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Day 12 of the #Assange extradition hearing begins.

Live updates in the thread below:
Today’s proceedings will see more expert testimony in relation to #Assange’s mental health.
First witness to take the stand is Dr. Quinton Deeley, who specializes in ADHD and autism. A little more on his background:
Deeley undertook an evaluation of #Assange who voiced concerns over ending up in a US jail in similar peril to Joschua Schulte, leaker of the Vault 7 documents:
Deeley describes Assange as being highly intelligent. He confirms the diagnosis of MDD and just as Dr. Kopelman stated yesterday: extradition puts #Assange at high risk of suicide.
Replying to the defense, Deeley says he does not believe #Assange would be able to withstand the harsh conditions of US prisons. If determined to commit suicide this could occur in both UK or US.
Deeley: half of prison suicides are from solitary. See: reports by Kupers……
Prosecution rises to begin cross-examination of Deeley. #Assange
Lewis begins questioning the expertise of the witness, on how he is qualified to comment on prison conditions if he’s only visited a prison once during the last year.

Deeley previously said that he diagnosed Assange with Asperger’s. Lewis attempts to dispute this.
Lewis seems to possess a very draconian view of what autism is, assuming that people on the spectrum are somehow unable to speak. He plays a video of #Assange at the Frontline club in an attempt to counter Deeley's diagnosis of Asperger's.
Deeley sees the video as supporting his diagnosis, contrary to what Lewis claims.

Lewis asks the witness if he is attempting to help the defense and neglecting his obligation to the court – a recurring theme in his questioning.
In similar fashion to yesterday's proceedings, the prosecution is attempting to pressure the expert witness into altering their diagnosis of the patient. This is rather concerning, I can't fathom how a court sees a lawyer fit to dissect mental health evaluations by several psychs
Despite many attempts by Lewis to question the Asperger's diagnosis, Deeley maintains that it is the correct evaluation.

Cross-examination by prosecution is concluded.

Defense rises to re-examine the witness.
Deeley reaffirms that he conducted an interview several hours long (~6 hours) to establish diagnosis. This was supplemented by further testing.
Deeley (in regards to Frontline Club video) says not uncommon for person with Asperger's to give lengthy talks on subjects they're familiar with in a particular, structured social setting. Certain characteristics of autism more likely to arise in an unfamiliar, informal setting.
Translation: the video the prosecution played does not change anything about his assessment.
Court resumes from lunch break..

Next witness to give testimony is Prof Seena Fazel. This is the first witness called by the prosecution. Fazel is a professor forensic psychiatry, extensive research on prison suicides. #AssangeTrial
Fazel's assessment is that #Assange has moderate depression. Does not agree with Deeley that Assange at high risk of suicide. Fazel qualifies the word "high" to mean greater than suicide risk of persons within same age group of prison's general population.
Fazel maintains it's difficult to predict future risk; admits he's not an expert on US prisons but recognizes some accommodations are made to treat mental health. This runs contrary to what we heard from Eric Lewis last week regarding SAMs. #Assange

Prosecution ends examination. Defense rises to cross-examine.
Defense asserts that Fazel did not evaluate #Assange at worst of depression. Defense get Fazel to concede that his assessment nonetheless does not differ from that of previous medical expert witnesses Kopelman & Deeley.
Fazel concedes that depression is episodic; that solitary confinement and long sentences, life imprisonment are contributing factors to increased suicide risk.
Defense questions Fazel on whether the draconian Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that await #Assange in a US prison would exacerbate mental health issues, Fazel says yes.

Defense asks Fazel if he agrees mental health treatment is made unavailable to prisoners perceived as high security risk like #Assange, most likely to end up in ADX Florence— which the former warden described as “worse than hell”. Fazel maintains he’s not an expert on US jails.
Prosecution’s first witness doesn’t appear to fare that well. Fazel has so far admitted he’s not qualified to speak to US prison conditions, autism, and concedes that depression can be exacerbated by prolonged sentencing and solitary.
Fazel states he’s not an expert on autism when asked about Gary McKinnon, whose extradition was blocked by Theresa May on account of Asperger’s. McKinnon went looking for evidence of UFOs, hacking into NASA, DoD. He left the US military a note at the time: "Your security is crap"
Prosecution takes over for re-examination of witness.

Lewis claims #Assange wouldn’t be held under SAMs during pre-trial at Alexandria detention, VA.

Defense objects, says Assange would be subject to both SAMs and administrative segregation (22 hours solitary confinement a day)
Lewis reads a statement from AUSA Kromberg, describing ADX “Worse Than Hell” Florence as some kind of summer camp where prisoners are afforded the luxury of communicating through the cell bars, watch TV programmes preselected by staff and participate in arts & crafts.
Fazel’s testimony is concluded.
Defense submits into the record a statement by Dr. Catherine Humphries regarding the results of neurological tests that Assange took. Results indicate a decline in cognition due to heightened stress and no malingering, as was alleged by the prosecution in yesterday’s proceedings.
Back and forth re scheduling of closing arguments.

#Assange’s defense request a month after testimonies. Judge only gives them a weekend adding they’ve had a while to prepare, while glossing over the last minute indictment submitted by prosecution.
Prosecution argues in favor of written final submissions in lieu of a hearing, to be handed over in week 5.
Court is adjourned until tomorrow.

Will be going live later to give a full video summary:

Thank you for supporting independent journalism:

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