COVID Update September 20: So how are you doing?
I know I know I know. Really I do.

You’re either racing your boat at the bottom of some lake with a Trump flag or you think we’re in some serious shit.
They tell you you when you’re at bottom there’s nowhere to go but you. Only problem is you keep thinking you’re at bottom.

Remember when a couple of rock stars died a couple of years ago & everybody was like “can’t wait for 2015 to be over!” Good times.
Some countries compromised their democracies to fight COVID. We’ve compromised our democracy & have the most COVID.

Bad deal.
Apparently Lindsay Graham wants to explain why he’s not a hypocrite. If anybody is interested, I’m guessing Chuck Todd will have him on to ask a couple of hard balls. Ohhhh.
Thanks to the college campuses for keeping COVID alive to get us into flu season. Guess it was your turn to let money take over for reason.
You’re no better than the people selling truckloads of masks for $5 a piece.
I know the job market has been rough— ok non-existent, whatever— but the White House is looking for a new head of the CDC. Belief in evolution is not a must. A new scientific advisor— eugenicists welcome and a new head of the FDA— opinions not needed.

Marco Rubio take your pick.
This Supreme Court battle could get brutal. Remember Republicans Democrats said “please don’t.” So watch yourselves very carefully.
In case the ACA goes down with the new Supreme Court I’m going to get all my health care now since I won’t be able to get it in the future. Anything that looks like it could look funny in the next decade I’m asking the doctor to remove.
Apparently the top candidate for the Supreme Court believes life begins the moment you open up your Christian dating app.

And it ends when you’re not born white.
Apparently she’s also just declared Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 election because millions of votes are about to be cast fraudulently.
That one isn’t funny. MAIL FRAUD IS REAL.
When Don Junior is president I pray we don’t look back on these days like they weren’t that bad and saying “at least his dad didn’t shoot deer from the White House window.”

I kid. He will never be president.

It will be Ivanka obviously.
You know the trick I keep falling for? First they convince me Ted Cruz is the worse person imaginable. Then they get Tom Cotton. Fine. Now they have Josh Hawley.

Not this time. Fool me twice. Uh uh. Now I’m sure they’re cooking up someone special.
Brodie took a look at this thread and said “I want no part of it. You’re giving no valuable information.”
What Brodie doesn’t realize is neither he nor I can leave the country anyway. So we might as well laugh about it.
Shockingly he’s also missing the fact that tomorrow I have the best podcast guest ever. @edyong209 episode.

No kidding the best conversation about COVID I think that exists anywhere.

So sign up and listen to it:
It’s so good in fact that I could confidently take the night off. I hope you’re getting to do the same.

Go release some stress. And enjoy Ed tomorrow. /end

• • •

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23 Oct
COVID Update October 22: Europe is having a second wave. How quickly can they bounce back?

Faster than a country that makes no effort: the US. 1/
Despite a lot of wishful thinking, COVID-19 has not gone away.

(Remember the “people have natural immunity” & “the virus died out”, & the “it will disappear” man?)

Sadly wishful fantasies don’t fight the virus. Scott Atlas’s strategy of ignoring the virus doesn’t work. Only we fight the virus. 3/
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21 Oct
COVID Update October 21:

A few nights ago I described how we need to do 2 things.

Account for the past
Fight for our future

I wrote about how we need to account for the past. But I haven’t had the words to focus on the future.

Now I think I do. Or will try. 1/
Thinking about the future turns out to be really hard when we are deep in a hole we must climb out from.

Writing about the past— the need for an accountability election— was easy. Here it is if you didn’t see & want to. 2/
But the future. The future. It feels so uncertain right now. It took me some time. And many many stupid sounding drafts. (Yes for the trolls, even stupider than this!) 3/
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19 Oct
BREAKING: Data for the month suggests for the first time COVID-19 has moved from a region by region crisis to a national one.

It needs a national solution.

More to follow shortly.
Here is a graph that says a lot. One thing you see is that cases are growing since April. Now that alone doesn’t tell us everything since testing is growing but it does tell us some things.

It’s from @NephronResearch
One thing to note is the number of states where cases are growing by 1000 cases/day.

April: 6
May/June: 6
July: 14 (19 peak)
August: 12
September: 12
October 15th: 25
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18 Oct
COVID Update October 18: It is time.

For the past.
And more importantly for the future.

Today: the past. Tomorrow I will write about the future. 1/
Trump has never faced accountability for his actions. His career in bankruptcy is a master class in how to behave when you don't care about others. Take their money, don't pay it back. Take their services, don't pay it back. 2/
Doing everything you can to avoid taxes including hiding money overseas, illegally using a foundation, writing off blackmail payments, trying to outlawyer the tax code. That's not "savvy." Its savage.

It is not patriotic. Yet, to date no accountability. 3/
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18 Oct
COVID Update October 17: The Coronavirus is an equal opportunity killer, right? Wrong. Many countries have done better than others.

It is an amazing story. 1/
One might think it has something to do with wealth.

The U.S. is the wealthiest country in the world. 60 per 100,000 have died here.

This compares to 2 in Haiti and 1 in Botsowana (its close to 0 for the continent of Africa) 2/
Other wealthy countries have also had very high mortality rates.

The U.K. (62), Sweden (57), Italy (59) & Belgium (86) have fared as bad or worse than the U.S. overall-- although they all improved dramatically compared to the U.S. starting in May (more on that in a sec) 3/
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15 Oct
COVID Update October 15: We started bad but THEN we got worse. Now is our chance.

Since May 10th, when the worst of Italy and the U.S. had passed, we have had 4x the number of deaths/capita. The difference is 80,000 people gone. 1/
Everyone by this time knows what happened in the U.S. in January through March. Trump heard & ignored, the CDC failed, we lacked masks, had no testing, and we lost too many people. 2/
Our first case was the same day as South Korea’s. We started out and could have been South Korea but never contained and cane to grips with the virus. 3/
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