to start feeding people differently. We have to figure out how to live more sustainably. Image
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9 Sep 20
you are not the editor of other people’s timeline. you’re the reader. You do not need to point out what they said that is wrong. Life is so much better for everyone around you when you stop being a cunt.
Look I used to be a big twat who corrected people on minor things like lesser/fewer, among/between, was/were and guess what!!!!! It did NOTHING other than shame and belittle people. No one thought better of me.

So when I got to HIGH SCHOOL, I stopped.
Anyone who does the whole “I’m going to correct you in the replies as a joke” bit gets muted. That’s my rule.
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7 Sep 20
Macaroni sucks ass but gets overlooked because it’s so basic !!!!!!
I’m gonna block anyone who says angel hair, which is objectively one of the best pasta shapes of all time
Macaroni is too small to hold sauces well and too dense to be on its own. She can’t hang. I hate her.
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2 Sep 20
thought I was going NUTS. finally looked it up after years of confusion. David Copperfield is two people. there are two david copperfields.
you: Dev Patel is playing David Copperfield in a movie

my stupid ignorant ass: ..... I don't think so!
why did no one stop David Copperfield (illusionist) from changing his name to David Copperfield (character)
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26 Aug 20
I know we have so much going on so I'm not trying to be like "WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS" but in 2020 alone there have been about 12 deaths at Fort Hood, many of which are murders
(the number of reported deaths is kind of variant because some include deaths of soldiers in car crashes and others don't)
also fort hood is the #1 military post for murders and sexual assault cases in general but even for them this is high
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25 Aug 20
genuinely fuck those selfish ass people Image
of all the things I don't get going forward with right now, a wedding has to be at the top of the list.

Like if getting legally married is important to you, ok... get a document from the courthouse.

don't you *want* your wedding to be full of people? Why would you do it now when people FOR SURE cannot make it? or cannot make it safely? Idgi
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29 Jul 19
This is for all the guys who are afraid of coming across as creepy and who let that immobilize them when it comes to dating:…
Frankly it's a bit frustrating that some men have kind of willfully misunderstood what is and is not creepy and have, instead of learning to read social cues, decided to say that they simply cannot tell what women think is creepy!!!!
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26 Jul 19
folks! It's perfectly normal to feel unreasonable, small, petty things!!! We all do!

That doesn't mean you need to act on those feelings.…
I feel like women especially are told that feeling competitive or insecure about another woman is anti-feminist or means that you’re vapid and petty whereas when men feel competitive it’s talked about more positively.
The truth is we all have people who bring out our most insecure selves simply by existing and it doesn’t make you a bad person for feeling insecure !!!! You just have to be careful what you do with that insecurity/comparison.
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9 Jul 19
One thing which I find equally bewildering and skin-crawlingly creepy is the sheer number of people who believe that it being legal to have sex with someone means that it is appropriate to have sex with that person.
Legality is arbitrary as hell. Nothing makes someone more appropriate to date/fuck on their 18th birthday vs being 17 years and 364 days old.
I just feel like that’s a huge part of the general conversation missing right now. (Not from the Jeffery Epstein situation specifically or anything; that was not 18 year olds anyway). Like you’re still gross if you’re 48 and hitting on a 22 year old. You’re gross.
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28 Mar 19
There is literally no way around the fact that we have to change our personal buying habits in order to survive climate change as a species. People get so caught up in the idea that individuals *shouldn't* have to make changes because it isn't our "fault," that the world warmed.
But it is. It is our fault that we still import SO MUCH from overseas. It is our fault that we demand high quality produce and meat to be constantly and cheaply available.
middle and upper class people HAVE to change their habits. We have to stop taking cruises and flying in planes. We have to stop ordering 18 shirts from Amazon and trying them on at home and then returning a bunch. We have to stop demanding that our stores have 487 cereals.
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