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11 Aug
COVID Update August 12: The failure of Trump to respond to the crisis facing Americans is akin to not responding to an attack on Pearl Harbor or 9/11– accept with millions of Americans affected. 1/
STRIKE 1: Sending low income Americans to work during a pandemic without investing in testing first.

Dozens of bus drivers, hundreds of nurses, hundreds and thousands of meat packing workers & farm laborers are already dead.

And we’re still doing it. 2/
STRIKE 2: The House passed a bill to continue the moratorium on evictions. The Senate & the President, who was in charge of the negotiation, let it expire. 3/
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9 Aug
COVID Update August 9: It’s time to talk about testing again.

Everyone thinks we are doing it badly and we are. Until we do we are not going to be close to back to normal. 1/
First of all we need tests for 3 different purposes.

-Confirming people are sick
-Testkng wear the outbreak goes
-Using tests to allow entry into buildings, schools & activities 2/
Tests to confirm people with symptoms are sick need to be quick turnaround time. We’re currently not doing that.

The only way there is to reduce cases and infection levels. The last 3 months have made it impossible. 3/
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8 Aug
COVID Update August 8: It’s not just that we have a distrust of experts, it’s also that the people who dismiss experts think they’re experts themselves. 1/
In the last week I find myself needing to check credentials even more closely. 2/
We have data scientists opining about T-cell immunity. 3/
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8 Aug
ICYMI: Trump walked away from the bargaining table to provide Americans relief.

He claims he will do “an Executive Order” instead.

Ah, ok. I have...questions.
The first question:

“Who are you fooling?”

Millions of Americans face evictions & you have no authority to stop them with an EO. You think you can reallocate federal budget. You have no authority to do that.
You say “probably we’ll get sued.”

I know you are used to getting sued and your Executice Orders not standing. Your orders don’t have much of a track record...
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7 Aug
COVID Update March 7: The US response has prized one thing above all others.

Human lives.

Just kidding. I mean profits.

With 200,000 excess deaths in just over 4 months, I would expect our political leaders & health care system to have the most obvious of rallying cries.

It is what they are there for.

But while the doctors, nurses & staffs perform heroic acts, money is the name of the game.2/
In the first Congressional package, Congress allocated money to vaccine research & then came back with billions more. Some wanted a clause promising fair pricing of a vaccine.

Pharma, in a position of power, decided to fight the bill until that clause was taken out. It was. 3/
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7 Aug
Three toolkits to help you and your family through the pandemic.

Listen to 3 #inthebubble and you will be more prepared. What are they?

1. What is safe and not safe to do? (Including the personal stuff)
2. What is everything you need to know about a vaccine?
3. How do you talk about masks and social distancing with people who disagree?
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6 Aug
COVID Update August 5: Without universal coverage, COVID-19 might never end.

Worse, without it, the US would become the magnet for all future pandemics. 1/
Americans didn’t get what they needed from the health care system before the pandemic. It’s too expensive, too inequitable & driven more by profits than patient care.

What’s bad without a pandemic completely fell apart in a crisis. 2/
Our health care system actually made the pandemic worse.
-5 million losing insurance coverage
-Small practices running out of cash
-Nursing homes infection disasters
-Care unavailable to many communities— rural, Black/Brown, poor
-Shortages of key professions 3/
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5 Aug
COVID Update August 5: We are at a place where virtually every death from here is preventable.

Improvement is ahead. But our slow fits & starts must be accelerated. 1/
Why do I see our response improving:
1- science will make the virus less deadly & harder to spread
2- one of our missing ingredients— rapid mass testing— will be here soon
3- we frankly have nowhere to go but up. It will be hard to suck at this repeatedly.
Other countries have gotten this “you actually don’t have to spread the virus” thing better than us.

4x more seriously at a minimum.
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5 Aug
I would like to report on 3 pieces of good news that have been a long time coming.

Just as the virus spreads invisibly, we improve & people work on breakthroughs invisibly.
Good, better, best:

The GOOD— leading indicators in the South are leveling off. This means if people remain careful, we should see things improve.

With the amount of deaths, level of cases, trouble in border & marginal communities, I’m still concerned. But this is good.

Voters in Missouri have decided to expand Medicaid to 850,000 people. This shows again that Republican legislatures like in Utah, Nebraska and other places are not in touch.

Years of work went into this. Unabashedly amazing news.
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4 Aug
COVID Update August 4: We’re being asked to swallow an extraordinary amount of bullshit.

The following things are not true. 1/
“We have enough, or too much, testing.”

Yeah, no.

We are 95th in the world in having as many tests we need given number of cases.

China did 11 million tests in a weekend.

And if tests take 8 days to come back, we basically have 0 tests. 2/
“Voting by mail is risky & creates fraud.”

Or....Trump wants to depress the vote particularly among Black people.

If he was really worried about people voting he would have a bipartisan commission working on it. 3/
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4 Aug
COVID Update August 3: Schools and kids and education.

Are we missing the forest from the trees? 1/
I began writing a lengthy thread on the difficult decision of sending kids back to school, with 4 scenarios & decision criteria to try to help parents.

Then I stopped because I started thinking about kids and what we teach them. I scrapped it for something much less useful. 2/
I think about the things we all try to teach our kids.
-being safe
-following the golden rule
-showing consideration
-using evidence
-looking out for those less fortunate

And I thought WTF are they going to say about us when they grow up? 3/
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2 Aug
COVID Update August 2: If someone told you, you could save somebody’s life, your answer would be what do I have to do?
With thousands of people dying every week from a virus that now even the White House admits is out of control, our odds of saving lives have never been better.
Johns Hopkins has a model for how many people will die between now and November 1 if we do nothing different. It is 70,000, a number year ago that would have been unthinkable to imagine if it’s not unimaginable now.

70,000 in 3 months.
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2 Aug
Today is the big day.

2 weeks ago today President Trump promised “a full and complete health care plan” within 2 weeks.

So of course I set my calendar & woke up early. I could not be more excited to finally see this.
So many questions!

1. Will it cover pre-ex conditions?
Duh. He promised.

2. Will it do that across state lines thing?
That seems really big I’ve been told.

3. How will it cover the 23 million who will lose coverage when they get rid of the ACA?
I bet it will use “the market.”
4. What about the millions of people who lost health insurance due to massive job losses?

5. He’s increasing the donut hole for Rx drugs for seniors.
I’m sure this will be adresssed. He’s about to crack down on Pharma.
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2 Aug
It is very likely that one of the biggest hot spots spreading COVID throughout the US could be Las Vegas.
In Las Vegas, casino owners and local officials say they don’t worry about creating hot spots because the hot spots “won’t be here.”
What do you mean? I asked a prominent health care person in Las Vegas?

“With no conventions, average trips here are now are 2 days, not a week. Whatever people get here, they bring back home with them.”
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1 Aug
COVID Update August 1: I suggested that the US consider the option of throwing every resource at defeating the virus for 4 weeks to get back to normal.

To do this, we would need to make the decision that crushing Coronavirus is the single most important thing. We aren’t. 1/
If you haven’t seen it is summed here.

Why should defeating COVID-19 be the single most important thing?

Because it is the pathway to everything else: safe schools, hiring, reuniting families, in person voting, travel, bars & restaurants, and sports.2/…
We choose to make each of these things equally important— & therefore really get none of them.

In fact we also make our supply of beef, restaurant delivery, bars, and well— an obscure extension of our civil liberties— the right to breathe on strangers— equally important.3/
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1 Aug
COVID Update July 31: We have spent months in the US being perfect hosts to the virus while most of the world has flattened it.

What will change in August? 1/
I will call it at the end but first focus on key areas:

-Hot spots
-Scientific learning

Hot spots: Southern/SW cities are now going through a large amount of deaths. These losses stem from June activity & 4 factor contribute to them:
-Opening bars in June
-Hot spots along the border/minority communities
-Late/never to NPIs like masks
-No testing increased spread 3/
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31 Jul
COVID Update June 28: August will be another twist in the road. That comes tomorrow.

But I need to do something first. I’m reminded many people follow me for COVID info so I want to call out & atone for my mistakes. 1/
Each month at the end of the month, I do something which lacks any sort of judgment: tweet out what is likely to happen over the next month. 2/
This whole crisis has suffered from a lack of accountability so I want to start with myself & where I’ve been right & wrong. 3/
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29 Jul
For my COVID Update tonight, there’s a few things I have to get off my chest. I promise if you read it you won’t learn anything.
You know right now there are people who are passionately promoting a drug for a condition which they also passionately don’t think exists.
You know it’s 2020 when Demon Sperm isn’t the name of Brett Kavanaugh’s high school buddy.
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29 Jul
NEWS: Minneapolis Mayor @Jacob_Frey just announced the closing of bar areas in the city of Minneapolis.

I’ve been talking to the mayor about this in detail over the last week or so. This is the right move & will help head off major problems in the city & state.
The mayor did a large amount of thorough analysis to understand the data not just in Minneapolis, but we reviewed data from all over the country.
The mayor explored every possible option & permeatation.

He decided to act now instead of after community spread increases meaningfully from here.
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29 Jul
The country is paying big lab companies $100 for every COVID test.

If a test result isn’t back in 72 hours, they should be paid $0.
Our “businessman” president should learn to negotiate.

The lab companies would all do something they haven’t done: buy more equipment.
A lab result back after 5 days is worth $0.
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28 Jul
COVID Update July 28: There’s a reason we don’t crowdsource our open heart surgery.

It’s the same reason we shouldn’t crowdsource which medicine we take. 1/
I know studies can be confusing: observational, double blind, small, large, early stage, late stage, confounding factors.

Thankfully we don’t have a system where each of us needs to be an expert in figuring it out for ourselves. Someone does that. 2/
And that system isn’t to poll test the answer with our friends or neighbors. Or rely on a Twitter article from a politician or even a doctor we trust. 3/
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