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US #opening #argument CIA officers exposed, years of work at a cost of millions of dollars lost; US cyber weapons available for any to use against US. [20200204]
#Schulte is on trial for leaking CIA cyber weapons to WikiLeaks. US #opening #argument says his motive: disgruntled, started #information #war against CIA even in pretrial confinement (referencing attempted leaking class info to #WikiLeaks and disinfo campaign). 20200204 #day1
US #opening #argument stresses CIA relied on #Schulte & others. 'CIA had to be able to trust group of elite programmers. In #2015 he was given special level of trust. He became a #sysadmin for CIA software. He had super access. #Schulte was the 'catastrophe' 202004 #day1
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Wir finden es erschreckend, was @NilsMelzer im Interview mit @RepublikMagazin über die Causa #Assange, bestätigt, falls ihr den Artikel noch nicht gelesen habt, so möchten wir ihn euch hiermit eindringlich empfehlen.…
Der Artikel bestätigt die bisher als abstruse Verschwörungstheorien abgetanen Behauptungen Assanges, @NilsMelzer ist #Uno-Sonderberichterstatter für #Folter und sagt zu Beginn des Interviews: "In meiner von den Medien geprägten Wahrnehmung hatte auch ich das Vorurteil, dass ...
#JulianAssange irgendwie schuldig ist und ja, dass er mich manipulieren will. Im März 2019 kamen die Anwälte ein zweites Mal auf mich zu, da sich die Anzeichen verdichteten, dass #Assange bald aus der ecuadorianischen Botschaft ausgewiesen werden könnte. ...
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1. anche se ne ho parlato già ieri sera in inglese, rispondo a chi mi continua a chiedere dell'articolo del #DailyBeast, secondo il quale #ArronBanks avrebbe vantato un canale di comunicazione con Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks, che trovate qui in inglese:…
2. ho spiegato ieri sera perché sono completamente scettica riguardo a gente che va a vantarsi in giro di "un canale" con Julian #Assange: sono anni che #Guardian, #DailyBeast, ecc pubblicano questi articoli senza uno straccio di prova
3. dunque secondo le ricostruzioni giornalistiche, #ArronBanks sarebbe stato l'uomo della #Brexit in combutta con i #russi
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1. oggi #Repubblica e anche #FattoQuotidiano riportano una notizia sul #CampusBiomedico dell'#OpusDei in cui la scienza è piegata al fanatismo religioso. Nei #cablo rivelati da #WikiLeaks, l'#OpusDei viene citata tra organizzazioni estremistiche problematiche.
2. in altre parole,diplomazia USA cita #OpusDei tra organizzazioni famigerate x loro estremismo ideologico, insieme con #Fascismo, #BrigateRosse,#antisemitismo.NON sono equiparati, ovviamente, ma sono in quella classe del pensiero estremo. Ecco il #cablo:…
3. l'inclusione dell'#OpusDei tra organizzazione estremiste, rivelata dai #cablo, è ancora più interessante se si considera che è frutto delle considerazione dell'ambasciatore USA #RonaldSpogli nominato da #GeorgeWBush e NON dai Dem di #Obama
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#Belgium🇧🇪: We are attending today the #AssangeDay event organised in Brussels to call on the Belgian government to:

1⃣: Recognise #JulianAssange as a political prisoner
2⃣: Send observers to his trial
3⃣: Grant him protection
4⃣: Do its utmost to avoid his extradition to the US
"We are receiving lots of support from all over the world, also in Europe. Recently, the @coe voted unanimously that Julian should not be extradited and that he must be immediately freed. All these actions are very important. Thank you"
John Shipton, Julian Assange's father
"#Assange doesn't deserve what he's going through; he doesn't deserve to be in prison. He doesn't deserve to be held in solitary confinement for more than nine months. According to the @UN Special Rapporteur for Torture, this is a case of psychological torture" @abellanger49
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At the Council of Europe today where there is going to be a meeting on the #Assange case shortly.
Speaking today @NilsMelzer, Anthony Bellanger of @IFJGlobal, Régis Brillat of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, Senator @GianniMarilotti, @AndrejHunko and Julian's father John Shipton.
Andrej Hunko opens the meeting by saying that the Council of Europe institutions have a special responsibility to speak out on this case.
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(8:30am) Supporters of #JulianAssange gathering outside of Westminster Magistrates Court for case schedule hearing, starting soon. #FreeAssangeNOW #WikiLeaks
(10:45am) 1) Both #Assange defense team and prosecution (representing US) seem to agree on a bifurcated hearing in Feb, and May, as both seem to require more time to prepare. However, Judge Baraitser is pushing back, wanting to fast-track proceedings....
2) Defense lawyer Mr Fitzgerald describes daunting prospect of preparing expert witnesses in what's clearly an incredibly complex case, involving digital analysis, forensics, international treaty and extradition law, all of which makes this a 21st century bell weather case...
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Never shake thy gory locks at me
Today's a case management hearing, so largely administrative decisions about how the main hearing is going to be organised. #Assange
The prosecution have requested that the main hearing be split, with the first two weeks beginning 24 February and the second sometime in April. DJ Baraitser's going to have to make a call on that. #Assange
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1. Must read @josemariairujo @el_pais on the #UCGlobal's espionage operations against Julian #Assange and all of us inside the @EmbajadaEcuUK (Spanish):…
@josemariairujo @el_pais @EmbajadaEcuUK 2. As a journalist heavily targeted by #UCGlobal which spied on my convos, unscrewed my phones, spied on ALL my electronic devices [ARCHIVE]:…, it's crucial to make #UCGlobal and the #USintelligence accountable
@josemariairujo @el_pais @EmbajadaEcuUK 3. it's crucial #UCGlobal and the #USintelligence are accountable not just because the espionage ops against are appalling, but because it's crucial to understand to what extent #cryptography protected our materials and information from our sources
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Why Assange Extradition Case Matters to Our Democracy… @Antiwarcom #FreeAssange #WikiLeaks
@Antiwarcom 1. What is this prosecution of Julian Assange really about? #WikiLeaks has radically changed the media landscape. By publishing truthful information about the United States, the organization came head-to-head with the Pentagon and the CIA. #FreeAssange
@Antiwarcom 2. Yet,effectiveness of his fearless journalism is not the only reason Assange became a political prisoner, being designated as an enemy of the state. He has been psychologically tortured inside Belmarsh prison, once known as the UK’s Guantanamo Bay. #FreeAssange
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(1/7) #SRTorture to @foreignoffice: “The conduct of the UK Govt in the #Assange case severely undermines the credibility of the UK’s commitment to the prohibition of torture & ill-treatment, as well as to the rule of law more generally” (
(2/7) @foreignoffice: “UK does not participate in, solicit or condone torture” (

Yet: Despite @UKParliament & #SRTorture appeals ( Govt refuses to prosecute those responsible for UK involvement in CIA torture & rendition 2001-10.
(3/7) @foreignoffice: “We take allegations of torture very seriously & investigate allegations against UK personnel” (

Yet: UK Govt flatly refuses to discuss & investigate #SRTorture findings regarding the #torture of #Assange (
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(1/8) @bbc says #Assange “evaded justice”…

and despite evidence of systematic & consistent due process violations in all jurisdictions continues to actively suppress legitimate concerns that these proceedings may not amount to “justice” at all.

(2/8) In 1940, Hannah Arendt, arrested for anti-state propaganda, successfully escaped the Gestapo and Vichy internment and received asylum in the US.

Did she “evade justice”?
(3/8) When the USSR invaded Hungary 1956, Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, an outspoken critic of the Soviets, sought diplomatic asylum at the US Embassy in Budapest, where he spent the next 15 years until his safe passage could be arranged.

Did he “evade justice”?
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(1/10) Summary from #Assange hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court this morning: As was the case in previous hearings, main issue discussed was the amount of time lawyers had access to their client.
(2/10) His lawyer Gareth Peirce raised concerns about this lack of access and told District Judge Vanessa Baraitser she has only had 2 hours with Assange since the last hearing.
(3/10) Baraitser said 47 people were currently in custody at court with only 8 rooms available for interviewing so Peirce would only be given an additional hour today. The judge said it would not be fair or just to delay or restrict the access to counsel for others in custody.
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RV/INTEL ALERT - 01/06/2020…

A court case was recently filed against multiple US corporations who financed Taliban…

Trump has made January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2020.… #Q

Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
A court case was recently filed against multiple colluding US corporations who financed Taliban for terrorism causing ten's of thousands of deaths.… #Q
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#Ecuador ¿Qué pasó en internet en el 2019?
Te presentamos el resumen de los casos que hemos seguido desde @UsuariosDigital en una nano recopilación
#Ecuador 2019
8 casos de abusos de #copyright, destacaron

- Notificaciones a webs de @ecuainm_oficial @pichinchauniver @comunidadpi y a usuarios en Twitter por uso de fotos del Presidente
- Solicitud de @SENADI a ISPs de bloqueos a portales
por infracciones de copyright
@ecuainm_oficial @pichinchauniver @ComunidadPI @senadi @ClaudiaRoura @AndresCarrion2 @ESTEFANIESPIN @thaliafloresf @andreselmonol @luisevivanco @CarlosVerareal @carlosrojasecu @janethinostroza @tinocotania #Ecuador 2019
27 casos de ataque informático, destacaron

- Filtración de comunicaciones del Presidente en caso #INAPapers
- #OPAssange ataque atribuido a #Anonymous por suspensión de asilo político a #Assange
- En #ParoNacionalEC webs de medios digitales sufrieron ataques
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PAY ATTENTION to this dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared knows a LOT about Iran. You should read up on what he and ES were doing camped out on the border of Iran about years ago. Do you trust #Assange's intel? #WhenGoogleMetWikiLeaks
This is a good start. I highly recommend the purchase of the book. It's LOADED with the details of how ES, JC and GooG have been doing globally for a very long time.…
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(1/6) Just out: My letter to the #UK Govt of 29 Oct 2019, detailing serious due process violations, expressing alarm at #Assange’s detention conditions & health, reiterating my queries & calling for his prompt release. Direct link: (60 days & no response)
(2/6) My official findings, supported by medical experts, unquestionably provide “reasonable ground to believe” that UK officials contributed to #Assange’s psychological torture or ill-treatment, whether through perpetration, attempt, complicity or other forms of participation.
(3/6) Under the Convention against Torture, the UK Govt does not have the political discretion to simply reject such findings, but must conduct a prompt & impartial investigation and, if confirmed, prosecute the perpetrators and provide redress & rehabilitation to Mr. Assange.
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Guten Morgen #36c3. Andy MM is talking about surveillance of Julian #Assange (and everyone in the near vicinity) at the Ecuadorian embassy in about 20 mins. "There is no good news in this talk," he says.
#Eliza is kinda full, good sign. #36c3
Andy's showing a bunch of unpublished surveillance footage in this talk. Much of it more exciting than this clip of a police car in Hans Crescent. #Assange #36c3
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1. I think it's really bad how @guardian has failed to amend its article by @skirchy @yachay_dc @lukeharding1968 and to issue an apology after #ScottTrust acknowledged that the article should be amended…
@guardian @skirchy @yachay_dc @lukeharding1968 2. together with the fake news on #PaulManafort, the @Guardian's fake story that there was a #Russian plot to smuggle Julian #Assange to #Russia was completely groundless and resulted in a demonisation campaign against Julian #Assange which ultimately resulted in his arrest
@guardian @skirchy @yachay_dc @lukeharding1968 3. now the #ScottTrust has finally acknowleged that the @guardian's story of a #Russian plot to smuggle Julian #Assange to #Russia was completely groundless. See paragraph 40 of the #ScottTrust's decision:…
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UC Global Spied on Julian Assange in Ecuador embassy 24x7

Used Laser Microphones, VideoCam

Recorded, Documented & Reported ALL PRIVILEGED meetings b/w Julian & his Lawyers/Doctors/Journalists/Family

Ran a Streaming AccessPoint for CIA's instant access

#FreeAssangeNOW #Auspol
Assange’s Right to Due Process & Right to Counsel (5th & 6th Amendment rights) have already been irreversibly violated

The Extradition proceeding is already tainted

@ScottMorrisonMP & @MarisePayne MUST STOP FEIGNING IGNORANCE & #BringAssangeHOME

FOR YEARS, CIA spied on Assange 24x7-LIVE STREAMED Privileged mtg b/w Julian &Lawyers/Docs-even from LADIES LOO

ALL charges against @DanielEllsberg were dismissed due to Gross Gov Misconduct+Illegal Evidence Gathering

DISMISS ALL CHARGES against #Assange
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R v Julian Assange (Bail Act offence)
Sentencing Remarks of HHJ Deborah Taylor
Southwark Crown Court
1 May 2019…
Julian Assange arrest warrant ruling 2
(12) 13 February 2018 |Magistrates|Criminal
In the Westminster Magistrates’ Court
An application by Julian Assange
Ruling of the Senior District Judge (The Chief Magistrate)
Emma Arbuthnot
Ruling No. 2
13th Feb 2018…
Professor Tricia David and other sureties for Julian Assange
8 October 2012 |Magistrates|Criminal
In Westminster Magistrates’ Court
8 October 2012
Before:Judge Howard Riddle, Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate)
Professor Tricia David and other sureties for Julian Assange
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@abcnews That piece contains several errors, and repeats smears/slanders of #Assange that have been rebutted many times. The first paragraph and a half should have alerted you to fact-check.
Just because it was published first elsewhere doesn't absolve ABC of its editorial responsibility.
@abcnews Error 1: There were *no* Swedish charges, ever.
Error 2: JA sought and was granted Ecuadorian diplomatic protection to avoid extradition to the USA via Sweden.
Error 3: Manning already had access to the material she leaked. The password cracking was to try to cover her tracks.
@abcnews Error 4; It might be widely believed that WikiLeaks collaborated with Russia, but that's because media like the ABC keep widely repeating it. There is no proof and JA ans Russia deny it. Even USA tech experts believe it was an inside leak and not an outside hack.
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It's say it's good to see you, but that would be a lie #Assange
*I'd* say - forgive me, it is early
Today's a case management hearing, so it's all about determining the timetable going forward. The court's been keen to keep to the February timetable so far. #Assange
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